Chapter 9: Lord Thief

Chapter 9: Lord Thief

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Suppressing your cultivation level and fooling others is extremely easy and straightforward. All one needed was to be faster and stronger than the person he was trying to fool.

"Ngggggg!" [1]

The whirring that accompanied the punch revealed its murderous intent!

The punch smashed all the surrounding greenery as it travelled towards Chu Yu.

Its power sent dirt and rocks flying!

"This is how to properly suppress ones cultivation!" The middle aged man guffawed, arrogance written all over his face.

"You are absolutely right!" Chu Yu wholeheartedly agreed.

Then, he punched.

His punch found its mark earlier despite being released later, bringing with it an explosion of force!


The sound echoed flatly.

The middle aged man looked at his caved in chest in disbelief.

With a final exclamation, blood began to sputter from his mouth

All his internal organs had been smashed by a single punch from Chu Yu.

His body gave way, and he crumpled to the ground, eyes still wide open.

He refused to resign to this fate!

How unbelievable!

This was impossible!

Only on the brink of death did he realize that the b*stard that stood before him, the one who was ruined for the past 16 years, was not merely an Acupoint Charging Stage Five warrior. His cultivation level was unprecedented!

Anyone who could punch with such speed and kill him with such ease was at least Acupoint Charging Stage Seven, maybe even... Stage Eight!

Master Yu... disaster is about to befall you!

Even on the brink of death, this loyal man worried about his master and not his family.

Chu Yu suppressed the nagging discomfort he felt and dragged the man’s body away with lightning speed.

Soon after, the blonde, together with the others, rushed to the scene.

Having seen the aftermath of the duel, their faces paled with doubt.

"That b*stard actually had reinforcements!" The blonde bellowed, "brother Jiu may have already suffered the consequences."

"Retreat immediately and report to Master Yu!" The Acupoint Charging Stage Five martial artist said solemnly.

The blonde immediately took out his phone and was prepared to call Xie Tianyu.


His phone, and his hand shattered in an instant.

"Ah!" The blonde screamed in pain.

Only then did an earth shattering sound hit them.

That was the sonic boom! The punch had been thrown at speeds surpassing the speed of sound.

Without hesitation, the Acupoint Charging Stage Five martial artist turned his back and made a break for it.

Master Yu must be apprised of the face that there was an expert guarding Chu Yu. Else, the consequences could be catastrophic!

More importantly, he had no intention of dying here!

There was no news of Brother Jiu, and he was an Acupoint Charging Stage Six expert. Being only at Acupoint Charging Stage Five, how could he stay?


He looked down and saw a gaping hole in his chest, blood flowing from the cavity.

In an instant, his energy was emptied.

His legs turned to jelly and he kneeled on the floor before finally falling to the ground.

"How could this happen?"

"What actually happened?"

At this point, the other two Acupoint Charging Stage Four martial artists arrived at the scene. Even though they were at the same stage as the blonde, the blonde had harnessed an additional two Acupoints on his feet, giving him an advantage in speed, matching those of an Acupoint Charging Stage Five.

As a result, they were slightly slower, and were greeted by such a gory scene.

"F*ck me!"

"Damn it, we’ve been set up..."

Snap! Snap!

Before they could finish their sentences, two rocks had penetrated their skulls, painting their faces crimson with blood.

Thump, thump.

The two men crumpled to the ground.

The crippled blonde watched the scene unfold by the side, his fear reaching a new high.

Chu Yu turned around, looked at him and smiled. "What were you saying? You said that I was trash... and I should stand still? Am I right?"

Pressing on the wound that was once his hand, the blonde looked at Chu Yu with unparalleled fear, almost to the point of sh*tting his pants.

The fear he felt was close to what Zuo Zong felt on Mount Tai.

Yet, he had significantly less control over his emotions.

At the very least, before Zuo Zong and Pointy Eyes had joined Fang Hu’s gang, they had been assassins for many years. Even though they were slightly pampered after joining the gang, they still retained the basics.

Even though they were not fearless in the face of death, they were relatively calm.

On the other hand, Blondie was a slave in the Xie Clan. Because he was talented, Xie Tianyu chose to train him and keep him by his side.

All these years, he had been to many events and gained plenty of exposure. However, this was the first time that he was on someone’s chopping block.

As he saw Chu Yu saunter towards him, he burst into tears.

"Don’t kill me... don’t kill me, I’m begging you!" With a thump, he knelt down in front of Chu Yu, "as long as you don’t kill me, I’ll do anything for you!"

"Xie Tianyu sent you to kill me?" Chu Yu questioned, frowning.

"Yes, yes it was Master Yu... no, it was that ba*tard Xie Tianyu who sent us to kill you." Blondie stammered.

Chu Yu looked disdainfully at blondie, disappointed: Not all lackeys serving the scions of big factions were painfully loyal.

Some of them were like blondie, so afraid of death they would sell out their bosses.

