Chapter 658: Land of Eternal Day

Chapter 658: Land of Eternal Day
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Even Chu Yu couldn't help but was stunned. After this, his lips tilted upward. He thought to himself – interesting!

The immortal Powerful Beings didn't say a single word and turned around before leaving.

They believed Chu Yu was a freak!

They had to report his existence to the two Sovereigns, Mao and Xu.

In the immortal realm, they only knew of two individuals that could summon the immortal door. These two individuals were Mao and Xu!

They were indeed terrified when they realized a freak from the Bastion of the Stars could summon the immortal door too.

Did this mean that this freak from the Bastion of the Stars could travel a smoother path between the immortal realm and Bastion of the Stars if he wanted to?

He could bring as many people from the Bastion of the Stars into the immortal realm?

This couldn't be allowed!

All the Powerful Beings from the Bastion of the Stars all thought of this point too. They were astonished as they looked at Chu Yu.

This young fellow...which is the powerful being that he reincarnated from?

Where did he exactly come from?

Why is there suddenly such a freak?

He fought his way until the immortal door submitted to him...

The elder from the second mountain looked at Chu Yu and thought to himself - no wonder he only used three hundred years...before he became so godlike, but I used hundreds of millions of years. I really can't compare to him!

At this point, a Powerful Being from the Bastion of the Stars rushed to Chu Yu and clasped his fist and palm together to express his gratitude. Chu Yu had done a huge favor for them! He led them to the immortal realm. In a blink of an eye, they became immortals!

"I owe you a huge favor now that I'm able to become an immortal. May I know your name please?"

Chu Yu smiled to all of them and replied, "Chu Yu."

A few Powerful Beings appeared slightly awkward when they heard his name, but they still went up to greet him.

"Master Chu, my name is Xuan Ruo. I've sinned greatly in the mortal realm. I'm going to pay for my sins over here." A Powerful Being walked up and told Chu Yu about everything.

His descendants in the mortal realm regarded those in the village of Dao as their sworn enemies and suffered heavy losses in the war at the village of Dao.

If Chu Yu was weak, he would have been beaten to death if he was spotted in the Bastion of the Stars!

There wasn't any room for negotiation – Chu Yu's descendants would be wiped out. Xuan Ruo's descendants harbored deep enmity for those from the village of Dao.

However, Chu Yu was too terrifying!

He didn't even remain in the Bastion of the Stars either!

The Bastion of the Stars, which always looked down on the mortal realm, didn't even catch Chu Yu's eyes.

It was ironic. It was like a chain of derision.

Those from the Bastion of the Stars thought that they were at the top of this chain, but they soon realized they were only in the middle after they saw Chu Yu.

Right now, they were even following him and benefited because of what Chu Yu did.

They also interlinked their fates with Chu Yu.

At such a moment, it was a little irrational to mention the word 'hatred'. It was equivalent to sending oneself to death. However, it was impossible not to bring it up at all. Otherwise, they were going to be doomed if Chu Yu found out.

This was why all the Powerful Beings that had a deep hatred for Chu Yu immediately stepped forward and confessed their sin.

They hoped to dispel this enmity between both parties.

They even expressed to Chu Yu that they would use certain methods to communicate with their descendants and alert them...

Chu Yu only smiled at all these. He didn't pursue anything.

He didn't deliberately ask for forgiveness either.

It was a matter of survival of the fittest. There wasn't any need to hold any grudge.

If the village of Dao was backward, it would be destroyed in a matter of years!

However, with Zhao Mantian around...

These Powerful Beings didn't stay for too long after they exchanged greetings with Chu Yu. They went their separate ways.

They were all elders that had lived for very long. They were very intelligent.

What kind of place was the immortal realm?

Even if the immortal door opened and one entered, he could still be thrown out and lose his entire cultivation.

What about the situation they were in?

What kind of situation was it?

Were they illegal immigrants?

No, they weren't!

They were intruders!

The immortal door was crushed and even cowered in fear after facing Chu Yu.

Chu Yu's future life in the immortal realm was bound to be torturous. It wasn't going to be good staying by his side.

It was better for them to go their separate ways and find a more suitable place to cultivate. This was the path that they should be taking.

Everyone from the Limitless Sect gathered around Chu Yu. They still hadn't gotten to terms with the fact that they were in the immortal realm.

Are we already in the immortal realm?

We've become immortals?

The surging spiritual energy from all directions told them that they weren't dreaming.

Cultivating in the immortal realm was ten times more effective than cultivating in the Bastion of the Stars!

The immortal realm even possessed all types of top-quality spiritual medicine. Using these spiritual medicine supplemented with formations constructed using spiritual rocks could help one's cultivation to improve at a speed that was thirty times faster than in the Bastion of the Stars!

What kind of sorcery was this?

They were all agitated when they realized this.

The young division leader appeared beside Chu Yu and respectfully said, "Sect leader, should we return to the sect now?"

Everyone turned to look at Chu Yu.

The sect had a cultivation ground in the immortal realm!

Even though a long time had passed, they still owned that place!

It was as if they had traveled for many years and finally returned to their hometown after many years. They came back to take back what belonged to them.

Chu Yu nodded his head and said, "Let's return!"

The immortal realm was actually a little dilapidated.

During the huge war then, this primitive realm was almost annihilated. Zi eventually turned the tides and unleashed his unrivaled powers to mount a formation that divided this battered primitive realm into the immortal realm, Bastion of the Stars, mortal realm, Netherworld, and the four Heavens.

As the number one Sovereign of the twelve zodiacs, Zi's contribution to all the realms was certainly very significant.

