Chapter 69: Must you hit the face?

Chapter 69: Must you hit the face?

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When Chu Yu brought the weasel back to the Dragon City, they had barely made it in time for the lighting of lamps in the evening. The roads were packed with cars and pedestrains.

Seeing a human walk alongside a weasel was jarring, and many people looked at them curiously.

Some of them even secretly took out their hand phones to take pictures and pointed at the weasel.

Chu Yu was expressionless, he had already become Song Hong.

He did not care about what others suspected, fact could be fiction just as easily as fiction could be fact.

Only the king knew the truth.

The weasel was also extremely calm, ignoring the gazes of others.

"The air in the city is great, it is close to life, this is the kind of life that the humans should be leading." The weasel’s green eyes blinked as it soaked in the images of the beautiful ladies on the street. It couldn't help but exclaim.


Beasts who could walk the land and admire pretty girls... were rare.

Chu Yu felt that this shameless weasel could probably give Lord Thief a run for its money.

People's morals are constantly degenerating, people are no longer how they used to be, where is the trust amongst people? Since the girls wear so little outside, why do they still wear anything inside?" The weasel’s green eyes were fixated on a pretty girl wearing a miniskirt.

"Why don't you go die?" Chu Yu couldn't help but roll his eyes.

But Chu Yu felt that this old yellow skin knew a lot of things, and was by no means behind the times, definitely not the kind of demonic beast who had been hiding deep in the mountains.

"Do you come to the human cities often?" Chu YU asked.

"Humans can only improve through continuous learning." The weasel said sternly.

"But you're not human." Chu Yu rebutted.

The weasel rolled its green eyes, "Beasts are the same!"

It looked at Chu Yu, "Actually, I have done quite a bit of research into Island ******, I even have some pristine editions, does master want to observe and learn... no, it should be, judge it?"


What a shameless weasel!

Extremely shameless!

God damn it, it doesn't even know what it's saying.

Chu Yu did not return to his villa, instead opting to go straight to Chu Tianxiong’s residence.

Chu Tianxiong had told many things to Chu Yu over messages, but he had left out the part where he was humiliated.

He did not want to affect Chu Yu’s judgement, more importantly, he did not want to bring Chu Yu any trouble.

This was because Chu Yu was now a priceless treasure to the entire Chu Clan.

As such, he had advised Chu Yu over text not to come back.

There were simply too many people looking for Chu Yu!

Some of them were so influential that Chu Tianxiong feared that there would be accidents.

Even though Chu Yu wasn’t a bigot, he really wanted to see the abilities of the best of the ancient schools.

However, since he had already morphed into Song Hong, he had decided to use this opportunity to quell some of his problems.

Chu Yu believed that his movements should have already been registered in the eyes of many.

Chu Yu pressed the doorbell, and Chu Tianxiong himself opened the door.

When he saw Chu Yu, he was initially stunned, as if he was thinking about something, and he totally missed out on the weasel behind Chu Yu.

"Ay, young master Song, why are you here? The current state of things in the Dragon City is complicated, you shouldn’t come!" Chu Tianxiong’s expression was one of impatience, but his heart gushed with warmth.

Unity, not leaving others behind, not giving up, going through thick and thin together!

That was the basic character of all the Chu Clan disciples.

"Quickly come in." Chu Tianxiong said. Then he saw the weasel and looked dazedly at Chu Yu.

"Our own." Chu Yu nodded.

The weasel followed behind Chu Yu, having heard what Chu Yu just said, it felt a wave of warmth in his heart.

Even though it felt that Chu Yu was quite a b*stard and inhumane, sometimes... it seemed... that he was ok?

Mm, still ok!

At the very least, he treated his own companions decently!

The weasel thought to itself as it smiled teethily at Chu Tianxiong, "Hello there!"

Chu Tianxiong’s expression was strange, as he thought to himself, Chu Yu seems to like adopting pets, seems to be a compassionate guy.

If this was heard by the weasel or Lord Thief, they would faint.

This b*stard likes adopting animals? Has compassion?

He has as much compassion as a strand of fur!

More like he loves bullying cute and adorable animals.

When they entered the room, the two men and the weasel took their seats.

"Tell me about the overall situation." Chu Yu could sense Chu Tianxiong’s impatience. As of now, his ability to sense was strong and this sensing had almost become telegnosis.

He could even feel Chu Tianxiong’s anger and humiliation.

"I believe you have seen all the news, and a large number of ancient schools have begun to enter society, and many of them have chosen China. However, there are a minority who have chosen to set up overseas. Some of these schools overseas are also powerful, but at this current moment, everyone is focused on improving their abilities."

"The web has many people trying to cause trouble for the Chu Clan and young master Song, the Xie Clan is the most suspicious."

"Many ancient schools’ best disciples have come to the Dragon City, they think that young master Song and his disciple Chu Yu... have gotten the Crane Saint’s legacy.

"Xiao Yue also seems to have some emergency, she sent me a message and left. I haven’t heard from her in days, Xiaoxiao says her phone is switched off."

Chu Tianxiong summarized the scenario to Chu Yu in one breath.

