Chapter 88: Uneven

Chapter 88: Uneven

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When Chu Yu returned to the Dragon City, he used the Facebook Technique to take on the appearance of an ordinary man and sneakily returned to his villa.

Upon opening the door, he saw a scene that made him want to laugh and cry at the same time. Old Yellow and Lord Thief were actually watching an old cartoon - Tom and Jerry!

And they were so engrossed in it!

"This cat is so dumb, unbelievably dumb!" Lord Thief mocked, "It is being toyed by that tiny mouse, if this was me, I would knock the mouse into the air with a single slap!"

Old Yellow laughed coldly in disdain, "You clearly don’t know what playing cat and mouse means!"

Upon hearing the door open, the two animals turned their head and looked at the incoming Chu Yu. Lord Thief flew over and said with surprise, "Old Yellow, there’s actually a hostage who came to present himself?"

Old Yellow rolled its eyes and mumbled, "Hostage my *ss, he is Chu Yu!"

"Hmm?" Lord Thief was stunned, then thought about it.

It looked at Old Yellow depressingly, "How did you know?"

"Guess." Old Yellow said flatly.

Lord Thief rolled its eyes.

Chu Yu saw both of their expressions return to normal.

Then, Chu Yu looked at Lord Thief with surprise, "Your cultivation level has risen?"

Lord Thief raised his head and chuckled, "How? Small Yu, do you finally know my power?"

Small Yu?

Chu Yu stared at Lord Thief and laughed coldly, "You’re already so cocky when you’re only at Acupoint Charging Stage 10?"

Old Yellow glanced at Lord Thief from the side, shook its head and sighed, "How uncultured, how scary! Little sparrow, don’t you ever watch the news?"

Lord Thief stiffened and replied, "How can the news be nicer to watch than cartoons?"

Old Yellow looked at Lord Thief resenting Lord Thief’s ineptness and said earnestly, "Learn! You must learn! Only by learning can one keep improving! Don’t you know, boss Chu can even kill advanced Invigorated Meridian Realm... no, even Xiantian Realm cultivators?

Lord Thief was stunned and looked at Chu Yu in disbelief.

Chu Yu laughed bitterly, "Nonsense, I am still no match for Xiantian cultivators."

"Could it be fake news?" Old Yellow blinked its eyes and sighed, "There are so many rumors, how good would it be if it were true though?"

As Old Yellow spoke, it shook the remote control and extended his other claw to press a few buttons. In that instant, a newspaper channel appeared on the screen.

Old Yellow pointed at it, "Look, Hero Song Hong fell to his death, and brought a group of Xiantians with him!"

It pointed again, "Look, Hero Song is extremely righteous, even though he had dragged the Chu Clan through the mud, those mistakes are forgivable!"

Chu Yu looked at the news that Old Yellow picked out.

"What is Song Hong’s actual cultivation level?"

"Where is the mysterious hero Song Hong from?"

"Song Hong’s fall has caused everyone to be distraught. Why can’t our cultivation world have more people with such heroic characters? Why does everyone value the brutality of the cultivation world? Power is respect? Why can’t everyone coexist peacefully?"

Chu Yu smiled, he knew that the cloud of death that was hovering above his and the Chu Clan’s head had disappeared in a short time.

The gazes of others would be redirected very soon.

And this period of time, was the golden time for him and his clan to expand!

Chu Yu looked at Old Yellow, "Not bad, when did you make this?"

In this day and age, cultivation and technology coexist. However, there are powers resisting the expansion and advancement of technology in the dark, not wanting technology to reach a higher level.

However, the item in Old Yellow’s hand was not rare, it had existed decades ago.

Old Yellow was extremely proud, "Custom edition for wolves! How is it? Don’t you think my head looks like a cow’s genitals?"

Chu Yu looked at the top right corner of the projector and saw the proud face of the weasel. He nodded and said with thought, "Indeed!"

