Chapter 87: Zhao Mantian

Chapter 87: Zhao Mantian

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What the?

Chu Yu was genuinely unable to keep up with Zhao Mantian’s train of thoughts.

He felt that his logic was pretty screwed, but compared to this guy in front of him, he was still lacking.

This change of topic was simply… just like that Great Demon Sage Sun Wukong, traversing 108,000 li in a single leap!

Xiao Yue also had difficulty keeping up with with Zhao Mantian’s thoughts. Although she was rather aware of Mantian’s leaps of logic since she was young, she was still astonished that he was still capable of such feats even after he had become a Supreme Realm expert.

Zhao Mantian looked towards the two of them and said, "Are you guys unwilling?" The two of them didn’t say anything, but judging from their facial expressions, they looked rather unwilling.

"F*ck, have I not shown enough sincerity?"

"I’m a dignified and young Supreme Realm expert, and an esteemed sect leader. I’m willing to become sworn brothers with a young chap like you, yet you’re still unhappy?"

While Zhao Mantian carefree, he was also proud to his core.

Of course, he wouldn’t say such things to other people.

Chu Yu immediately revealed a foolish expression, and explained with a bitter smile, "No, it is not that I am unwilling, it is just that I feel *coughs* that this was too sudden."

"As long you are willing, it is fine!" Zhao Mantian heaved a sigh of relief. He managed to save his pride.

"Alright, as the oldest, I’m number one. Chu Yu, you are number two. Hu Xiaoyue, you’re number three!" Zhao Mantian exclaimed in a single breath.

"Phoom!" He knees went straight to the ground. He then leered at the two of them, "What are you two still standing around for? Kneel!"

Chu Yu and Xiaoyue glanced at each other, the corners of their mouths started twitching as they went to kneel on the ground.

On the surface, they looked like they were forced. In fact, they were swearing continuously in their hearts.

However, it was definitely not a loss to have such a sworn brother!

Xiaoyue’s eyes sparkled.

Hu Xiaoyue!

She could finally bear the surname Hu!

Just like that, Chu Yu muddleheadedly swore the sibling’s oath with Xiaoyue and Zhao Mantian. The entire process was dramatic.

Even the illogical Zhao Mantian would not expect that this event would have a great impact in the future.

Since he found Chu Yu pleasing to the eye and a man worthy to befriend.

He was actually a very simple man, being a master martial artist and strategist, he tends to let his guard down to those people he found pleasant.

These are characteristics that Chu Yu shares.

This was what they called ‘fate’.

There are people who have known one another for decades and yet they are just merely acquaintances. And then, there are those who just met once and it was as though they had known each other for a lifetime.

Waiting for the ‘lost’ Chu Yu to stand up, the smiling Zhao Mantian came over and said, "Younger brother, later I will help you find your elixir but first you have to help me refine some immortal medicine!"


Chu Yu became speechless and awkward. However, he was very curious and asked Zhao Mantian, "Why don't you just snatch the sage’s inheritance from me?"

"Wouldn’t that be simpler?"

"I’m not that kind of person!"

With a prideful expression, Zhao ManTian said righteously, "I have my inheritance, although it is not that of a sage, but it does not differ much. Then again, someday, I’ll become a sage, and my inheritance… would be a sage’s inheritance! Why do I even bother to snatch from others to learn?"

In awe, ChuYu felt that this brother of his is not only hilarious and wild, he was a very proud person as well.

"Becoming a sage? That is a great aspiration!"

"Then again, it is meaningless, the world is full of fantastic things, how is it possible for me to attain all of it?"

Zhao Mantian looked at Chu Yu, "If you are short of character, a man with flaws in your values, I will not hesitate to kill you. I am a person with little misgivings, whatever wrong I see, I kill mindlessly! In this lifetime, If you cannot live life to the fullest, why bother living? If I were to meet someone I find admirable, sacrificing myself is never a question!"

Towards Zhao Mantian, Chu Yu cupped his fist, "I have been taught well!"

"Hahaha, Old Two [1] Chu Yu, this is merely my perspective on life, please don’t be affected by it, attaining the sage inheritance definitely leads to a bright future. You have your own path!" Zhao Mantian laughed heartily and patted Chu Yu’s shoulder.

"*Coughs*, call me brother is fine, Old Two sounds weird." Chu Yu says with a serious tone.

"Old Two… Little Brother [1]… *Coughs*, Second Brother you are right!" Zhao Mantian whispered, with a weird face. As he felt that the culture today is very difficult to comprehend, a small mistake could deface the actual meaning.

"The two of you... please watch your words." Xiaoyue blushed and reminded them.


Both Chu Yu and Zhao Mantian began laughing.

Thereafter, Zhao Mantian said, "Since we have already sworn, me being the oldest it is only customary to give you guys gifts."

"Big Brother...Don’t be like this." Chu Yu immediately rejected.

"I am just borrowing from the Flower Buddha." Zhao Mantian laughed and gave Chu Yu the sword he was holding, "This sword is remarkable, it is at the very least at the supreme realm level, it’s yours! This will be the sword you will now use…"

Zhao Mantian have not finished his sentence, Chu Yu grabbed the sword steadily, "What’s wrong!"

"Alright...since you insist." Zhao Mantian scratched his head and continued, "right, there is a problem, everyone thinks that this sword has fallen into the abyss…...ok, when you use it, don’t leave anybody alive.

"Uh…Ok." Chu Yu gave a forced smile and nodded his head earnestly and threw the sword into his storage ring.

He did not feel any difficulty in holding the sword, after all it was just only a sword?

If Elder Yue and his group of people knew that Chu Yu was able to hold the sword at ease, they will be shocked.

Xiaoyue looked towards Zhao Mantian and asked, "Where is my gift?"

