Chapter 91: Burning the Silver Serpent

Chapter 91: Burning the Silver Serpent

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This silver serpent was too fast!

It was so quick, Chu Yu almost did not have time to react before its venomous fangs brushed by his face!

He could smell the stench coming from its mouth!

"You should brush your teeth!"

Chu Yu bellowed as he fired a lightning quick punch at the snake!

His fist collided with the serpent’s tail.

Chu Yu felt as if his fist had collided with a steel whip, hurting his fist to the bone!


The silver serpent fired two streams of venom. Its stench was extremely evident to Chu Yu.

Chu Yu’s vertical eye immediately responded with a wave of energy that formed a shield in front of Chu Yu.


The sound was akin to ice water being poured onto a hotplate.

The shield formed by his vertical eye was almost corroded by the venom!

Chu Yu was stunned!

If not for the shield from his vertical eye, he was likely to have been hit by the venom.

This silver serpent was terrifying!

Old Yellow immediately rescued Lord Thief and they watched from a distance, visibly shocked.

Old Yellow screamed, "Be careful!"

Seeing that its venom did not hit its target, the silver serpent was enraged and it hissed aggressively.

Without time for consideration, Chu Yu retrieved the replica Divine Punisher Blade and chopped ferociously at the silver serpent.


Even though the Divine Punisher Blade was a replica, its prowess was extremely terrifying!

Even Chu Yu did not expect that it would have such great power!

The blade had virtually robbed him of all the energy in his body!

A weapon of its stature could be considered a legitimate divine troop in the current era.

How could an equipment of such level be easy to control?

Even though Chu Yu could hold the weapon with ease, it sucked all the energy in his body when he tried to use it.

This was no ordinary suction, Chu Yu’s energy was emptied instantly!

Similarly, the glow from the blade was extremely glaring, and most people wouldn’t dare look it in the eye!

The silver serpent screamed in aghast, "What weapon is..."

Before it could finish, it was chopped into two by the Divine Punisher Blade.

For an ordinary snake, being chopped into two would not kill it. This terrifying silver serpent was even more so. Even though it had been chopped into two, it was still extremely aggressive.

The upper part of its body continued to attack Chu Yu.

At this point, Chu Yu already felt his body emptied of all energy.

The blade was too powerful.

Chu Yu thought to himself, miscalculation!

Who would have thought that the serpent still had such power despite being cut in half?

He kept the Divine Punisher Blade and retrieved the Immortal Crane Furnace. He used physical strength to raise the Immortal Crane Furnace and smashed it at the silver serpent.


A dull sound echoed out.

Chu Yu retreated a few steps.

Blood trickled out from the corner of his mouth.

The upper part of the silver serpent was like a bronze arm, completely unharmed by the impact.

At this point, both Old Yellow and Lord Thief rushed over.

They wanted to come and help.

Lord Thief’s speed was also relatively terrifying, and it flew straight at the serpent.

Old Yellow also managed to wield the ancient bronze blade given by Chu Yu and chopped right at the silver serpent.


A terrifying aura exploded from the silver serpent’s body.

That power was at the Xiantian realm!

Lord Thief and Old Yellow were instantly immobilised.

The silver serpent, only left with half its body, stared coldly at Chu Yu, "You will all die!"

At this point, Chu Yu was rather taken aback. He had not expected that this silver serpent was a Xiantian Realm lifeform.

Could it be... that the demons had already progressed to such a level?

Chu Yu found it difficult to believe.

He looked coldly at the severed silver serpent. Silver colored blood was still dripping from its wound.

"What are you doing out here instead of cultivating deep in the forest?" Chu Yu stared coldly at the silver serpent.

The silver serpent’s eyes fixated on the Immortal Crane Furnace in Chu Yu’s hands, "To take your legacy! That pill furnace is mine!"

"F*ck you!" Chu Yu was enraged. He thought to himself, What a ridiculous statement.

"You are stronger than I thought." The silver serpent said icily, "But you are destined to die!"

"Then come for me!" Chu Yu was unafraid as he stared coldly at the silver serpent.

However, he kept using the Killing Days Heart Technique, his 1000 acupoints manically absorbing the spiritual energy around him. At the same time, the heart meridian that he had broken through was also absorbing spiritual energy at an even faster rate.

All of the spiritual energy was transformed into spiritual power in his body and directed into his Dantian.


The silver serpent launched another attack at Chu Yu.

Its body radiated with a terrifying energy. The energy was in the Xiantian realm!

It was extremely ferocious, and Chu Yu’s injuries were aggravated with each impact.

In actual fact, the serpent’s strength lay not in its strike, but in its venom attack. However, it's previous attack had used up most of its venom. With the remaining venom, it had plans to inject it into Chu Yu at the most crucial moment.

Let him die a slow and agonizing death!

"That strike... must have used up all your energy?" The silver serpent mocked, "But that blade is not bad, that will be mine too!"


Chu Yu whirled the Immortal Crane Furnace and used all his remaining energy to smash at the silver serpent viciously.


