Chapter 71: White-Wash

Chapter 71: White-Wash

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The news of Song Hong’s appearance was like a wind, rapidly spreading throughout the whole of Dragon City.

"That fella that was likely to have obtained the Crane Saint's legacy has appeared!"

"He's much more valuable than that Chu Yu!"

"The main actor has arrived!"

Just as many people were restless over this issue, a second news came.

Truth Ancient Sect's heir, San Sen, had received one slap and two kicks from Song Hong. Half his face had been destroyed and both his legs were crippled!

It's even said that he now looks to wretched, that not even his mother could recognise him!

When the people of Dragon City heard this news, they were all stupefied!

"The hell, isn’t that too brutal?"

"The Truth Ancient Sect has made its reappearance back into the world, and someone still dares to be so brutal? This Song Hong really has balls big enough to cover the heavens! From how I see it, there’s a good 80 to 90% possibility that Qiu Tianxue died at the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave because of him!"

"Oh god, that Song Hong… Is really so awesome? Didn’t they say that he’s only in the Acupoint Charging Realm?"

"San Sen is one of the direct disciples of Truth Ancient Sect. Even though he’s not the most impressive one, his level should at least be in Invigorated Meridian Stage 3 or 4 right? He was actually completely wrecked like this?"

"That Song Hong is too mysterious. Where exactly did he come from? Could there be a much stronger ancient faction?"

In no time, the entire Dragon City was filled with undercurrents.

Countless people could not help but be restless. On one hand, they were in aghast by Song Hong’s courage and huge balls. On another hand, they were all secretly scheming on how they could obtain the Crane Saint’s legacy!

After all, this was their real purpose in coming to Dragon City!

Within Chu Tianxiong’s villa.

After he answered a few calls, he stared at Chu Yu solemnly, "Things have gone wrong! Young lord, you need to leave now! Under this villa, there’s a secret passage that leads outside the city!"

Chu Yu looked at Chu Tianxiong, "Did those people hiding in Dragon City start to move?"

"Those people… to the current young lord, are not very terrifying. The real terrifying ones… are the Xiantian powerhouses behind them!"

Chu Tianxiong sighed, "The news from the Celestial Fox Immortal Cave can no longer be covered. The Crane Saint’s legacy, is coveted by too many people. Even Xiantian cultivators cannot help but be tempted."

Chu Yu laughed, "Don’t worry, I’m Song Hong now."

Chu Tianxiong’s face turned anxious, "It doesn’t matter who you are ah! Young lord, the powers in play now are too dangerous! What if within this group of people, there’s really a Xiantian powerhouse?"

Chu Tianxiong was very clear, Song Hong was Chu Yu. If Song Hong was dead, then Chu Yu was also dead!

This sort of loss, could not be bore by the Chu Clan.

He looked at Chu Yu and advised, "Just now, didn’t that Xue Ran say that she was going to bail the Chu Clan out? Young lord, why don’t you use this opportunity to leave, what are you waiting for?"

"Let’s see first, whether or not Xue Ran will even release the news."

Chu Yu laughed gently, "Uncle Xiong, rest assured. They won’t be able to catch me!

Chu Yu was quite confident; his Facebook… was not merely able to create the face of Song Hong!

At this point, Chu Tianxiong’s phone started ringing.

He accepted the call, and after listening to a few messages, a look of joy emerged on his face.

After hanging up his phone, Chu Tianxiong exhaled deeply, then turned to Chu Yu excitedly, "Sucess! Look at the post on social media! I can’t believe that woman really… Keke!"

Chu Yu switched on his phone and went to the biggest social media. Immediately, he saw the most trending post.

Written in bright, red words, the title of the post was like so - Where is the Crane Saint’s legacy? Is Chu Yu just a poor scapegoat?

Within the post itself, there were many additional details.

"Even though Song Hong had been claiming that Chu Yu is his junior brother, but everyone knows that Chu Yu had been wasted 16 years ago. So, the truth behind this matter is hard to determine. Moreover, for such a supreme technique like the Crane Saint’s legacy, why would Song Hong casually give it to another person?"

"Recently, the Chu Clan and Chu Yu have become a common target for all, as large amounts of ancient factions concentrate their forces in Dragon. There’s no need to discuss their purpose in coming to Dragon City, but these people, have they been scammed by Song Hong?"

"Everyone’s attention is now focused on the Chu Clan. On the other hand, Song Hong is no where to be seen, safe from everyone’s eyes!"

"This pushing of the blame to a scapegoat, had been well played…"

"Actually, this Chu Yu is rather pitiable. A former genius turned to trash 16 years ago. Now, he’s even being made use of."

"Song Hong’s schemes run deep. Now, he has made his way to Dragon City, and he even shows himself into the Chu Clan’s Dragon City Branch Head, Chu Tianxiong’s villa. All this, clearly shows his intentions."

"Poor Chu Clan, a mere underworld clan, actually has to bear sucha heavy pressure! I guess that they truly have no where else to go."

"Actually, everyone might have been scammed, and your attentions diverted!"

"Finding Song Hong, would be equivalent to finding the Crane Saint’s legacy. What’s the need to look farwaway when things are right in front of you?"

"I’m not helping the Chu Clan. Actually, if anyone knows my ID, you would know who I am. Why am I doing this? Simple, because Song Hong injured my friend, San Sen!"