Old Yellow was stunned for a moment before replying Chu Yu, visibly depressed, "If it wasn’t for the fact that I can’t beat you, I would fight it out with you!"

Lord Thief was laughing his head off to the side.

Chu Yu looked at the two of them and asked flatly, "Do you all want to train with a saint’s technique?"



Lord Thief and Old Yellow both looked at Chu Yu, completely dazed.

After which, the two beasts replied in unison, "Yes!"

"Good, I will pass the saint’s teachings to you today!" Chu Yu’s expression was stern as he looked at Old Yellow and Lord Thief, "The teaching’s of a saint are for everybody. I hope that you will all remain honorable..."

Lord Thief replied, "Rest assured boss, I will always follow boss!"

Old Yellow blinked its eyes and stood up, bowing deeply to Chu Yu, "Thank you boss for passing a saint’s teachings on to me, from now on, I will follow your lead!"

Chu Yu was dazed, "I am not a gangster, why are you speaking like this is the mafia?"

"Hehe, there’s a good feeling when it’s said like that." Old Yellow bared his teeth.

"You all focus on training, as for me... I need to isolate myself too!"

As Chu Yu spoke, he had already decided that he would need to rush to the INvigorated Meridian Realm as soon as possible. Even though he was not weak, he was helpless when faced with Xiantians.

A peaceful cultivation world was merely an idealistic dream.

If you did not want to be bullied, the easiest way was to - be powerful!

The largest social media platform in China was already buzzing with news of what happened at Qing Qiu.

Countless people felt that Song hong’s death was a pity, and a lot of ancient legacies cursed Song Hong, because they had lost many Xiantian cultivators to him.

However, his detractors were drowned out by the power of billions of internet citizens.

Whenever they posted a few sentences to criticize Song Hong, they would be surrounded and attacked by countless people.

The internet was not like the real world, where you could simply confront someone and fight it out.

Keyboard warriors could easily challenge and even overpower an ancient legacy disciple.

However, in this process, Chu Yu could not help but also be mentioned.

Many were now curious if Chu Yu had recovered. If he had, what was his cultivation level now?

Furthermore, Song Hong had already dismissed the rumours that he and Chu Yu were senior and junior. Then, would he still pass the Crane Saint’s legacy to Chu Yu?

Many people guessed in secret, but majority of people thought that it was unlikely.

Even though Hero Song was extremely righteous and loyal, how could he give away something as important as a saint’s legacy so easily?

As such, the tone towards Chu Yu and the Chu Clan by the online citizens was civil and sympathetic.

They did not benefit much, and had nearly been annihilated as a result of this.

At the same time, they admired the Chu Clan for their steadiness.

Even in the face of strong and powerful opponents, the Chu Clan never caved in, and didn’t even try to explain themselves out of it!

They all thought that even though the Chu Clan was no ancient school, but the Northern Wolves courage and steadiness was admirable.

The events in Qing Qiu had also been leaked.

The people were not so kind towards Qing Qiu.

The web was filled with statements reprimanding Zuo Datong and the late Liu Wucheng.

"As the Qing Qiu deputies, you rebelled at a time where the Sect Leader’s fate is still unknown. Regardless of what era we’re in, people like you should be killed immediately!"

"Shot a hundred times!"

"Bro, guns may not work against them."

"Then we will tear them apart, smack their p*nises till they die!

"F*ck, this guy above me is too evil!"

"Innocent people won’t understand…"

"The kids should go home and read up on history, this is something that was done decades ago…"

As for the fact that the disciples of the ancient schools being held in Qing Qiu, it was widespread knowledge.

However, discussion of this on the internet was little.

Even if there was, it subsided quickly.

There were powers trying to suppress it.

This incident was too embarrassing!

Just as they were preparing to assimilate into society, something so embarrassing had happened.

These ancient schools did not even send their powerful people to resolve this issue. They immediately sent Qing Qiu large amounts of money and spiritual medicine as ransom to reclaim their disciples.

