Chapter 72: Elder Yue

Chapter 72: Elder Yue

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Old Yellow could not help but exhale a breath of cold air, thinking in its heart: Are you trying to find a flowery way to kill yourself?

Usually, when people want to train their combat abilities, they would exchange pointers with others, or challenge an expert that they were familiar with. At the most, they would enter Jianghu to temper themselves. However, those that dared to do that were the Heaven’s Prides.

Only when they had no other options left and were forced to the edge, would they brace themselves to fight to the death.

However, this b*stard was really good, taking the initiative to engage in a death match with a group of experts.

Moreover, there was even the slight possibility that he might encounter a true Xiantian powerhouse!

If this wasn’t a flowery to kill himself, then what was it?

The old weasel found it extremely hard to understand Chu Yu’s thoughts; it even thought that he had gone mad.

Thus, Old Yellow stammered and mumbled, "How bout… I make a move first?"

"You dare!" Chu Yu glanced at it, "Later, I still need you to poison them with your farts!"

"..." Old Yellow rolled its eyes, thinking: You think that I can just fart as and when I like? Don’t I need to accumulate it first? And, that’s not called a fart, that’s a legit attack!

However, it did not show any dissent; this fella changed colours as easily as he changes clothes.

He’s a plus-sized b*stard that starts attacking the moment he didn’t agree with you!

Chu Yu and Old Yellow soon reached the outside of the City.

At the same time, many people in Dragon City had received the news that he’s leaving the city.

"Song Hong is running"

"Chase after him!"

"Now that we’re not in Dragon City, it would be so much better!"

"There’s no where he can escape off to outside!"

"This time, the Crane Saint’s legacy will be ours!"

The crowds started to surge with emotion.

At ths moment, Xue Ran was in a secret discussion with Elder Yue.

Elder Yue looked like she was only 30 over years old; she was an elegant and graceful beauty.

However, no one seemed to know her actual age.

A woman’s age was naturally a secret.

Much less could be said for a Xiantian cultivator like Elder Yue. Exactly how long did she live for, in the entire Rainfall, very few people knew the answer to that question.

Elder Yue looked very beautiful; she belonged to the intellectual beauty category. Dressed in an elegant Qipao, seated quietly, she did not reveal even a half bit of qi energy.

If one didn’t know, he might even think that this was an ordinary, mortal beauty.

"You’re saying, that Song Hong was very proud? He’s willing to be surrounded by his enemies, rather than work with us?" Elder Yue’s voice was very gentle, not even a hint of anger could be heard.

"Yes, I originally thought that by forcing pressure on him, he would be extremely flustered. However, I didn’t expect that he did not seem to even care." When Xue Ran explained this to Elder Yue, she seemed a little vexed.

"Not caring, is just a facade. Naturally, he wouldn’t casually leave his emotions on his face," Elder Yue laughed slightly. "He doesn’t want to work with us, is because he had yet to see our true power."

"En, that’s why I want to request Elder Yue to act, to let him have a glimpse of our power!" Xue Ran said exxpectantly.

She was indeed anticipating her Elder Yue to act; this was a Xiantian powerhouse, a true cultivator, a holder of sacred arts!

"No hurry, wait till he is at the end of the road, we can act then. By then, he wouldn’t even have a choice on whether he wants to cooperate or not." Elder Yue laughed slightly. "Moreover, I’m not the only Xiantian that has come this time. Many people are still observing behind the scenes."

At this moment, Xue Ran received a message on her phone. After a quick glimpse, she uttered, "Song Hong is leaving the city!"

"En, I got it. Don’t worry, he’s not going to escape." Elder Yue maintained her slight smile, with a look of calmness on her face.

Even though Xue Ran was a little anxious, when she saw Elder Yue’s composed expression, she also calmed down, her pounding heart also gradually slowed down.