"Even if we don’t obtain the Crane Saint’s legacy, I wish to help my friend seek justice. Bring this Song Hong to light!"

This post, was filled with righteous words, and its statements were grounded with logic!

The moment this post was released, it instantly caused a stir on the entire Internet.

Soon, many people came to an understanding. They have indeed been scammed by Song Hong!

That fella’s too cunning!

He purposely acted close to Chu Yu, all so he could divert everyone’s attention.

Too shameless!

He was clearly ignoring his own face ah!

If Chu Yu was really his junior brother, how could Song Hong scam someone so close to him?

Wasn’t that too much?

Countless people were enraged, thinking that Song Hong was too despicable, to even harm his own friends!

Now, many people were even questioning, was Chu Yu even Song Hong’s junior brother?

The person who released this post was naturally Xue Ran!

Not long after releasing this post, Xue Ran secretly sent someone over to Chu Tianxiong’s villa.

It was a 30 over year old man with ordinary appearances. The moment he saw Chu Yu, he directly reported his family name.

"Greetings Young Lord Song. I’m Miss Xue Ran’s follower. She asked me to relay a message to you, is there any more secretive place?"

"Let’s just do it here then!" Chu Yu looked at him with an "ashen" face. He continued, "She still dares to send someone here? She’s not afraid that I would kill you?"

The man laughed slightly, as he replied without being humble nor arrogant,"If this little one dares to come, I’m naturally not afraid of death. Moreover, Young Lord Song is an important figure, you definitely would not lower yourself to deal with a minor figure like me."

"She’s very clueless; spouting off nonsense and spoiling my plans!" Chu Yu snorted, his tone was icy cold.

"My house’s little miss has said, this matter is actually not a big matter. If Young Lord Song cannot take the pressure, you can choose to work with my house’s little miss. She is very sincere in befriending Young Lord Song. Furthermore, helping the Chu Clan was following Young Lord Song’s intentions. After all, Young Lord Song wouldn’t be willing to see the Chu Clan face a calamity for this, right?" The man said calmly.

"She only knows bullsh*t!" After Chu Yu cursed, he suddenly sneered, "What qualifications does she have to work with me? Does she really think that I’m afraid of these trivial matters in Dragon City?"

"My house’s little miss says, she had Xiantian powerhouses by her side. She can ensure Young Lord Song’s safety."

"So what if have more Xiantian experts? F*ck off. I’m not going to kill you, but I don’t want to see you any further. Tell your house’s little miss, for spoiling my business, I’m going to collect this debt from her in the future!" Chu Yu said coldly.

The man laughed gently, "This little one will definitely do it!"

With that, he calmly left the premises.

Waiting for this person to leave, Chu Yu and Chu Tianxiong glanced at one another, and could not help but laugh.

By the side, Old Yellow said weakly, "You human beings are so cunnign! You even slander our animal kind; what sly fox, and chicken stealing weasels, ah…"

"Those are just metaphors," Chu Yu said.

"Why don’t you use yourselves as the metaphor? Like a sly little kid, or a shameless chicken-stealing human?" Old Yellow rolled his eyes.

Chu Tianxiong laughed and said, "Now that the attention has been shifted, will the young lord really go and trouble them?"

"I want to see exactly how strong I am now. Uncle Xiong, don’t worry," As Chu Yu spoke, he turned to Old Yellow. "Come, let’s go out to the city and play!"

Old Yellow stared reluctantly at the cartoon on the TV, sighed, and followed behind Chu Yu.

"Did he really say that? In front of Chu Tianxiong?"

"That’s right. I can see that he was really angry, he seemed very reassured like he had a strong backing."

"He treated Xiantian experts with contempt? It’s not faked?"

"This subordinate feels, it should not be fake. He looked very self confident, even a little… En, it really seemed like he was fearless to the point that it seemed arrogant. Yes, arrogant."

"He said that I spoiled his business, to expose his true colours. So he’s angry and wants to settle a debt with me? Keke, I’m not going to give him a change. However, from the looks of it, he should have given the Chu Clan quite some benefits…"

"Little miss, it could also be a threat."

"Eh? Oh ya, now that you talk about it… it could be true! A mysterious expert who could easily kill Invigorated Meridian martial artists, and with such an obstinate personality… Threatening the Chu Clan to accomodate to him, seems very possible."

Xue Ran frowned, "If that’s the case, he seems to still have some hidden cards… He wasn’t driven to desperation by my post, that was a little unexpected."

As she spoke, Xue Ran could not help but laugh faintly, "So what if you still have hidden cards? You definitely don’t understand, this time, because of the Crane Saint’s legacy, many more hidden powers are secretly observing you!"

With that, she turned and faced her follower, "Come, let’s meet Elder Yue!"

It was deep in the night. There were few cars on the street. The weather in the North, despite it being a hot autumn day, had become cool and refreshing in the night.

If it got later, it would even be a little cold.

Chu Yu brought the old weasel out from Chu Tianxiong’s villa. They did not take the underground passage, but walked on the main road out of the city.

Now that someone had white-washed the Chu Clan and himself, Chu Yu was very relaxed.

On the road, he told Old Yellow, "If we meet some undefeatable experts, you should run. Run in the direction of Qing Qiu. We have a contract between us, so I will be able to find you."

"You want to scam someone?" Old Yellow raised his head, and saw as Chu Yu transformed… into the tall and thin Song Hong.

"I want to test my combat abilities!" Chu Yu said simply.
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