Chapter 81: Crippling Zuo Datong

Chapter 81: Crippling Zuo Datong

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Zuo Datong was extremely frustrated, even slightly confused, everything was going well and all the advantages were with him!

How did it all go south all of a sudden?

They had eyed the Crane Saint’s legacy in Song Hong’s possession, and they tried ways and means to get the relevant news from Xiao Yue.

They didn’t expect that Song Hong would deliver himself to their doorstep!

Logically, they should be thanking their lucky stars for such a break.

In the end...

The entire Qing Qiu had been decimated!

Even thousands of years ago, when Qing Qiu went to the underworld to rescue Su Daji and caused a lot of trouble, they had only suffered a slight hit to their core energies, nothing of this magnitude!

The Qing Qius, the legendary fox ancestral land, had been thrown into chaos by a single person.

How damned!

The wind howled outside.

Chu Yu and Xiao Yue hid in the hills behind Qing Qiu calmly.

They had hid in a cave above the abyss. This place was a dead end, and there was no way of seeing it from the cliff.

Even if you stood at the other end of the abyss, the line of sight would be blocked by the rising, thick mist.

The cave was extremely wide, and in the heart of it was a spiritual spring. Spring water dripped into a two meter squared natural pond.

"Even master does not know about this place, it probably belonged to one of the Qing Qiu ancestors."

"Once, when I was playing around, I found this place by accident. I thought that it was pretty nice so I took it as my little secret space."

As Xiao Yue spoke, her voice drifted and she looked at some of the furnishings in the room, visibly shy.

There were all sorts of dolls and soft toys of many shades of pink...

Xiao Yue’s injuries were rather severe, but after Chu Yu gave her some medicinal pills to take, she perked up visibly.

When dealing with Chu Yu, she was no longer as aloof.

She began boiling a pot of water and took out her tea making set, and poured Chu Yu a cup.

At the same time, she began to tell Chu Yu about the backstory of Qing Qiu’s infighting.

"The Sect Leader is relatively young, he is a true Heaven’s Pride talent!"

"In my generation, he is one of the most outstanding. Even though the Invigorated Meridian martial artists in Qing Qiu look young, they are already many decades old."

"Not only does the Sect Leader have a high cultivation level, his battle prowess is awe inspiring, and he has done much research into magical formations. The large protective formation that protects the Qing Qiu ancestral land was activated by him. Even though it is only less than 0.01% of its initial effectiveness, it is sufficient for the current era."

"He frequently goes out to cultivate, and look for monuments left behind from the ancient era. Many of these monuments have just begun to reveal themselves in the recent years, together with the rise in spiritual energy. That’s why he has been going out more often."

"In order to make Qing Qiu stronger, he has gone on many expeditions, however, the two deputies have always had ill intentions. This time, the Sect Leader was gone for too long..."

As Xiao Yue explained the situation to him, Chu Yu begun to understand the root cause of this internal struggle in Qing Qiu.

As an ancient legacy, Qing Qiu had a solid foundation.

Since the ancient times, the Qing Qius had a superior medicinal field in a pocket dimension despite a lack of spiritual energy!

It could produce a large amount of superior spiritual medicine, except at a much slower rate as compared to if there was sufficient spiritual energy.

Qing Qiu also had many experienced Pill Refining Masters even though the pills they refined were no where near those of the ancient eras.

However, in the current day and age, they were considered superior medicinal pills!

As such, since the ancient era, there has always been a strong cultivator keeping watch over the pocket dimension.

Chu Yu was filled with respect, these were no rumors, they were facts!

In actuality, all these years, Chu Yu had been thinking if the rumors from recent history were started by the powerful individuals from the pocket dimensions.

Xiao Yue looked at Chu Yu, "In fact, in those pocket dimensions of the ancient schools, there exists many powerful cultivators. There are talents in every age. As these talents are matched with powerful pills and large amounts of resources, there was even a batch of True Lords in the cultivation world’s recent history! There were even reports of a saint!"

Chu Yu could not help but take in a breath of cold air, attaining the True Lord Realm would make someone near divine.

For example, the famous True Lord Er Lang in Chinese history!

As for Saints, Chu Yu thought of Confucius and the Superclass.