"Then do you know whose men were on Mount Tai?" Even though Chu Yu had gained plenty of information from Zuo Zong, he wanted to verify the information with Blondie.

"Fang... Fang Hu, it was Fang Hu, a gang leader in the Qi Lu area. Those were his men..." Blondie knew quite a lot; he was clearly a confidante to Xie Tianyu.

Chu Yu nodded his head. He was very sure now that the mastermind behind the ambush on Mount Tai was Xie Tianyu. The executors over on Tai Shan were Zuo Zong and Qiao De, two lieutenants in the Black Tiger Gang.

After confirming the information, Chu Yu stared icily at Blondie.

Blondie was horrified, but before he could beg for his life, Chu Yu flicked his finger and a small stone penetrated his brain.

He could not leave any of these people alive!

Else news of his recovery would be exposed within moments.

Afterwhich, Chu Yu found a suitable piece of land to bury all 5 bodies.

Just like how he dealt with Zuo Zong’s and Qiao De’s bodies, Chu Yu ensured that they were buried deep in the ground and put in place several measures. This ensured that even the police dogs would be unable to find any trace of them.

Just as Chu Yu was preparing to leave, a clear crisp voice came from the canopy.

"Ha, I saw you murder all those people!"


A terrifying force exploded from Chu Yu’s body

With his palm, he punched in the direction of the sound.


All the trees in that direction instantly turned to ashes!


A grey sparrow, no bigger than a palm flew towards the sky from that direction.

As it flew, it cawed, "F*ck, you’re trying to silence a bird!"

Chu Yu was speechless, "..."

It was a sparrow, but how could sparrows speak?

Chu Yu frowned, without knowing how to fly, there was no way he could chase up to this bird. But if he let it just fly away like that, it could very well reveal his secret to the world.

Ever since the Earth’s Magnetic Field was changed and its poles reversed, many animals became extremely intelligent overnight.

Having ingested many spiritual medicines and herbs, they were able to harness their Acupoints and gain immense strength and intelligence.

Some of the animals who were capable of cultivation prior to the pole reversal became even more terrifying after.

This sparrow must belong to one of these groups.

Chu Yu raised his head to look at the sparrow circling overhead. He had two tiny stones clasped in his hand. His face betrayed some sinister thoughts as he calculated the probability of knocking it from the air.

"F*ck, you little b*stard, why would you use such underhand means? If it wasn't for the fact that I am fast, I would have died to your palm!" The sparrow flapped its wings and circled ahead.

"You b*tch, what are you still doing here... scram!" Chu Yu squinted and used his third eye to look at the sparrow.

What he saw gave him the fright of his life. It was unbelievable! This thing, no bigger than his palm, had actually attained Acupoint Charging Stage Seven!

This was no ordinary animal!

Any lifeform capable of Stage Seven in this world could be considered a little demon.

At this point, the sparrow circling above sneaked an attack, morphing into a bolt of lightning and rocketed for Chu Yu’s belly.

"F*ck you!" the Lord Thief screamed with coldness, almost as if it was a different bird altogether.

An unstoppable wave of force gushed from its body, smashing the surrounding trees to smithereens,

Its tiny beak shimmered with a cold light and its sharp tip was aimed straight at Chu Yu’s eyes.

If it did impact his eye, even a Acupoint Charging Level Nine Expert would be blinded by such an attack.

What a vicious bird!

How cunning and barbaric!

It was fortunate that Chu Yu was of a higher cultivation level. Else, he would have been caught by the bird’s sneak attack.

In the eyes of Chu Yu, the sparrow’s movement were clear as day; it was extremely fast, and would not lose to the average Acupoint Charging Stage Eight martial artist.

The terrifying power of Acupoint Charging Stage Seven was being fully exploited by this little bird.

Yet Chu Yu was no longer the trash who could see but could not react!

Chu Yu whipped his arm around and slapped the sparrow out of the sky!

He managed to connect his attack first despite having moved after the bird.

This was the difference in power!



The attack had contacted even before the sound had reached the bird.

The sparrow was knocked like a cannonball kilometers away by Chu Yu’s attack and landed with a loud thud.

It grasped its wings, struggling to stand up on its feet.

Chu Yu was there in an instant, and was surprised at the strength of the Lord Thief. How could it be that his slap did not kill it?

"Ouch, god damn it, it hurts so much, F*ck you... you b*stard... how could you use such underhand means. Even though it was injured, it was still shooting its mouth off.

Yet, very quickly, it shut up.

A large shadow loomed over it. For a small animal like the sparrow, Chu Yu was like a mountain.

"Aiyo, brother, master! Please don’t kill me, we are one family! Why won’t you stop killing?" The sparrow’s tone became extremely soft, almost as if it was reuniting with a long lost kin.

Chu Yu stared at the bird, mouth agape and thought to himself "Is this really just a bird?"

[1] A humming sound.
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