This could provide temporary respite from this incident. What would happen after would be a problem for another day.

After all, this feud has been formed.

The Qing Qiu ancestral land.

The Supreme Realm elder Hu Sheng looked at Zuo Datong kneeling in front of him and asked flatly, "Is what is being said outside real?"

Zuo Datong bawled, his expression pitiful as he choked, "Ancestors, slander, it is all slander! My body flows with fox blood, how can I bring myself to do something so evil? This is… this is Elder Du and his men, they were the ones who wanted to rebel, and they forced me and deputy Liu Wucheng to a corner…"

"You dare to speak rubbish in my presence? Do you believe that I will kill you with a single slap?" Elder Hu Sheng was expressionless, his tone icy.

Zuo Datong cowered. If a Supreme Realm cultivator wanted to kill him, he did not even need to take action himself, simply the notion would be sufficient to kill him.

"Tell me the truth, what is going on." Hu Sheng looked flatly at Zuo Datong.

"It’s… it’s like that." Zuo Datong did not dare to hide anymore, and confessed to how he, Liu Wucheng and elder Lu, together with their men, forged evidence to slander and punish Elder Du, who had been a thorn in their side.

"What you’re saying is, Zhao Mantian is dead?" Hu Sheng’s eyes flashed with light, his gaze dark and uncertain.

"Liu Wucheng and I gave him a piece of false information. That place is filled with danger, according to the ancient annals, even True Lord Realm cultivators do not dare to enter at will... there’s no way he could have survived." Zuo Datong kneeled and whimpered.


Hu Sheng said solemnly.

Zuo Datong shivered, not daring to make a sound.

The reason why he came clean with Hu Sheng instead of arguing to the end was because he had some insider information from previous years.

It was no secret that Zhao Mantian’s grandfather had a deep feud with elder Hu Sheng.

Qing Qiu was almost as big as a country!

Even though they were all of fox blood, many feuds have been formed as time went by.

They were not as united as what others think.

Hu Sheng replied solemnly, "You dare to rebel just based on a guess? Is your brain damaged?"


Even though he was being scolded, Zuo Datong heaved a sigh of relief internally.

He knew that elder Hu Sheng would definitely not kill him.

Hu Sheng continued, "You all have no idea how strong and powerful Zhao Mantian’s talents are! The highest cultivation levels possible to you are not even his training grounds! Don’t think that it is impossible, you all have not seen the powers of a descendant of the Nine Tailed Lightning Fox..."

"Zhao Mantian... is the bloodline of the Nine Tailed Lightning Fox?" Zuo Datong was aghast.

He had known that Zhao Mantian’s bloodline was pure, but he had no idea that Zhao Mantian was from such a superior, powerful bloodline.

Amongst the foxes, regardless of branch, any Nine Tailed bloodline was considered incredibly powerful!

Even though Hu Sheng, a Qing Qiu elder, had an immensely high standing in the sect, he still had to respect those of the Nine Tailed bloodlines!

Even if the other person was just an Acupoint Charging Realm Fox!

This was the rule of the foxes!

The importance of the bloodlines!

"There are many things that you do not know." Hu Cheng said coldly, "Also, Xiao Yue... is also of the Nine Tailed Lightning Fox bloodline!"

Oh god!

Zuo Datong was nearly paralyzed with fear.

This news shocked him more than finding out that Zhao Mantian was of the Nine Tailed Lightning Fox bloodline.

He had tried to bring harm to two of the Nine Tailed bloodlines!

In the world of foxes, this was an unforgivable sin.

In the ancient times, this would have been like a squire going on an assassination mission against the crown prince...

This was asking to be slaughtered!

"I beg Elder Hu Sheng to save my life!"

Zuo Datong lay flat on the floor, almost like a dog, wagging his tail.

"If you have already done this..." Just as Elder Hu Sheng spoke, someone walked in from outside. Hu Sheng’s voice trailed off as his eyes revealed his shock.
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