Chapter 660: Little Rabbit, Be Obedient

Chapter 660: Little Rabbit, Be Obedient
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In the large conference room of the Thirty-Three Levels of Heaven, a large-scale conference was heatedly going on.

Apart from Ma Peng, the rest of the elders were all present!

They were scornful of the bunch of cultivators that were about to arrive.

"Does it mean that they are impressive just because they can crush the immortal door? If not because of the fact that we respect Mao and Xu, we would have been able to crush the immortal door given our abilities."

"Does it mean that they are very powerful just because they can summon the immortal door to open? The immortal door is like a kid. After being crushed once, it turned fearful..."

"Does our sect really have to treat those bunch of weak chickens from a lowlier realm so seriously?"

"There's no such need to!"

No one thought that Chu Yu was a threat.

Who are we?

We are immortals!

We hold the highest status in all the realms!

We are at the top of the food chain!

Do we need to be scared of someone else?

Perhaps we'll be nervous if the rest of the top ten powers in the immortal realm put pressure on us.

But cultivators from the Bastion of the Stars?

I'm sorry...we aren't that free to bother with all of you!

Let's just kill them if they are thick-skinned enough.

We'll let them off if they know their limits.

That's all!

However, everyone soon saw what was posted on the immortal realm's network.


"Despicably shameless!"

"How can they be so shameless? What are they going to use to prove that they're related to Chen?"

"They are just a bunch of cheats. How dare they pose as Chen's disciples?"

"Who doesn't know that Chen lives in the Eastern Heavens now? What are his disciples doing here in the immortal realm instead of remaining in the Eastern Heavens?"

In the conference room, emotions were at a high and everyone was furious.

The expression of the division leader was also very grim right now.

Zhu Qing was a person who was very concerned about reputation. He had very strict requirements regarding his reputation.

Previously, he led some disciples from the sect to the Land of Eternal Day under the instructions of the previous sect leader, which eventually led to their current state. His reputation was extremely notable right now.

There hadn't been any division leader who was as successful as him.

Occupying the cultivation ground of a primitive Sovereign. His achievements were unrivaled!

However, he still felt that they weren't enough. He still wanted to uncover those areas that had been sealed and lead the sect to even greater heights!

He didn't want the sect to remain only as a top ten power in the immortal realm. He wanted the sect to become the top power in the immortal realm!

The strongest power!

As long as he could uncover those sealed areas, his dream might come true!

However, something had to crop up at this moment...

A bunch of 'intruders' from the Bastion of the Stars actually came to lay claim to their territory by riding on Chen's reputation?

They even knew how to use the immortal realm's network to cause such a huge uproar?

The situation was terrible!

The Thirty-Three Levels of Heaven wasn't the only power in the immortal realm even though they were among the top ten powers in the realm.

There had to be some powers among the top ten powers who didn't like them.

There were people from the other powers who stepped up in the network to further Chu Yu's agenda!

They formed a bunch of shameless online 'water army'!

Zhu Qing opened the immortal realm network and turned dismal when he saw the discussion those people were engaging in.

"Reaping something that they didn't sow. As a top ten power in the immortal realm, I can't believe these people actually perform such morally-degrading deeds."

"Land of the Eternal Day...who doesn't know that it's a cultivation ground of Grandmaster Chen? I can't believe these people actually eyed that place. I really don't know how to comment on them. Brazen? Or tired of living?"

"As such a huge power, it's fine that they aren't even being role models for the immortal realm. However, how can they do something as despicable as this?"

"Forcefully occupying someone else's cultivation ground. This is...not a small matter!"


Zhu Qing slammed his palm on a table in front of him. That table, which was made from ancient wood, cracked immediately.

Everyone was shocked by this sudden movement.

Zhu Qing turned pale and cursed, "A bunch of shameless people!"

Yes, they were indeed shameless.

It wasn't a secret that the Thirty-Three Levels of Heaven occupied the Land of Eternal Day.

Why didn't these people come up to criticize them earlier?

However, all of them jumped at the opportunity when they were presented with it right now!


Zhu Qing revealed a cold look in his eyes and coldly said, "A bunch of fanatics who don't know anything. First, they crushed the immortal door. Then, they posed as disciples of a Sovereign. Such scums should be killed! Our sect should execute justice..."

Everyone appeared to be in admiration of Zhu Qing right now.

The division leader is thick-skinned enough!

The degree of his shamelessness was indeed admirable!

He was still able to twist the facts even at such a timing. No wonder he was the division leader.

Truly shameless!

The Third Elder stood up and loudly said, "We've already sent the eleventh elder Ma Peng to talk to them. However, I didn't expect them to be so shameless and accuse us first! Since this is the case, there's nothing else to say. Let's just destroy them!"