While this realm was dilapidated now, the spiritual energy in it was still the best in the entire universe!

This was why the living creatures in the immortal realm could be so proud and arrogant. They felt as if they were above everyone else and even discriminated against the Powerful Beings and gods of the prehistoric era. However, none of them dared to badmouth Zi.

Chu Yu released a few huge battleships. Every battleship was larger than a planet. He then released everyone from his pocket dimension. They entered the battleships and started on their journey to explore the immortal realm.

The fact that the immortal realm had been invaded also spread and caused huge tremors in the immortal realm!

The network in the celestial realm trumped any other realm.

This matter caused a huge uproar and many immortals wanted to pursue the person who dared to crush the immortal door.

However, there were few who actually took practical action. Most of them were only boasting in the immortal realm's network.

"He's just a nobody from a lowlier realm. He's too much! How dare he crush the immortal door. He's disrespecting us!"

"I'm willing to kill this freak. Is anyone willing to follow me?"

"You are great. We will support you in spirit!"


The immortal realm's network was in a huge commotion right now.

However, the weird thing was that the truly powerful figures in the immortal realm, Mao and Xu, didn't react.

Some people said that the two of them were in closed-door cultivation. There were also those who said that they weren't in the immortal realm.

After all, these two elders should be the ones expressing their stands given that something so huge had happened in the immortal realm. However, they didn't react to the news.

Southeastern region of the immortal realm.

A vast plot of territory.

There were mountains and a boundless sea covering this plot of territory.

A huge waterfall was like a heavenly river that flowed all the way down from one mountain peak to another. It formed gigantic, flowing rivers.

These rivers were all more expansive than the oceans on Earth!

There were countless such rivers on this plot of territory!

The oceans that they gathered to form were extremely huge!

Even immortals needed time to cross these oceans.

There were thousands of them on this plot of territory.

Countless stars hanged above the heavens and moved in special trajectories.

As starlight shone on this plot of territory, night didn't seem to descend here.

This place was called the Land of Eternal Day!

It was the cultivation ground of Chen many years ago.

Chen once perfectly set up this place!

There was a huge medicinal garden, which was filled with all sorts of top-quality spiritual medicine.

There was a huge spiritual rock mine. The spiritual rocks produced by this mine were of the best quality!

As there was sufficient spiritual energy over here, these spiritual rock mines never died!

Many rare metals were also produced over here and they were present in abundance.

As one of the twelve Sovereigns of the zodiac during the prehistoric era, how could the cultivation ground that Chen chose lack in quality?

However, this place had no owner now!

No, more accurately speaking, it had an owner.

But it was taken by someone else!

This sect was called Thirty-Three Levels of Heaven!

The name that Chu Yu despised actually existed...and it even took the place that originally belonged to the Limitless Sect.

It was a huge, ancient sect!

The person who started this sect was a Powerful Being during the prehistoric era.

Under normal circumstances, he naturally didn't have the guts to occupy Chen's cultivation ground.

However, Chen had left for too long!

It was so long that practically no one knew how strong he was.

Did he already abandon his cultivation ground?

He wasn't going to return, right?

He should have abandoned this place!

He won't return!

As time passed, some people's mentality slowly changed.

Eventually, more than ten thousand years ago, there was a brave Powerful Being who led his disciples to enter the Land of Eternal Day.

At the start, the leader of this Thirty-Three Levels of Heaven didn't dare to touch the 'treasure spots' of Chen's cultivation ground.

Those places also had many seals. It wasn't easy for him to break those seals.

He only took a few mountains of the Land of Eternal Day.

If Chen returned one day, he could still claim that he didn't know what this place. Furthermore, he didn't touch the restricted spots. An ignorant person couldn't be blamed.

As time passed, in the recent few hundred years, those from the Thirty-Three Levels of Heaven started to be discontented with the few mountains that they occupied.

They started to expand their territory!

At the same time, they turned their attention towards those sealed treasure spots!

There were many immortals who have had targeted those treasure spots, but none of them succeeded.

Mao and Xu wouldn't cause trouble in Chen's house even though they had the ability to do so.

They couldn't afford to offend him!

However, the rest didn't care.

Whether it was openly or secretly, there were many people that eyed those sealed treasure spots.

After all, the immortal realm was very huge.

There were also many Powerful Beings from the prehistoric era too.

However, they all failed.

Some people paid a heavy price for failure, while there were those who managed to get off the hook lightly.

This depended on their luck.

The Thirty-Three Levels of Heaven was now considered a truly major sect in the immortal realm right now.

They were one of the top ten sects in terms of their abilities.

Mao and Xu didn't own any sects or powers in the immortal realm.

This was why they rarely interfered in the matters of the immortal realm even though they were very terrifying.

After the Thirty-Three Levels of Heaven occupied the Land of Eternal Day, a proper war hadn't occurred in ten thousand years.

The Land of Eternal Day practically became their territory.

The only thing that left those in the sect with a headache was all the sealed treasure spots.

The seals were too strong!

Their sect leader once tried to break the seals.

However, the backlash caused half of his body to be crushed.

He hadn't even recovered to this day.

This was why the seals could only be slowly weakened.

The good thing was that they already owned this plot of territory!

They had time to try all they wanted!

The immortal door that had been quiet for years had been forced open and there were creatures from lowlier realms that barged into the immortal realm.

The Thirty-Three Levels of Heaven already received information about this.

It was just that they thought this had nothing to do with them.

It was only when they received news that a few battleships were flying towards the Land of Eternal Day did they realize.
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