Then, Elder Yue glanced at her and said, "Xiao Xue, your talent is excellent, and you are also incredibly intelligent. However, you seem to be rather reckless with this matter. At the end of the day, you’re still too young ah. Even though you have the talent and intelligence, you’re lacking the experience. You’re still not good enough."

"Elder Yue’s words are true. I will take note of them in the future," Xue Ran lowered her head and spoke softly.

"You don’t understand," Elder Yue said gently and calmly. "In this matter, you look like you’re forcing that Song Hong into a corner with no where to hide. However, you forgot, that person is incredibly cunning, and he appears and disappears unpredictably. Moreover, even thought many people were keeping their eyes on him, this matter had yet to be blown up. With your actions, you have exposed this matter to the public. Now, if anyone wants to find trouble with the Chu Clan in the future, they would no longer have an excuse."

"This is equivalent to helping the Chu Clan, but they had yet to thank you.

Elder Yue looked at Xue Ran, "Actually in this matter, the best solution was to continue to concentrate everyone’s eyes on the Chu Clan. This sort of thing, not only should you not have white-washed the Chu Clan, you should have done the opposite, and made everyone think that the Crane Saint’s legacy was with the Chu Clan! Then, we can find our chances to control Song Hong."

Xue Ran startled, then laughed ruefully, "I have never placed the Chu Clan in my plans. I have always thought, that a mere underworld clan…"

Elder Yue nodded, she understoof Xue Ran’s meaning. This was just a mere familiy clan; to help or to destroy it was as simple as a single thought.

The reason for Xue Ran’s actions, was to thoroughly expose Song Hong, forcing him to an end. Thereafter, he would have no choice but to work with thm.

She had this sort of self-confidence, because behind her back, was Elder Yue, a true Xiantian powerhouse!

"Your self-confidence stems from me. At least at the moment, among the Xiantian cultivators that have come to Dragon City, I should be the strongest," Elder Yue said gently.

"You are already half a step into the King Realm…" Xue Ran said softly.

"No matter what realm, there’s no such thing as half a step." Elder Yue laughed, "If you’re there, then you’re not there. Even if it’s merely half a step, you’re still not there!"

As she spoke, she looked at Xue Ran, "You’ve never gone and discern Chu Yu’s temper. How do you know that when he is forced to a corner, he would necessarily work with us? At this moment,if another faction offers to work with him, who would he choose?"

Xue Ran was slightly startled, but she promptly replied, "But, will there be another faction that will be like us? To not want to kill him, but to bring him along with the legacy back?"

Rainfall, not only wanted to obtain the Crane Saint’s legacy, they were more interested in Song Hong!

A saint’s legacy, thought they were each unique and powerful, what they needed more was this sort of heaven defying talent.

Moreover, the Crane Saint’s legacy, could not be cultivated by many people!

Also, not just anyone who obtained a saint’s legacy would be able to reach a higher realm. More importantly, they wanted to control Song Hong. To Rainfall, talent was worth more than the legacy!

This was Xue Ran’s true purpose!

However, now that Elder Yue mentioned it, she instantly felt that there were many holes in her plan.

She had spoiled Song Hong’s business; Song Hong must definitely have formed a bad opinion of her.

Even if she didn’t say it, others would eventually find out that Chu Yu and Chu Clan were merely a smokescreen set off by Song Hong. If she didn’t say it, at least no one would think of it for now.

But now that she had said it, Song Hong must hate her desperately. At this point, if a third party…

Elder Yue laughed, "There’s one more point. You forgot the power behind Song Hong. This is actually the main reason why I don’t want to kill him!"

She looked at Xue Ran, "Because no one, is willing to offend… a huge, unknown being!"

On Xue Ran’s forehead, was a thin later of sweat. She looked at Elder Yue in slight panic, "I…"

"No worries child. When people are young, when haven’t they done something foolish? There’s no need to worry, everything… is still within our control!" Elder Yue smiled faintly.

Thereafter, she stood up, "Come, time to stretch our bodies. Later, I will be meeting some old friends!"

