Chapter 10: Beat him!

Chapter 10: Beat him!

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As night fell, Yan Jing was still bustling with activity, lights lit the city and human and vehicular traffic alike showed no signs of abating.

As one of the world’s most prosperous cities, it never sleeps.

With the night sky as a backdrop, many rushed about lethargically. No matter what time it was, there was no shortage of people caught in the rat race, trying to fight for a more comfortable life.

By the same token, there were those who lived for the night life.

Castes exist regardless of era.

Xie Tianyu was sitting in a posh clubhouse having dinner with a few young gentlemen when he once again received news heart clenching news.

His five most trusted confidants disappeared after exiting the city this afternoon!

Their vehicle was found just outside the ten rings around Yan Jing, but they had all disappeared.

Xie Tianyu was shocked beyond belief and felt unparalleled rage.

The fate of Fang Hu’s lieutenants were of little matter to him, and their death would not trigger an emotional response from him.

However, these five people were his, his trusted confidants!

They had followed him around since young, and he had brought along these five men to Yan Jing since the inception of the Xie Clan. Even though their relationship was one between an owner and servants, they were very close.

Now, they were all missing, and no one knew if they were dead or alive... though they were more likely dead!

Else, with messaging as advanced as it is, there would have been news from them by now.

Anyone who could kill them even before they could send a message must be of Acupoint Charging Stage Seven and above, he feared.

Chu Yu... really had an expert by his side!

Damn it!

How could this happen?

Xie Tianyu’s heart bled for his men even as the rage in his heart burned like an inferno.

Yet, an undercurrent of fear always remained, giving his raging heart an uncomfortable touch of coldness.

He worried every time he thought about what the Chu Clan was capable of.

Yet, he did not want to show his fear, for fear that he would embarrass himself.

However, the people around the table were elites, and could tell with a single look that Xie Tianyu was out of sorts.

Xiao Yue, the beautiful lady from the courtyard, was also present. She sat at the side, wearing a light yellow dress which showed off her snow white skin, as beautiful as ever.

Xiao Yue glanced at Xie Tianyu, a look of disdain evident deep in her eyes.

If not for the fact that her elders had arranged for her to live at his house temporarily, she may have never given a second look to someone like him, much less interact with him.

Superficial, temperamental and extremely arrogant. She hated such people.

"Brother Tianyu, what happened?" a young male, about 23 years old, asked. He was rather handsome, but had deep eyebags and a pale face. He seemed slightly fake, almost as if he lived a life of overindulgence.

It was evident that he came from an influential family by the respect shown to him by the people around him.

The other people also looked at Xie Tianyu quizzically.

"Tianyu, is that anything that we can help with?"

"Yup, you can ask us for anything."

They were all very sincere in their offers.

Xie Tianyu was in a position of great influence in Yan Jing. He had influence over many people, be it officials or peasants. Even those who came from more influential families showed deference to Xie Tianyu.

Tonight’s dinner was hosted by Xie Tianyu and the turnout was great.

"Haha, nothing much, let’s keep drinking." Xie Tianyu smiled, unwilling to say any more on that matter.

He was not shallow, he had motives other than lust in his pursuit for Lin Shi Meng.

As for his personal vendetta against Chu Yu... no one could find out about it.

Even though the Chu Clan could not reach him in Yan Jing, the Xie Clan did not dare to throw their weight around. If one wanted to kill someone for no reason... he had better keep it a secret, or it may incite fear in others.

If you were so barbaric that you killed anyone who caused you a small inconvenience, no one would dare to have any dealings with you.

Xie Tianyu did not want such a reputation.

He had only dared to go after Chu Yu because Chu Yu was uncultivable trash, easy to kill. Furthermore, he had mistakenly thought that the Chu Clan had given up on Chu Yu!

He thought that killing an uncultivable person would not result in large consequences. Even if they did get angry, and come down on him, it would not be particularly harsh

No matter how vicious a pack of wolves were, they would not decide to go after another pack of wolves lightly.

Yet, he had finally begun to realize the folly of his ways!

Not only did the Chu Clan not give up on Chu Yu, they had increased his protection, having an expert follow him around!

God damn it, was it really worth it to protect an uncultivable individual with such assets?

Xie Tianyu was extremely indignant, yet he also felt a tinge of regret. He didn’t manage to kill Chu Yu, and it was likely that he had been revealed as the mastermind in the process. This transaction... was extremely disadvantageous.

Seeing as Xie Tianyu was unwilling to speak further on the incident, the others decided not to force the issue and changed the conversation topic.

