Chapter 98: Fighting the Xiantian

Chapter 98: Fighting the Xiantian

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Chu Yu and Lord Chu headed north after leaving the Chu Clan premises.

Lord Chu seemed to want to test Chu Yu’s abilities. The moment they left the premises, he began sprinting. He shot forward like an arrow and disappeared from his original position in the blink of an eye.

Chu Yu chuckled and kept up with him.

He only stopped after running for more than half an hour.

Lord Chu felt heartened to see Chu Yu following closely behind

"You're really good!"

Chu Yu smiled, "Brother is great too!"

Lord Chu pursed his lips, even though he was naive, he wasn’t stupid.

He could tell that his cousin did not merely just recover, his abilities were no weaker than him, possibly even stronger!

He raised his thumb to Chu Yu, "You’re powerful! I am happy for you."

A simple man expresses his feelings equally simply.

He surveyed the surroundings, then whispered to Chu Yu, "It’s just ahead, no more than 10 miles."

As he spoke, he led the way whilst Chu Yu followed behind.

Just as the two men approached the area, Chu Yu’s expression changed instantly and he yanked Lord Chu backwards.

An unbelievably fast arrow brushed by Lord Chu’s face.


Only then did an icy sound echo through the air.


This arrow impacted a huge tree some distance away. Its thick trunk was instantly broken into two!

After an earth shattering sound echoed out, the tree crashed to the ground.

It startled flocks of birds and a whole nest of insects.

At this point, a second arrow... was fired straight at them!

The opponent was good, the second arrow was aimed at Chu Yu, but it had predicted his possible dodges.

If Chu Yu had moved in the same way he yanked back Lord Chu, the arrow would have hit.

However, Chu Yu did not move.

This arrow brushed by Chu Yu’s face and disappeared into the dense forest.

A huge gust of wind blew Chu Yu’s hair around.

Chu Yu’s expression was icy, and a wave of killing intent flashed by his forehead.

"You’re not done huh?" Chu Yu said icily, as he lunged in the direction of the arrow like a hunting tiger.

The third arrow... was fired at Chu Yu’s face once again!

Chu Yu bellowed and raised his hand to grab the arrow!

Some distance away, an exquisitely pretty lady smiled coldly.

She said flatly, "Courting death!"

She could not belief that the man in front of her had the ability to catch her arrow.

That arrow flew straight towards Chu Yu’s face.


The sound of the arrow pierced through the air.

This was a genuine killing arrow.

In an instant, Chu Yu harnessed all the energy in his body and channeled it into his left arm.


Chu Yu grabbed the arrow out of the sky!

The sharp arrowhead was mere millimeters from Chu Yu’s forehead!

Chu Yu felt a burning sensation in his hand.

Without a moment of hesitation, he threw the arrow back the moment he caught it.

The lady hiding in the bush got a shock of her life. She rolled to avoid the arrow.

But the speed of the arrow... was too fast!

It had exceeded that of when the arrow was fired by the bow!

How could this be?

The lady could not escape, barely able to prevent the arrow from hitting her vital spots.

However, the arrow hit her shoulder, carried her into the air and nailed her onto a large tree.

The lady was suspended from the tree, her legs dangling, screaming in pain.


This sound broke the silence in the forest, scaring countless animals.

After she screamed, she continued to struggle, trying to remove the arrow from her body. However, the pain prevented her from doing anything. She continued to scream, tears and snot filling up her face.


The entire forest was suddenly filled by a terrifying hum.

Then, a figure charged towards Chu Yu and unimaginable speeds!

He held a long blade in his hand, and began slashing at Chu Yu from a large distance away!

A ray of icy blade aura was sent flying towards Chu Yu!

Everything that the aura passed through... was sliced cleanly in half.

Even the large ancient trees and giant rocks were split into 2.

A deep valley was cut right in the middle of the mountain!

This was no martial art, this was sacred art!

The approaching individual... was a Xiantian Realm cultivator!

The blade aura was fast and ferocious!

Chu Yu had trouble avoiding the aura. It brushed past his body and took off some of the skin on his arm.

Blood flowed out of the wound.

Lord Chu bellowed and lunged in that direction.

Chu Yu knocked Lord Chu away with his foot.


Yet another blade aura decimated the land where Lord Chu was standing.

Chu Yu’s eyes flashed with a wave of anger as he silently held the Spirit Stunning Bow in hand.

The palm sized bow would not attract any attention if one did not pay attention.

At the same time, Chu Yu’s figure dashed towards the opponent.

He twisted his bleeding left arm, pulled it back, then... punched viciously at the figure ahead!

The figure deftly dodged it like a phantom.

At this point, the Spirit Stunning Bow in Chu Yu’s right hand... activated!


A huge cavity of blood appeared suddenly on the Xiantian cultivator’s chest.

He grunted, then retreated slightly.

This was not the first time Chu Yu used the Spirit Stunning Bow, and he had learnt some of the rules pertaining to its use.

You could control the energy that the Spirit Stunning Bow absorbs!

Most people would channel all their power when using the Spirit Stunning Bow. As such, the Spirit Stunning Bow would also take up all the user’s energy.

Unless the person using the Spirit Stunning Bow had completely surpassed the Supreme Realm, as long as they channeled all their power, the bow would absorb all of their power.