"You already have the sage’s inheritance... alright, I will transfer you the Nine Tail Lightning Fox cultivation technique!" Zhao Man tian exclaimed. He was not worried that Chu Yu heard their conversation, the thing is Chu Yu was unable to learn this technique.

This is a technique that only demons can master!

At the top, the two groups of people are still fighting.

Down below, Zhao Mantian swiftly transferred the technique to Xiaoyue.

Unable to maintain his curiosity, Chu Yu asked, "Big Brother, since you knew of Xiaoyue’s heritage, then why did you teach her the human cultivation technique in the past?"

"Don’t mention it..." Zhao Mantian said with a bitter smile, "I was tricked by someone else!"

He continued and his face darkened, he told Chu Yu that he only found the Nine Tail Lightning Fox technique recently. The technique allowed him to break into the king’s realm at an accelerated pace. Thereafter, with some miracles, he broke into the supreme realm.

"In the past, I wasn’t as knowledgeable as I am now. Back then, an Elder from outside the areas of Qing Qiu gave Xiaoyue part of the technique. Seeing how powerful it was, I didn’t think much of it. Knowing that Xiaoyue was trapped, it was too late already."

Zhao Mantian sighed and looked towards Xiaoyue and said bitterly, "Soon after, I found out that that old man had a feud with Xiaoyue’s parents."

"What?" Xiaoyue’s face turned pale and whispered, "But my parents are already…"

Zhao Mantian shook his head, "It’s difficult to say, back then they were only missing, similar to your master, Elder Du... We do not know if they are still alive"

"Is it true" Xiaoyue eyes glimmered with hope.

Zhao Mantian nodded, "Don’t keep your hopes up, but one day when we become stronger, we will search for them. That’s a promise…"

Xiaoyue interrupted, "As long as they are still alive, I will find them! Even if they are dead, I will bury their remains back at Qing Qiu."

Zhao Mantian nodded, with a sad look in his eyes.

There are many stories in our ancient heritage that are filled with vicissitudes of life.

Subsequently, all of a sudden he gave Chu Yu and Xiaoyue a wink that indicates for them to be quiet.

The two noticed that the noise from the fighting on the cliff above has suddenly disappeared.

Soon after, they heard the cries of Zuo Datong, "Ancestor, since you are here, please make a decision for Qing Qiu! We the people of Qing Qiu have never been so terribly ashamed. Letting a bunch of outsiders to break our great mountain formation and the mountain door…"

In the crowd, a martial artist from the Invigorated Meridian Stage weakly explained, "We didn’t destroy the mountain door…"


For a moment, exclamations can be heard at the top.

That person died!

"Please continue." a calm old voice said.

Above, Zuo Datong lamented, "The sect leader went missing for a long time, no one is able to make any decisions for Qing Qiu. Elder Du quelled the traitors. Under the leadership of Liu Wucheng and him, the group managed to calm down.

However, he never expected that Song Hong would barge into Qing Qiu, abduct Xiaoyue, and even kill Defender Liu Wucheng…

"Shameless!" Xiaoyue uttered this word through her gritted teeth as her face turned pale with anger.

Zhao Mantian shook his head slightly towards her, indicating that she was slightly impatient.

Chu Yu also did likewise, he believed that according to Zhao Mantian’s character, he will not let Zuo Datong off.

Now they were just making use of him.

When the situation settles down and Zhao Mantian officially returns to the Qing Qiu, that would be the day that Zuo Datong dies. The best outcome would be that he is thrown into the abyss.

Xiaoyue understood but she really hated people like Zuo Datong.

Zuo Datong even lied towards his own faction. Eventually, he even reported on his own direct disciples.

When this elder from Qing Qiu heard this, he laughed coldly, then said indifferently, "Zuo Datong, the internal affairs of Qing Qiu can be discussed later. Now, let’s handle the matter in front of us.

On the cliff, a grey robed man of unfathomable age, stood with his hands behind his back. He emanated a heavy aura, causing everyone to be unable to move.

He looked at the group of martial artists and said, "Select a few representatives and contact your respective schools. Pick a time to discuss about the compensation, then think about leaving Qing Qiu! For this period of time, I will be here! I would like to see the old fogeys behind you still cared about their pride. Or are you saying that the people of Qing Qiu are easily bullied."

After saying this, the elder of Qing Qiu turned and walked away.

Zuo Datong head full cold sweat followed behind.

The disciples of Qing Qiu ‘cleared’ the people on the cliff.

This piece of land had finally return to silence.

Until this moment, Zhao Mantian heaved a sigh of relief, whispered with a slight frown, "The one who came was Elder Hu Sheng…"

He did not continue, instead he smiled deeply.

After which, he turned towards Chu Yu and smiled, "Ok, the crisis is over!"

"Big Brother is awesome!" Chu Yu was in awe of Zhao Mantian’s tactics.

"The more you get attacked by people, the more formidable you become." Zhao Mantian sighed, and shook his head with a bitter smile. He turned to both Chu Yu and Xiaoyue, "Third Sister stay here, I will personally instruct you for this period of time. Second Brother return to Dragon City, and concentrate on your training, hurry and raise your level!"

Chu Yu nodded his head as he knew it was time to return.

"For this short period of time stop using the name Song Hong." Zhao Mantian laughed, "Perhaps one day we could still use that name. By then, we will be afraid of nobody!"

Zhao Mantian told Chu Yu as the world resumed its recovery, those people from the outside will soon come.

"They are very strong but they are not the scariest things." Zhao Mantian said, "The truly scary ones are those outside of this world!"

"Those outside of this world?" Chu Yu frowned.

Zhao Mantian pointed to the sky, "The solar system… and the universe beyond."

[1] In Mandarin, these words refer to the penis.
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