Slowly but surely, the atmosphere livened up once again.


At this point, the cabin door was slammed open. It knocked against the wall, causing a huge "Bang!" to resonate through the room.

The people in the cabin were all given a fright, and looked anxiously in the direction of the door.

They were not ordinary people, yet this person could sneak up on them. This caused all of them to heighten their guard.

"Who are you? Don’t you know the rules? This is a private club!" A group of youths with deep seated eye bags and pale faces looked at Chu Yu from the corner of their eyes.

They didn’t continue berating him not because he was of high calibre, but because he had a keen eye.

He realized that the people here all dressed to the nines, but he too was not inferior to anyone!

What did strike the others as strange was the sparrow sitting on his shoulder.

The moment Xie Tianyu saw this person, his eyes widened and his mouth began to twitch with disbelief, almost like he had seen a ghost.

It was actually Chu Yu.

"Did you come to the wrong room my friend?" A youth in his late twenties, off to Tianyu’s side, asked flatly with nerves of steel.

He had recovered quickly from the little surprise of the door slamming open, but quickly recovered.

Chu Yu nodded at him, "I did not come to the wrong room, but I am not looking for you."

Another girl at the dinner table pointed at the sparrow on Chu Yu’s shoulder and guffawed, "I’ve seen people play with birds, but I have not seen anyone play with a sparrow, an ugly sparrow at that! Hahaha you are really quite the character!"

"F*ck you B*tch, you’re the ugly one, your whole family looks atrocious... people like you, won’t even be able to play with a bird your whole life!"

Even before Chu Yu could speak, the Lord Thief on his shoulder could not hold it in any longer and started firing off at the lady.

The words were extremely unbecoming of the situation, and the beautiful lady was shocked stiff by the barrage of words.

In that instant, many at the table had the urge to laugh, wondering where this bird had come from. How was its mouth so critical and sharp?

Yet, upon second thought, they decided to revert to their solemn look.

A sparrow who talks!

This was definitely a cultivated lifeform. Furthermore, with a mouth as damaging as this, it was definitely a highly spiritual animal.

This was definitely no ordinary bird!

The lady was initially stunned by the barrage, but when she recovered and understood what the Lord Thief had said, she flew into a murderous rage and bellowed at the sparrow, "do you have a death wish?"

The Lord Thief felt its blood boil as it thought of the stress and humiliation it faced. This was finally a chance for it to vent it out!

He squatted atop Chu Yu’s shoulder and laughed, "Does the lady want to play with birds?"


The pale faced young man could not control it any longer and burst out in laughter.

The others looked at the bird with judgemental eyes. It was incredibly uncouth, with an all too damaging mouth.

Even Xiao Yue could not resist the temptation to laugh, her face twitching briefly before she turned away.

The beautiful lady was filled with so much rage she almost vomited blood. First she looked at the laughing young gentleman with bloodshot eyes, before turning her gaze towards the Lord Thief as strong waves of energy emanated from her.

It could explode at any time!

From the moment Xie Tianyu saw Chu Yu, he was keenly aware that Chu Yu had come specially for him.

If he continued to act dumb now, and news of this spread, he would not be able to face anyone ever again.

At that moment, the lady who was about to explode with anger stood up and stared coldly at Chu Yu.

"Chu Yu, what are you doing here?"

He realized that Chu Yu did not bring any reinforcements, where did he get such confidence from?

Could it be that he was not actually ruined, and he had been acting for the past 16 years...

A disturbing premonition began to form in his heart.

Yet, at this moment, Chu Yu shouted, "Lord Thief, spank him!"

He was actually using that ugly bird to hit people?

Even if it was a strong spirit, it was just a sparrow, what was the most it could do?

Everyone began to find it increasingly ridiculous.

Even Xiao Yue, who was sitting quietly at the side, betrayed traces of surprise.

"Should I kill him?" the sparrow asked loudly as it squatted atop Chu Yu’s shoulder.

Upon hearing this, Xie Tianyu’s expression darkened considerably!

After all, he was one of the top 20 individuals on the Heaven’s Pride Board, how could he be mocked by an ugly little sparrow.

Chu Yu glanced at Xie Tianyu and sighed, "nevermind, just teach him a lesson, don’t actually kill him."

Xie Tianyu’s expression darkened further and he stared icily at Chu Yu, "you are courting death!"

"F*ck you!" the Lord Thief scolded. And then it attacked!

To be exact, it attacked with its wings!

The sparrow, no bigger than the size of a palm, flapped its wings and rocketed straight towards Xie Tianyu’s face.
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