Chapter 94: Heat it up in the microwave

Chapter 94: Heat it up in the microwave

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"You’re courting death!" Xie Zhangchun’s face blushed, like the steamed crab.

No one had ever dared to mock him like that, Chu Yu was the first!

The key point was, to the best of his knowledge… the guy in front of him was ruined!

He was mocked by uncultivable trash?

"I will make sure you die a horrible death!" Xie Tianyu looked viciously at Chu Yu.

The other Xie Clan martial artists looked on with interest.

They thought that Chu Yu did not know better, didn’t he know what kind of situation he was in?

Seeing their expressions, Chu Yu burst out in laughter.

"What are you laughing at?"

"You have the heart to smile when faced with death?"

"You really don’t know your limits!"

The few Xie Clan martial artists began to reprimand him.

Chu Yu looked at Xie Zhangchun, smiled and asked, "How old are you?"

"I am Forty-One this…" Xie Zhangchun stared at Chu Yu, his gaze cold, "Why are you asking this?"

"Where are you all from? Which clan? I do not have many enemies." Chu Yu asked flatly.

Song Hong had many enemies, but he had already fallen into the Qing Qiu abyss…

"Xie Clan."

Xie Zhangchun said arrogantly. He glanced icily at Chu Yu, "Are you done asking? If you are, you can go meet your maker."

"You’re so old, yet so dumb. Calling you an idiot would be complimenting you."

Chu Yu sighed, then attacked!

The nearest Invigorated Meridian martial artist to Chu Yu did not even have a chance to react.

Chu Yu’s fist impacted his heart. With a loud cry and a fountain of blood, he was killed, slumping to the ground.

Chu Yu was too fast, and he radiated with a powerful, intimidating aura, like that of a tiger hunting down its prey.

Xie Zhangchun was furious. He raged, "You sneak attack…"

"Calling you an idiot is really justified."

As Chu Yu spoke, he attacked two of the Xie Clan Invigorated Meridian martial artists.



Both the Invigorated Meridian Realm martial artists who were attacked by Chu Yu were killed instantly.

One got his throat shattered; the other had his entire chest smashed.

In the blink of an eye, Chu Yu had killed three Invigorated Meridian Realm martial artists.

The two remaining men were completely stunned.

These Invigorated Meridian Realm martial artists had just entered society not long ago.

Even though this was an era where everyone was a cultivator, most of the martial artists were in the elementary Acupoint Charging stages.

Invigorated Meridian Realm martial artists like themselves were considered true experts.

In the month that they were in the Dragon City, they did not see many Invigorated Meridian Realm martial artists.

They were all extremely confident as their egos got larger – they believed that they were true experts.

This changed upon meeting Chu Yu, someone who they disregarded as trash.

In the blink of an eye, he had killed three of them, and a revelation dawned on them.

In fact, Invigorated Meridian martial artists like themselves were no experts.

In the face of a true expert, they were so weak they couldn’t even withstand a single attack!

Xie Zhangchun felt a chill down his spine as his forehead filled with cold sweat.

Was this the battle power… of a piece of trash?

This was clearly a battle hardened general!

He was extremely ferocious!

Damn it, who had created the rumours?

Wasn’t it utter nonsense to call him a piece of trash?

This was especially so because Chu Yu’s battle technique was much like a ferocious mountain tiger!

If he had known this, he would have never dared to find trouble with Chu Yu.

Xie Zhangchun reacted quickly and attempted to escape!

This was no time to care about the safety of those around him. If he did not leave now, his life may also be in danger.


A loud sound echoed out!

Chu Yu punched at the fleeing Xie Zhangchun!

This punch was like a huge mountain, crashing towards Xie Zhangchun at an unfathomable speed.

Xie Zhangchun cried out in rage. He harnessed all his energy and raised his hands to block.


The crisp sound of bones cracking echoed out.

Xie Zhangchun’s interlocked wrists were shattered!

Before he could scream, Chu Yu’s fist had already impacted the bottom of his throat.

The sound of bones shattering echoed out once again.

In the final moments of his life, Xie Zhangchun was filled with grief and regret.

In that flash, he thought of many things, his life… flashed through his mind like a movie.

The last image was that of Chu Yu calling him a huge idiot.

"I really am… a huge idiot!"

Xie Zhangchun’s body slumped to the ground.

The last remaining Invigorated Meridian martial artist was at Invigorated Meridian Stage Eight.

When he saw Xie Zhangchun about to flee, he had toyed with the idea as well, however, he saw Xie Zhangchun killed instantly by Chu Yu.

In that instant, his legs were rooted to the ground, all courage to run disappearing from his body.

His knees wobbled and he kneeled on the ground, shivering, "Don’t kill me…"

"Who sent you to kill me?" Chu Yu stared icily at this Xie Clan Invigorated Meridian Stage Eight martial artist.