A loud sound echoed out.

The silver serpent’s body was too tough, each scale was like a steel plate. It was almost like it's entire body was forged from metal.

The only reason why Chu Yu managed to sever it in half was because the Divine Punisher Blade was too powerful!

Under normal circumstances, Chu Yu was no match for this silver serpent.

Chu Yu felt like his hand was about to give way to the serpent’s attacks. His bones were on the verge of breaking.

However, this serpent seemed completely unaffected, even though it had only half its body, it was still terrifyingly powerful.

The surrounding vegetation had been turned to smithereens.

The earth was cracked in multiple places, the battle wrecking havoc all around.

Blood dripped from the corner of Chu Yu’s mouth, but his eyes were still filled with a will to fight.

There was no retreat, he had to fight!

Running away at this point was impossible.

Chu Yu looked at the silver serpent and thought of a strategy to counter it.

He remembered the ball of fire inside the pill furnace. He was ecstatic as he scolded himself, How could I forget about that fella?

This fire had great spiritual energy, and was extremely powerful. It could be effective against this serpent.

However, controlling the fire still baffled Chu Yu.

Even though he had learnt the Firebender technique, this ball of fire was extremely spiritual and willful.

However, he had no time to think and began to use the Firebender technique.


A terrifying ball of fire shot up almost a foot tall from the pill furnace!

This b*stard!

Chu Yu scolded in his heart, how disobedient.

However, coincidentally, in the moment that Chu Yu used the Firebender technique, the silver serpent opened its mouth and struck at his face.

It wanted to sink its fangs into Chu Yu’s face and inject its toxins into him, killing him!

It could tell that this human had no more energy, this attack was definitely going to work!

Who would have thought that in the moment it was about to make contact with Chu Yu, a peerlessly terrifying column of fire would rise into the air and burn its wound.


The silver serpent let out an earth shaking hiss in pain.

Its body burst into flames instantly!

A smell of burnt flesh wafted through the air!

It became a fire snake, fell to the ground and writhed.

Old Yellow and Lord Thief were completely stunned.

Chu Yu’s battle experience had always been accumulating. Upon seeing this, he reacted quickly to direct the ball of fire towards the silver serpent once again.

The silver serpent writhed for its life, slamming its body into the ground repeatedly, trying to extinguish the fire.

However, it was losing hope quickly, no matter how it writhed, the fire on its body burned aggressively.

When the flame came into contact with its blood, it seemed that its blood was fuelling the fire to burn even more intensely!

The magma fire started out rather uninterested, but quickly took to the serpent. Almost as if it had found itself a new toy, it burned the poor serpent without the need for Chu Yu to control it.

The entire area was quickly engulfed by the flame.

Even Old Yellow and Lord Thief, who were some distance away, could not help but retreat when faced with the raging flames.

Chu Yu stood there, unaffected. Even though he could feel the heat, the fire was not injuring him.

This was the benefit of the Firebender technique.

If a Firebender could be burnt by a flame, it would be like being knocked to death by Tofu.

Furthermore, the Firebending technique that Chu Yu trained in was a saint’s technique!

Else, based on the spiritual nature of this magma fire, an ordinary firebending technique would not elicit any reaction from it.

"What kind of fire is this... it’s burning me to death!" The silver serpent cried out in pain.

At this point, the magma fire morphed into a human figure, wielding a fiery sword in its hand and it hacked at the wide-eyed silver serpent.


One segment!


Another segment!

Kacha Kacha Kacha!

The meter long serpent was chopped into more than 10 pieces!

Each segment was engulfed in flames.

The smell of burnt meat was overpowering.

The silver serpent died such a wronged death!

How unfortunate!

Who could have thought that this human would have such a terrifying flame.

Even Chu Yu had no idea that the biggest counter to the silver serpent was fire!

It detested, and maybe even feared, an ordinary flame. Furthermore, Chu Yu’s ball of fire was a rare and powerful one.

The silver serpent roared with its final breath, "Chu Yu... if you kill me today, the demon race will never let you off!"

"I disagree!"

"I disagree too!"

Lord Thief and Old Yellow chimed in from a distance.

The silver serpent was probably angered to death and it died without making another sound.

The 10+ segments of the serpent burned viciously before finally being cremated into a pile of ashes.

After killing the silver serpent, the magma fire morphed back into a ball of fire and returned to the Immortal Crane Furnace.

Chu Yu slumped to the ground, panting,

At this point, his forehead was filled with sweat. He raised a hand to wipe it off and looked cautiously at the cremated silver serpent. He murmured, "Where did this thing come from?"

Lord Thief and Old Yellow walked to Chu Yu’s side and shook their heads, equally lost.

Lord Thief said, "This fella actually made a human his servant, how arrogant!"

"My role model!" Old Yellow said.

"Actually I would love that too!" Lord Thief nodded.

"You two jerks!" Chu Yu couldn’t help but roll his eyes.
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