When Chu Yu mentioned True Lord Er Lang, Xiao Yue laughed, "True Lord Yang Jian was not just the only one, there were some during the Shang Dynasty, as well as the Early Tang Dynasty. The only issue was we lost track of them after that. Maybe they had broken to higher realms, or maybe, they had left our world in search for a higher level of cultivation..." Xiao Yue’s knowledge of these things was limited. However, she did say that even though the world had been sealed, there were still many superior talents in history.

Some of these talents could still find a way to cultivate despite the lack of spiritual energy!

According to what Xiao Yue told him, the Qing Qiu sect leader was definitely a talent worthy of Heaven’s Pride.

However, he was too liberal and too trusting of his subordinates!

This allowed Zuo Datong and Liu Wucheng to start a rebellion after he disappeared for half a year.

"For ancient schools and underworld clans alike, including yours, the strongest warriors have never entered society."

Xiao Yue looked at Chu Yu and whispered, " Since the world has recovered its spiritual energy, the pocket dimensions, with their spiritual energy concentrating magical formations, would have even thicker and saturated spiritual energy!"

Chu Yu nodded and smiled bitterly. In the pocket dimension outside the Chu Clan, there were no powerful individuals.

After millions of years, that place was like a secluded oasis.

There were a few hundred thousand occupants, and it ran like a reclusive country.

However, in the past 30 years, there was a good chance they had managed to get a few Heaven’s Pride talent.

However, he did not think that there would be any especially strong individuals, at most... they could be in the Xiantian realm.

This should be the case for majority of the underworld clans.

Possibly, the stronger ancient clans may have more resources to pump into them and let them progress further.

"For us, we are actually just explorers. To put it nicely, we are returning to our ancestral lands to rebuild and restore it to its former glory. To put it bluntly, we were just sent out to take point. "

Xiao Yue stood up and walked to the cave entrance and said softly, "With the increase in the spiritual energy, as well as the reappearance of the ancient monuments, I believe that it would not take long before a large number of highly skilled individuals walk the Earth once again."

Chu Yu’s spirits darkened when he heard the news.

As the ancient clans began to enter society bit by bit, Chu Yu had already begun to feel it.

After hearing what Xiao Yue said, Chu Yu was slightly pressured but still calm.

"This is why Zuo Datong and Liu Wucheng want to be in power. The real Elders of Qing Qiu do not really care about who is the leader. They care more about who can give them more benefits..."

Xiao Yue sighed and looked back, smiling at Chu Yu, "Teacher’s methods and abilities today are reminiscent of the Heaven’s Pride in the ancient days. However, this time, Xiao Yue implicated teacher, and I feel guilty about it."

Over here, she finally dared to call Chu Yu her teacher.

"If I were in danger, wouldn’t you do the same?" Chu Yu looked at Xiao Yue and smiled lightly.

"Mm, definitely!"

Xiao Yue’s expression was filled with determination. She quickly became anxious, "I wonder how my master is now, speaking of which, I really want to go into the abyss to search for my master."

Chu Yu shook his head, "Don’t be rash. Even though I don’t really understand the abyss here, but according to you, this isn’t a place to be trifled with."

Xiao Yue had just told Chu Yu that in the ancient era, some of the Supreme Realm cultivators who entered did not make it out.

Back then, there was an extremely strong cultivator who entered the abyss. When he returned, he was covered in injuries. All he said was, "The abyss is linked to another pocket dimension." Afterwards, there was an order that banned anyone from exploring the abyss.

"I know that, I just hate myself for being so weak."

Xiao Yue was slightly depressed, but she quickly picked her spirits up and smiled, "That’s right, how about we steal some medicine from the medicinal field?"

"Steal medicine?" Chu Yu looked at Xiao Yue.

Xiao Yue nodded seriously, "Now that the Sect Leader’s location is unknown, and the Qing Qiu ancestral land is in the hands of scums, if they get to the medicine, it would just be like fitting wings on a tiger."

She looked at Chu Yu, "Doesn’t teacher have the Crane Saint’s legacy? Even though these medicines have not been aged much, but at least... they can be used as practice!"

"Are you sure?" Chu Yu was slightly astonished.

If he wasn’t sure of Xiao Yue’s character, he may have even thought that she was still trying to harm him.

"Definitely!" Xiao Yue was determined.

"If we steal the spiritual medicine from the medicinal field, Zuo Datong will puke blood. He knows that when the powerful figures from Qing Qiu return, they will definitely interrogate him!" Xiao Yue hated Zuo Datong and his gang to the core. As long as she could create trouble for them, she would stop at nothing.