"It… it was the decision of the influential figures in the pocket dimension." This Xie Clan Invigorated Meridian Stage Eight martial artist broke instantly.

"In the Xie Clan pocket dimension… what is the cultivation level of the strongest person?" Chu Yu asked flatly.

"Erm..." This man hesitated.

"Tell the truth!" Chu Yu yelled.

"It is King’s realm…" This man shivered, but told the truth.

King’s realm… was a bit of a pickle!

Chu Yu was taken aback, he had not expected that in the pocket dimensions of underworld clans, such strong opponents would exist.

Even though it was no match for the ancient schools, it was a great achievement for an underworld clan to have a King’s realm cultivator.

However, Chu Yu was not too worried.

Furthermore, a King’s Realm cultivator would be used to hold the fort and would not come out easily.

Even if he did come to settle this himself, didn’t Chu Yu still have his sworn brother?

After which, Chu Yu immediately killed the Xie Clan Invigorated Meridian Stage Eight martial artist.

After burying these people, and removing any trace of their presence, he quickly disappeared.

The Northern Chu Clan.

They lived within the ancient forests.

The infrastructure blended beautifully into the surrounding rivers and mountains. It was calm and serene, taken over by nature’s beauty.

Even though it was deep in the mountains, it was no backward.

They had full access to the latest technological advancements.

Ever since Chu Yu had made copies of the Superclass and sent it home, the Northern Chu Clan’s footprints had lessened significantly.

Recently, the ancient schools had all entered society. This news had taken over the front page of the news, and the presence of the Chu Clan slowly faded away.

Second elder Chu Tiannan was slightly disappointed. If they had gotten the Superclass earlier, the war between the Chu Clan and the Xie Clan could have been executed differently.

At the very least, it wouldn’t be such a high profile case.

However, with the exception of their archenemy the Xie Clan, no one paid much attention to the Chu Clan.

Even though they were influential in society, in the cultivation world, an underworld clan was a small fry.

If not for their relationship with Song Hong, the ancient schools would not even have given them a second glance.

As a result, the headquarters of the Chu Clan deep inside the ancient forest was calm and quiet.

However, the silence was broken the moment Chu Yu returned.

Those in the clan who did not know what happened all looked at Chu Yu with curious eyes.

They did not know why the ruined, ex-heir had become such a celebrity overnight.

Those who knew looked at Chu Yu with admiration!

The talented young master of the Chu Clan had returned!

Chu Yu did not go to visit the clan elders immediately. Instead, he went home to find his mother Song Yu.

"Mum, I’m back!"

Seeing the same youthful, pretty and soft spoken lady, Chu Yu smiled, extended his arms and hugged his mum.

Song Yu patted Chu Yu’s back, smiling, tears forming in her eyes.

These few months, she had seen too much news about her son, causing her to worry to the point of insomnia.

However, she was clear that she could not interfere too much in her child’s growth, even limiting the number of calls she made!

Else, Chu Yu may be affected by it, impeding his growth.

As such, even though it was incredibly torturous, Song Yu never revealed it.

Even when speaking with her husband, Chu Tianbei, she… never gave the impression that she was affected by it.

However, the spouses knew each other too well.

They knew all too clearly that both were worried for their son.

Now that their child was back, Song Yu could finally heave a sigh of relief. All her pent up emotions could finally be released.

However, her cultivated meant that she still carried herself rather elegantly in front of her son.

"It’s good that you’re back, come, let mum take a look, are you more handsome now?" Song Yu discreetly rubbed her eyes, a smile on her face.

Song Yu looked young, even though she was in her forties, she looked like she was 28.

She did not even have any wrinkles!

When she stood together with Chu Yu, those who did not know better may have thought that they were siblings.

"Mum, I have some good stuff for you!"

In front of parents, no matter how great the achievement, children will always remain as children.

Chu Yu could not wait any longer to show her the treasure.

At this point, a booming voice came from outside, "You punk, I knew you would come back to see your mum. I heard you’re giving your mum something good, where’s mine?"

A tall imposing figure walked in from outside.

Chu Yu looked at the approaching man and giggled, "Dad, I was just looking for you…"

The man who entered was Chu Tianbei, who had just received news that his son was back.

When the child travels, the parents worry!

However, men tend to be colder and less prone to expressing their emotions. However, deep down, they were just as worried as the mother.

Upon knowing that his son had returned, Chu Tianbei rushed home immediately.

Chu Tianbei also looked youthful. Even though he was in his forties, he still looked like he was in his thirties. He looked extremely handsome.

He looked at Chu Yu and pursed his lips, "Stop buttering me up, you didn’t even give me a call."

Chu Yu giggled before retrieving two sealed bottles from the storage ring. "Pour it out, find a microwave and heat it up, I brought this for you."


He wondered what the reaction of the rest would be if they heard this.

Would they go crazy?
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