Chapter 70: Wishes

Chapter 70: Wishes

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So what about Song Hong? Legend has it that he is very powerful... is he really very powerful?

Having been sh*t on by Lord Thief previously had driven the clean freak San Sen insane, and he had been bordering on crumbling the past few days.

He needed to vent out all the anger and frustration in his heart!

Who cares who he is!

The only issue was, he chose the wrong guy!

He had met with Chu Yu, who had just attained the great circle of Acupoint Charging

For someone like San Sen, he wasn’t even a match for Chu Yu before Chu Yu went into isolation, and even less so now.


A loud sound echoed out!

San Sen’s body twirled on the spot for more than ten rounds before dropping to the ground with a thud. His head smashed into the coffee table and bled. Even though the flesh of an Invigorated Meridian martial artist was tough, upon losing the protection of his power, he was just as weak.

San Sen had been knocked completely unconscious.

Half of his face... was smashed!


Xue Ran took a deep breath of cold air, her gaze filled with awe and shock.

She could not even see how ‘Song Hong’ had attacked!

Feng Ning covered her mouth, her huge watery eyes filled with fear.

They looked at Chu Yu, feeling that this tall and skinny long haired youth was simply too scary!

"Mr. Chu, he hit you before?"

Chu Yu’s expression was icy, his tone strangely calm as he looked on coldly at the comatose San Sen on the floor.

Chu Tianxiong was also shocked by this terrifying display of strength and couldn’t find his tongue.

After some time, he nodded, "Young master Song, it's all in the past, it's no big deal..."

Chu Yu walked over without saying anything else and stamped on San Sen’s leg.


The crisp sound of a bone breaking rang out.

One of San Sen’s calf bone had been broken and his leg was now bent on an awkward position.


The comatose San Sen let out a pitiful scream and fainted.

"Enough!" Xue Ran frowned and looked at Chu Yu, "Don't continue anymore!"


Chu Yu raised his head to look at this beautiful girl, "Who are you?"

"I am Xue Ran, one of the core disciples of the Rainfall Ancient Sect." Xue Ran looked uncomfortable. She took a deep breath and said solemnly, "San Sen is one of the core disciples of the Truth Ancient Sect..."

Truth Ancient Sect?

Chu Yu smiled coldly in his heart: Is there no end to this?

First, Qiu Tianxue had died, and now they're sending another?

"Song Hong’s" battle power had really exceeded anything Xue Ran could have expected.

In the rumors, Song Hong had gotten the Crane Saint’s legacy from the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave. Some said that he passed this to Chu Yu, it would seem that... he didn't?

Upon deeper thought, it seemed to make sense, that was a saint’s legacy afterall!

Furthermore, the legacy of the Pill King Medicinal Saint was for a highly specialized profession.

How many people would let go of it so easily?

Could it be that in such a short period of time, he had already grasped the teachings of the Crane Saint?

Refined some form of superior pill?

Else, how could someone level up this fast in such a short time?

If that was the case, then... the people beside Chu Yu, and that damned bird could have been leveled up by Song Hong!

In this case... Song Hong may be... using Chu Yu to divert the attention away from him!

Yes, this must be it!

Xue Ran felt that she had already seen through Song Hong!

She wasn’t an ordinary person with no experience. Such diversion tactics were not unheard of in the ancient powers.

Furthermore, she knew that the most powerful pill masters in the ancient era could refine a pill that would launch a person straight into the Xiantian realm!

Since the world had just recently recovered, the superior spiritual medicines of the ancient era may be hard to come by. However, if one had the Pill King’s legacy in hand, he may just be able to... refine a superior pill!

This would mean that Chu Yu, was possibly a smoke screen!

A scapegoat... that Song Hong was using to divert the attention of others.

The person who was of value, was Song Hong!

He may have given Chu Yu an incentive, maybe... allowing Chu Yu to return to a cultivable state.

She believed that such an incentive would move Chu Yu!

If that was the case, then Chu Yu was still a relatively useless individual!

Being bright at an early age did not necessitate future success!

Chu Yu was a rare genius back in the day, but after being wasted for 16 years, could he catch up?

Xue Ran thought that the possibility of that was close to none!

As such, Chu Yu was in fact not very valuable, Song Hong... was the valuable one!

When she thought of this, Xue Ran’s heart warmed and her gaze towards "Song Hong" softened greatly.

"So what?" Chu Yu looked at her flatly.

Xue Ran’s voice became much gentler, "Please don’t misunderstand, I may know him, but we are not on the same side.

Feng Ning looked at Xue Ran, visibly confused as she thought to herself, Aren’t you and San Sen allies?

Xue Ran continued, "I feel that you have taught him a lesson and that is sufficient, there is no need to kill him. Killing him would do you no good, young master Song."

"Is there any benefit to me by not killing him?" Chu Yu looked at Xue Ran.

Xue Ran nodded, "Of course, as long as the person is alive, there is room for discussion. I am willing to help young master Song mediate..."