He looked in front of him, "Who's willing to go with me?

Damnit, are we really going to fight just like this?

The truth was many people over here still cared a lot about their face.

They had indeed occupied someone else's cultivation ground. Now that his disciples are here, the sect wasn't intending to return the plot of territory and instead wanted to kill those disciples?

Wouldn't that be a little inappropriate?

Furthermore, Chen should still be alive!

Were they not scared of the consequences?

However, given the reaction of the division leader and Third Elder, it seemed like there wouldn't be many ramifications if they actually killed those fanatics.

There was always bound to be fanatics.

Furthermore, not every thought that reaping something one didn't sow was wrong. In their opinion, cultivation involved tapping on the fortune of all matter in the heaven and earth. It was a way of violating the laws of nature.

If this was the case, cultivation was wrong in itself!

Violence was always the answer in this world. Since when was there a person who was weak and managed to successfully reason a conflict out?

Hence, what was the point of making so much noise?

Just fight!



Deep in the immortal realm, there was an extremely cute little girl. She suddenly opened her eyes in a crystal coffin.

The look in her eyes completely contradicted her cute appearance!

She was too beautiful!

However, the look in her eyes was very fierce.

Even the Empress of the mortal realm couldn't compare to her.

However, the fierce look in her eyes only surfaced for an instant before she retracted it.

She sat up and exited the crystal coffin at the next moment.

She muttered, "Is he here?"

After this, her figure disappeared.

There was only an empty crystal coffin left.

In another forbidden zone of the immortal realm, there was a huge yellow dog in front of a cottage that was dilapidated and seemed like it could collapse anytime.

This huge yellow dog was sprawled on the ground lazily. Its eyes were half open, and it seemed like a lazy dog that was basking under the sun.

Suddenly, it opened its eyes.

Two streaks of divine lights were shot out from its eyes.

However, it only lasted for an instant.

The two streaks of divine lights retracted and everything turned normal again.

It continued to sprawl lazily on the ground.

The little girl appeared in front of this yellow dog and coldly said, "The person we've been waiting for is here."

The dog looked at her, "You are the one waiting for that person."

"Don't you want to kill him?" The little girl coldly asked.

"Zi doesn't even want to kill him anymore. Why do I want to do so?" The yellow dog lazily answered.

"He has the Technique of the Three Realms!" The little girl said.

"That's his fate." The dog was listless.

"Damn dog!" The little girl looked at him fiercely.

"Eh, your hatred can shift targets? I didn't do anything to you!" The dog looked at her.

"Yes, you did!"

"No, I didn't!"

"Yes means yes!"

The dog appeared very annoyed and turned its back to face her. It couldn't be bothered about her anymore.

The little girl coldly shouted, "If you don't get up soon, I'll destroy your kernel!"


The dog turned around and looked at the girl, "Is there such a need to?"

"I can do it!" The little girl was persistent.

"But the heavens didn't choose you." The dog turned serious and looked at the girl, "The heavens is the greatest. If it didn't choose you, it just means that you can't."

It continued to look at the little girl and said, "All the Sovereigns created that guy together. He should have most of Zi's karma, which is why Zi used himself to create that guy. He innately possesses divinity. He should possess quite a bit of Chen's karma too. That's why Chen interacts a lot with him too."

The dog sighed, "Of course, the karma that's supposed to be on your body is also present. That's why the Technique of the Three Realms chose him. This is why your avatar can only be his servant. What else is there to say? He's a figure of destiny! He's destined to surpass us."

"But I'm indignant." The little girl was furious, "What gives him the right?"

The dog bared its teeth," Little rabbit, be obedient. I'll buy candy for you later."

"Go and die." The little girl was furious. She lifted her hand and a terrifying storm swept towards the dilapidated cottage.


The cottage collapsed and caused a lot of dust to be scattered into the air.

It's as if an entire realm had collapsed.

The dog was completely covered in dust.

It finally stood up and shook its body.

Dust rained towards the little girl like a sword.

The little girl snorted and waved her hand, causing the sword to disappear.

Following this, a middle-aged man in a yellow robe appeared beside the dog.

This middle-aged man wasn't ugly, but he didn't seem to be fully awake. It was as if he could collapse and fall asleep anytime.

He was a little annoyed as he looked at the little girl, "The man of destiny is already on par with our abilities. Do you believe?"

The little girl twisted her mouth and laughed coldly, "Him? How long has he been a Powerful Being? Challenging us? Is he overestimating himself?"

The dog said, "Let's go and see. If he's that good, don't torture yourself anymore and be a good little rabbit. Why do you have to be so violent?"

The little girl gently bit her lower lip and her eyes blinked a few times. Eventually, she nodded her head, "Fine. We shall go and take a look!"
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