Old Yellow trembled as it looked at Chu Yu, "Brother Yellow feels that something dangerous is coming…"

Chu Yu remained expressionless, looking just like he was bringing his dog out for a casual stroll. Dragon City, behind him, got further and further away.

"I said…"

Old Yellow was about to say something when suddenly it’s body jerked forcefully.

With a ‘Bang", an attack had landed just where Old Yellow just was. A huge hole appeared on the hard ground.

Old Yellow looked around for Chu Yu in panic, but soon discovered that this b*stard had long floated off to the side.

Yes, float.

The action looked incredibly graceful, as though he was without fear.

A shadow directly pounced at Chu Yu, as it said solemnly, "Hand over the Crane Saint’s legacy, or die!"

The energy fluctuations around this person was rich and strong, bringing with it an oppressive force.

Advanced Invigorated Meridian Realm!

This was a true expert.

After finding Chu Yu, he did not have any hint of hesitation as he directly struck out.

Now, everyone knew that Song Hong had the Crane Saint’s legacy on him. And he knew clearly, there were too many people with their eyes on Song Hong!

No one knew who would emerge victorious in a chaotic struggle.

Everyone didn’t want to be a "cockroach", they were more interested in being the sparrow.

Thus, he could not hold it in any further!

Thus, Duan Hong, an Invigorated Meridian Stage 8 martial artist from Four Waters School, was the first to attack!

Duan Hong had already been very careful. In his attack, he had purposely concealed his power to sneak an attack on Chu Yu.

In instant he attacked, he was even filled with confidence!

A sneak attack from an expert at Invigorated Meridian Stage 8, as long as his opponent wasn’t a Xiantian cultivator, theres a 80 to 90% chance that he would hit.

He never expected that this b*stard would be so sensitive, to actually dodge his attack.

As he looked at the woundless "Song Hong", Duan Hong was angered, and at the same time, shocked.

This fella… seems, very strong!

"After half a day, why is there only one of you who could not hold it in? From the looks of it, your patience… is very limited ah." Chu Yu looked at Duan Hong with a face of calm. "Look at the others, they are like rabbits hiding in a bush, how clever?"

At one go, he scolded a group of people. Immediately, one person couldn’t hold it in any further, jumping out and pointing at Chu yu.

"Song Hong, who are you calling a rabbit?"

The person speaking was a big and burly man with bronze coloured skin. As he stood there, he looked like a iron tower. He looked at Chu Yu in fury.

"You see, this big rabbit has a bad temper. He couldn’t become a steady turle, so he took the initiative to jump out?" Chu Yu’s lips twithced, as he charged towards Duan Hong.

"I’m going to kill you!" This iron tower-like, big man lifted his fist, it seemed to have the pressure of Mount Tai as it headed towards Chu Yu’s brains.


A thunderous roar sounded.

This attack, was fast and vicious!

The sound was astounding!

Suddenly, a sneer suddenly emerged on Chu Yu’s face.

This time, he did not dodge, but faced it head on!

Lifting his fist, he punched towards the big man’s fist!

In the big man’s eyes, a hint of ferocity flashed. He seemed to imagine the scene of Song Hong’s entire arm being destroyed by him!


The two fists clashed violently.

This was a pure competition of strength, no skills were involved!


The big man’s fingers… shattered.

His entire fist, was fractured by Chu Yu’s fist.

Thereafter, Chu Yu kicked this big man right in the abdomen, sending him flying like a soccer ball.

Duan Hong’s entire body was rooted in shock. That big man, was an expert one stage stronger than him, an expert at Invigorated Meridian Stage 9!

At this instant, Chu Yu charged straight at Duan Hong.

"F*ck off!"

Chu Yu shoited loudly.

Thereafter, Duan Hong f*cked off.

He was kicked right in the waist, whizzing off.

In mid air, he even coughed out a mouth full of fresh blood.

An expert in Invigorated Meridian Stage 8, when placed in front of a Great Circle of Acupoint Charging Chu Yu, had no means of resistance!
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