"I know about Xiao Yue’s problems, afterwards, I will make a trip to Qing Qiu. Since she is someone on my junior’s side, I will take care of her." Chu Yu continued, "The rest of the things, since I am here, i will settle them quickly!"

"Young master..." Chu Tianxiong started to speak before holding back.

"Just speak your mind."

"Then I shall." Chu Tianxiong sighed, "I just found out that Xiao Yue is a Qing Qiu, if that is the case, then in my opinion, that’s all the more reason for you to stay out of it.

"I will participate using this identity." Chu Yu said.

"..." Chu Tianxiong laughed bitterly, "Do you know that the people looking for young master Song now... far exceed those looking for Chu Yu?"

"We shall see later, I, Song Hong, have a strong sense of justice." Chu Yu spoke rubbish with a serious face.

The weasel was lost in the conversation and it looked at Chu Yu, rather dazed.

Chu Tianxiong shook his head while smiling bitterly, "In other news, the people who have been coming down to find us, they are all..."

As he spoke, the door to his villa was once again opened!

The door to the villa was locked, and Chu Tianxiong had just checked, but in the eyes of a highly cultivated martial artist, that was meaningless.

With such power, he could simply push the door open, or he could use his energy to open the cylinders inside.

A lock was child’s play to such people.

San Sen, Xue Ran and Feng Ning returned.

Chu Tianxiong’s expression changed, he had not managed to tell Chu Yu about this. Just as he was about to, these people appeared again.

San Sen did not look good, just a few days ago, Lord Thief had sh*t on his head, and dirties his hands.

Even though it was a few days ago, and he had taken multiple showers, he still felt that his head and hands smelled like bird sh*t.

How disgusting!

This feeling had tortured San Sen to insanity.

Xue Ran and Feng Ning were calm, especially Xue Ran, quietly sizing up "Song Hong", almost like she was appreciating an art piece.

Feng Ning was dazed, the only reason why she was with the other two was because of her birth.

She was entrusted to Xue Ran, and was supposed to follow her to see the world.

Xue Ran and San Sen were allies, but their relationship was not strong.

Everyone was just in it for their own benefits.

San Sen looked at Chu Yu and laughed coldly, "Why? No longer hiding? Finally willing to crawl out?"

As he spoke, he saw the weasel on the couch and his expression turned to one of mocking, "Trash is trash, all he can do is play with rubbish like sparrows and weasels.

"Doll face, are you looking for trouble?" The weasel was enraged, its eyes glaring at San Sen.

San Sen did not say anything else, a wave of Invigorated Meridian Energy exploding outwards.

The strong wave of power surged towards the weasel.

The weasel was shocked, only now did it realize that this youth had such an ability.

However, it was not scared as it thought to itself, just wait and see how I’ll torture you after!

Chu Tianxiong paled, he did not think that Chu Yu would take action against these people.

Even though he was being suppressed by the spiritual energy around San Sen, he said coldly, "Young master Song is the saint’s son in an ancient sect! Chu Yu’s sister Chu Xi is a disciple of Tai Qing..."

At such a crucial moment, Chu Tianxiong’s ability to bullsh*t was not bad, he could even come up with a term used only to describe the most talented in the ancient era.

Only the descendants of saints, and only the best of the best, can be known as the sons of saints.

When the catastrophe hit, all the descendants of saints had long left.

After 60 million years, how many descendants of saints were there? And how many of them could be known as the sons of saints?

As such, San Sen did not care about it and looked mockingly at Chu Tianxiong.

"Ha! Son of a Saint? How scary! Trash, doesn’t your face hurt anymore? That slap I gave you didn’t hurt?"

When Chu Yu heard San Sen say "doesn’t your face hurt anymore", a raging fire had burned in his heart.

He now knew where Chu Tianxiong’s fury and humiliation had come from.

He looked coldly at San Sen.

"Disciple of Tai Qing... how scary!" San Sen raised his head, aloof, and looked at Chu Tianxiong out of the corner of his eye, "Don’t you know... who I am?"

"You’re an idiot."

Chu Yu, who was looking on coldly, replied.

"Damn it, you’re looking for death..." San Sen launched an attack on Chu Yu as he spoke!

He raised his hand and directed it at Chu Yu’s face!

The only way to gain satisfaction was to hit someone’s face!

"Ah!" Feng Ning couldn’t help but gasp, "No... he is not Chu Yu! He is Song Hong!"

Xue Ran hesitated, but didn’t try to stop it.

She had known from the start that this person was not Chu Yu, but was the mysterious powerhouse from the legends - Song Hong!

The only reason why she didn’t remind San Sen was because she had heard that Song Hong was an Acupoint Charging martial artist. As such, she wanted to know what was the battle power of the legendary Song Hong.

San Sen’s power had already reached Invigorated Meridian Stage Three.

He had broken through three of his meridians.

A majestic force flowed within the three meridians, gushing like a large river, sprinting and snarling.

The power in this slap was not little. Any ordinary human would have been seriously injured.

San Sen heard Feng Ning’s reminder, but he only hesitated for a moment without stopping his attack.

He had a ferocious look on his face as he viciously... slapped at Chu Yu!

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