"What if... your Sect Leader returns?" Chu Yu asked.

"It’s ok, they’ll just replant them! The Sect Leader has a way of dealing with those powerful people." Xiao Yue said confidently, "But Zuo Datong and those scums, definitely don’t have that ability!"

"If that is the case..." Chu Yu frowned, "But, do we have a method of accessing it?"

"The defences at the medicinal field are bound to be at their weakest now, I have a special route that will lead us there. That was a route that the Sect Leader told my master, and one that my master subsequently passed to me!"

Xiao Yue grinned and said contentedly.

"But... I don’t have the fire for refining pills." Chu Yu’s lips pressed together and his spirits dampened.

"Ay? Can’t spiritual wood work?" Xiao Yue looked at Chu Yu, shocked. Then as if she thought of something, she took a deep breath and said, "I forgot, teacher has a Saint’s legacy, a normal fire... wouldn’t work."

Chu Yu smiled bitterly, "That’s right."

"Let me think..." Xiao Yue scrunched her eyebrows and thought for a moment. Then she said rather hesitantly, "I remember that the Sect Leader once said that deep inside Qing Qiu, there is a place... with an extraordinary fire. That fire has spiritual properties, one needs to be affirmed by the fire in order to retrieve it, else... there’ll be immense danger!"

"Hmm?" Chu Yu looked at Xiao Yue.

Xiao Yue continued, "That ball of fire was likely to have been left behind by one of Qing Qiu’s ancient pill refining masters. It has always been in the ancestral land. Over the years, many Qing Qiu disciples have attempted to retrieve it, but they have all failed. Even the Sect Leader... was not successful."

"What kind of consequences come with failure?" Chu Yu looked at Xiao Yue, visibly tempted.

"If you are a Qing Qiu disciple, there’s unlikely to be any big issue. Although you will be burnt, it will not kill you. But for an outsider... I can’t say for sure."

Chu Yu thought deeply for a moment and said, "Do you have a way to get close to it without alerting anyone?"

Xiao Yue nodded, "This one I do have!"

As she spoke, a look of pride began to fill her face, "No matter what, I grew up here, Zuo Datong and the others don’t know this place as well as me!"

Chu Yu laughed, "Were you a little fox running around here when you were little?"

"Hmph! Teacher, watch your behavior!" Xiao Yue rolled her eyes.


Early the second morning, Qing Qiu’s acting Sect Leader Zuo Datong was driven crazy by a piece of news.

He spit out a mouthful of blood.

He was hopping mad!

The most superior medicinal field in Qing Qiu’s ancestral land had been robbed. All the spiritual medicine was gone... in one night!

Yes, exactly, all of them!

More than ten thousand sprouts!

It was said that the scene would bring anyone to tears.

The entire medicinal field had been wiped clean, not a single hair was left!

Amongst them were a few spiritual medicines that only existed in legends!

Even though they weren’t aged very long, they were aged at least 30 years, and the value of these medicines were astronomically high.

They carried with them the responsibilities of thousands of years of Qing Qiu pill refning.

Now they were all gone.

The thief was too vicious!

Wasn’t this just trampling the treasures? This was clearly a way to bring harm upon someone else!

Even though such young spiritual medicines did have medicinal property, there was no way of harnessing its full potential. It could not even harness 10% of its potential!

This guy had effectively shattered 30+ years of Qing Qiu’s effort.

30 years did not account for much in the grand scheme of things, it was maybe a small wave in the ocean.

But for the people of QIng Qiu, the sadness and anger that came from having 30 years of effort go down the drain was inexplicable.

The crux of the issue was that the seeds of some of these superior medicines were extremely rare. After they had been dug out, Qing Qiu had no more of them.

Initially, when something like this happens, the pressure would be on the missing Qing Qiu Sect Leader.

Now however, the pressure had been shifted to the acting Sect Leader, Zuo Datong.

He could imagine, in the near future, when those Qing Qiu elders from the pocket dimension come over and realize that the spiritual medicines are still in their infancy, as well as the disappearance of several top grade, rare spiritual medicine, the faces of the elders.

"Ahahahahah, Song Hong... I will never let you off!"

"Xiao Yue... you traitor, I announce that you have been kicked out of Qing Qiu, and shall be hunted down by the entire Qing Qiu."

"If you have descendants, they will also be the victims of the QIng Qiu chase, ahahahahah, I won’t stop till I die... I won’t stop till I die!"
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