However, if one only channeled 10% of one’s power, then the Spirit Stunning Bow will only absorb that 10%!

After discovering this, Chu Yu had felt that he was rather dumb.

Even though a Supreme Realm equipment wasn’t particularly divine or legendary, it was relatively superior.

For such a superior weapon, even Supreme Realm individuals would not use it likely if it voided the entire body’s energy.

Wouldn’t that make it completely useless?

Chu Yu’s attack only used 30% of his power!

For Chu Yu’s current strength, 30% was not low.

The damage a Supreme Realm weapon could deal was not small.

The fact that the Xiantian Cultivator’s chest had been punched through was testament to the Spirit Stunning Bow’s strength.

This Xiantian cultivator looked at Chu Yu in aghast, blood dripping out of the corner of his mouth as he stared at the Spirit Stunning Bow in Chu Yu’s hands.

His eyes filled with hatred as he grated his teeth, "How did our clan’s Spirit Stunning Bow... end up in your hands?"

"What your clan? This is mine!" Chu Yu said coldly as he calculated the chances of him hitting the Xiantian cultivator a second time with the Spirit Stunning Bow.

However, it was clear that his opponent was now prepared. The chances of a hit would be close to zero.

The opponent was well into the intermediate stages of the Xiantian Realm. If he wasn’t injured, Chu Yu would not be his match.

However, now... Chu Yu had the confidence to fight him!

At this point, Lord Chu had already rushed to the lady hanging from the tree. Seeing the beautiful lady screaming, he scratched his head, finding it difficult to kill her.

Lord Chu did not have much experience outside, since young, he had been living within the Chu Clan mountainous premises.

His character was still rather gentlemanly and chivalrous, and found it inappropriate for a man and a woman to engage in battle.

If it wasn’t for the fact that this woman was so vicious and had made an attempt on Chu Yu’s life, he may have even saved her.

At this point, the lady’s shrill voice echoed out, "Senior, he is Chu Yu, brother Wu Dong was killed by Song Hong, and Chu Yu is related to Song Hong. The Spirit Stunning Bow must have been given to him by Song Hong, kill him quickly!"

Lord Chu felt angered when he heard it. He bellowed furiously, "Why are you so unreasonable? We have nothing against you, why would you kill him?"

The lady looked coldly at Lord Chu and pursed her lips, refusing to acknowledge his presence.

"Seal that sh*t hole!" Chu Yu said coldly.

"Aye!" Chu Yu agreed.

Even though Lord Chu was older, he had always been extremely willing to listen to Chu Yu’s suggestions.

He felt that his cousin was experienced and had seen the world.

"You dare to touch me!" The lady screeched, "You b*stard, scram!"

The woman scolded as she saw Lord Chu approach her.

Lord Chu frowned, but continued walking towards her.

"B*stard... scram!" The lady screeched, "Senior please save me!"


Lord Chu raised his hand and slapped the woman viciously, "Shut up!"

The lady was stunned. Her hair was in a mess as she still hung from the tree. Her eyes glowed with a vengeful aura as she glared at Lord Chu.

She swore to herself, If I ever get my freedom, I will rip the two of you to shreds!

The injured Xiantian cultivator suddenly shouted, "Stop..."

Before he could finish, Lord Chu had already landed a punch on the woman’s chest.

The lady could not believe it. With a scream, she spat out a mouthful of blood, unable to speak. Her head drooped and she was dead!

Lord Chu said coldly, "When the beasts in the forests think of revenge, they have the same look in their eyes. Since you are a lady, I did not want to kill you, but since you want to kill my brother, you have left me no choice!"

"Ah!" The injured Xiantian cultivator raged as he prepared to charge towards Lord Chu.

"Stop right there!" As Chu Yu spoke, he waved the Spirit Stunning Bow at the Xiantian cultivator.

The Xiantian cultivator was shocked as he dove for cover. Chu Yu laughed icily as he kept the Spirit Stunning Bow and punched straight at the Xiantian cultivator.

This punch was extremely powerful, much like that of a flying giant rock.

The injured Xiantian cultivator had to match Chu Yu. However, in his opinion, this man with the Spirit Stunning Bow was no match for him!

He was just an Invigorated Meridian martial artist. He could kill this scum with a single punch!


The Xiantian cultivator raged as his punch flew and connected with Chu Yu’s fist.

It was like two giant rocks clashing together in mid air. The skies filled with sparks from the collision!

The Xiantian cultivator retreated a few steps before steadying himself.

This punch has aggravated his injuries and he spat out another mouthful of blood.

Chu Yu retreated a few more steps, but his face was solemn and he did not suffer heavy injuries.

The energy accumulated by more than a thousand of his acupoints was terrifying. Furthermore, there was boundless energy flowing through two of his meridians.

Even though he was not adept at the sacred art, his power was no less than the average Xiantian cultivator!

"You are Chu Yu from the Chu Clan... how do you have such battle power?" The Xiantian cultivator could not believe his eyes. In the rumours, wasn’t Chu Yu ruined for more than a decade?

Even if he could recover, how could he be this powerful?

"Don’t give me so much rubbish, if you want a fight, let’s fight, else, scram!" Chu Yu said solemnly.

However, as he spoke, he had already begun his attack!

He did not want to let off such a strong enemy.

His opponent thought the same way!

The two began fighting once again.
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