Even before she could finish, Chu Yu grinned, raised his foot, and broke San Sen’s other leg.

This time, San Sen did not have any reaction.

"You..." Xue Ran was furious.

Chu Yu looked at her unhurriedly, "Is that so? Then thank you, I will leave this to you, lady Xue Ran. Please bring him out, and remember to fix the door, thank you."

"..." Xue Ran was exasperated as she looked at Chu Yu, "Why must young master Song be so vicious?"

Even though she had plans to settle this previously, the current state of San Sen made it difficult for her to communicate with the Truth Ancient Sect.

She had initially thought that by being the mediator, she could benefit from both sides.

However, that leg from Song Hong... had completely foiled her masterfully crafted plan.

The feud that would result from San Sen’s broken legs and his smashed face would be huge.

The Truth Ancient Sect would not only hate Song Hong even more, they were likely... to pin Qiu Tianxue’s plan on Song Hong!

This would make things very difficult, Xue Ran frowned inside.

"Yes? Does lady Xue Ran still have any matters?" Chu Yu looked at Xue Ran and asked flatly.

He did not have a good feeling about Xue Ran either. The only person who he knew didn’t have much motive was Feng Ning, who was still stunned.

San Sen and Xue Ran were clearly on the same side, Chu Yu deduced!

THe only difference between them was their preferred mode of execution.

If he was "Chu Yu" and as "wasted" as the rumors said, and he was holding on to the legacy of a saint, he believed that Xue Ran would not be so courteous! There was even a possibility that she would have fought with San Sen over the legacy.

As such, these people had never been in Chu Yu’s good books.

Xue Ran’s busty chest heaved, and then she smiled. This smile had a lightening effect, thawing th ice in the room.

How beautiful!

"Young master Song kills decisively, and you are someone meant for great things. I believe you’re not afraid of a little trouble."

Chu Yu laughed haughtily, "I’ve only been afraid that I don’t have enough trouble."

"Is that so?" Xue Ran was slightly frustrated, "What about the Chu Clan? Young master’s acts here would bring much trouble to the Chu Clan... to Chu Yu, wouldn’t it?

"Haha, lady, you do care a lot about the business of others." Chu Yu replied flatly.

"Ok then, since you’re not scared of trouble, and since Chu Yu is young master’s disciple, you should care for him and carry these troubles yourself."

Xue Ran smiled sweetly, "When I get back, I will help the Chu Clan and Chu Yu get rid of this trouble, I believe that this would please young master Song, after all, you’re not afraid of trouble."

Xue Ran could not help but make it clear to "Song Hong" that he had foiled her masterplan, at the same time, she would foil his masterplan and find trouble for him.

As Xue Ran spoke, she picked up the comatose San Sen in one hand, and a chick in the other and left.

Feng Ning followed suit and left.

Xue Ran stopped at the door, and Feng Ning nearly knocked into her, but she managed to stop hurriedly.

Xue Ran looked back at Chu Yu, "Young master Song, there are many people from the ancient schools who have been looking for you. There is a chance some of them may stop by. If you can’t handle them, you can get the guy beside you to call me, he has my name card."

"I’ll wait for you!"

Xue Ran turned and left thereafter.

Feng Ning, who was following behind, closed the door softly behind her. Before she did, she looked carefully at Chu Yu.

The weasel sat on the sofa, still at a loss.

Chu Tianxiong hesitated for a moment before saying, "She’s smart, a pity that she was fooled by her own intelligence."

As he spoke, Chu Tianxiong smiled, "However, the way she is helping us is pretty interesting."

Chu Yu smiled too, of course he heard the threatening intent of Xue Ran’s words, but he didn’t care!

This was exactly his intent!

He wanted to put all the conflicts, disagreements, focus and gazes... on "Song Hong"/

By doing so, he could ensure the safety of the Chu Clan and himself.

Buying time for him to develop!

At that time, even if Chu Yu regains his power and has great battle prowess, it’ll all make sense.

He has a good senior!

This was exactly what Chu Yu had wanted to do!

Effectively, Xue Ran had given him a huge present and helped him out immensely!

Chu Yu couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity, how could he resist it?

What was funny was that she had thought that this would "force" Song Hong to have no choice but to work with her to guarantee safety.

How naive.

But, Chu Yu liked it.

At this point, the weasel sitting on the sofa seemed to finally understand a bit of what’s going on. It looked at Chu Yu, "Why do I get the feeling that this lady has played right into your hand?"

"Nope, how could I have plotted against someone? She was a smart alec and presented herself to me." Chu Yu said humbly.

The weasel could not help but roll its eyes, slumping back into the couch, speechless. It crossed its legs and held the remote control with its claws. It found an animated movie and began watching it, engrossed.

It even critiqued, "This is more interesting than "action films", at least these have plot, even though they’re a little immature, they win at..."

Chu Yu was exasperated, what the hell is this?

Do all animals like to watch shows that deal with their own kind?
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