Chapter 99: Thorny Chinese Flowering Apple

Chapter 99: Thorny Chinese Flowering Apple

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A Xiantian cultivator was able to use the sacred art. The most powerful of which could control the wind, rain, and even lightning.

However, this required immense power and great abilities. As such, even if one was in the Xiantian Realm, one may not be able to bring the full power of the sacred art to bear.

This Xiantian cultivator still had astonishing battle prowess despite his injuries.

Under normal circumstances, the power of a Xiantian cultivator would be more than sufficient to suppress an Invigorated Meridian Realm martial artist.

However, this Xiantian cultivator quickly found out that the person in front of him was rather extraordinary.

He had immense power and did not seem to be disadvantaged in battle.

He hated the fact that he was injured. Else, this man would be no match for him.

Chu Yu also hated the fact that his cultivation level was too low. If he was in the Xiantian Realm, this man would be thoroughly smashed!


Both sides clashed together ferociously once again.

Sand and rocks flew everywhere.

Any ordinary person within a thousand meters would find it difficult to get close.

The initially tall ancient trees were all shattered during the battle.

Lord Chu stood at a distance, scratching his head in anxiety.

He wanted to rush up to help, but he couldn't get close.

The aura of the Xiantian cultivator was too terrifying, almost like a mountain pressing down on you.

If one tried to charge at him, there could only be one result - one would be smashed to smithereens!

"Brother, you must win!" Lord Chu shouted at the top of his voice.

Both exponents did not make a sound as they hit each other with sharp attacks.

They were both extremely quick, and every attack could mean the difference between life and death.

No one would show mercy in such a battle.


Chu Yu’s punch landed on the Xiantian cultivator’s face.

However, his strong defenses caused Chu Yu’s fist to hurt instead.


The Xiantian cultivator snickered, a magical equipment appearing in his hand.

It was a scepter about a foot long. It was Jade green, like it was carved from a superior piece of Jade.

"Go to hell!"

The Xiantian cultivator bellowed.

A ray of light radiated from the scepter!

A green ray of light!

It penetrated Chu Yu’s chest in an instant.

In the same instant, a glowing long sword also appeared in Chu Yu’s hands.

This was the imitation Divine Punisher Blade!

Chu Yu grasped the blade with both hands and bellowed.

In the moment his chest was hit, Chu Yu chopped at the Xiantian cultivator’s waist.

The blade was too sharp!

The Xiantian cultivator was chopped into half like Tofu.

The Divine Punisher Blade swiped right through.

The Xiantian cultivator was left in two pieces.

Blood and guts flowed out instantly as he let out a chilling whine.

Chu Yu’s body rocked and he fell to his knees, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

This attack had caused him great damage. Even though it was not lethal, it will put him out of action for some one.

As such, even though the Xiantian cultivator did not die instantly, Chu Yu had no ability to finish him off.

The Xiantian cultivator, left with only half his body, cried out pitifully. His arms still dragged his body and his trailing organs as he attempted to escape.


His guts were trampled on instantly by a huge foot.

The Xiantian cultivator let out an even more bone chilling scream.

Lord Chu looked at the Xiantian cultivator expressionlessly and said, "Go to hell!"

Then, he picked up the blade dropped by this Xiantian cultivator and brought it down on him.

"Don't kill me..."

The Xiantian cultivator could not help but plead in a desperate attempt to preserve his life.

However, before he could finish, Lord Chu brought the blade down on his head and split it in two.

Lord Chu was disgusted. He pinched his mouth, "How disgusting!"

He then turned to look at Chu Yu, his face full of concern, "How are you?"

"I won't die, brother, bring that scepter over."

Lord Chu’s mouth twitched. He found it slightly disgusting, but went over anyways. He picked up the scepter and played around with it for a little bit, "This is not bad!"

He came to Chu Yu’s side and took out his medication. He dressed Chu Yu’s wound, then gave Chu Yu a few healing medicinal tablets.

Lord Chu was reproaching himself, "This is all my fault, if not for me, we won’t be here. If we weren’t here, you wouldn’t be hurt, this is all my fault..."

Chu Yu heard his self reproach, and he said rather breathlessly, "Brother, do you know Lu Xun?"

"Of course I do, he was a huge academic over a century ago... why do you ask?" Lord Chu replied curiously.

"Under Lu Xun’s tutelage, there is a man known as Xiang Linsao..." Chu Yu said feebly.

Lord Chu scratched his head and mulled over it, but was still confused. He frowned, "What about that guy?"

"Nothing nothing, but that poor kid was taken by wolves." Chu Yu was emotionless as he began to use his techniques to recover, ignoring Lord Chu.

His chest had a gaping hole, and his injuries were severe.

However, in the Invigorated Meridian Realm, the body’s healing ability was much stronger.

After some time cultivating, even though his injuries were still heavy, he regained his ability to walk.

He stood up. Seeing that Lord Chu was still extremely depressed over it, Chu Yu smiled and pat him on the shoulder.

Lord Chu was tall. Even though Chu Yu wasn’t short, he had to tiptoe in order to do that.

"These things are normal, you really don’t have to blame yourself."

Lord Chu shook his head, his expression stern, "If only I was slightly better, slightly stronger, then I could have helped you just now..."

"You can definitely do so in the future!" Chu Yu replied.

Lord Chu nodded vigorously, "Last time, I did not think that cultivating to a higher stage had much use other than extending one’s life. Now I understand, being stronger and more powerful allows you to protect those close to you."

Chu Yu smiled and nodded.

Then, Lord Chu brought Chu Yu to the place where he had found the great luck.

It was a small valley, with dense vegetation.

Many tall ancient trees grew close to each other, making it extremely difficult for people to maneuver.

"It’s inside here." Lord Chu said.

Chu Yu was curious, "This place is so mysterious, how did you find it?"

Lord Chu scratched his head, "I was out looking for medicine when I chanced upon this place. I found two red berries, and they were really pretty, like rubies, and they had a strong aroma."

Lord Chu looked at Chu Yu and smiled, "There was a huge snake guarding this small tree. That serpent was difficult to kill, and I was almost killed in the process. I was hungry and thirsty, so I plucked one of the berries to eat, then guess what happened?"

Chu Yu looked at Lord Chu, completely speechless, since when was his cousin so talkative?

What was there to guess, he clearly ate a berry that greatly increased his ability... wasn’t this how the story was written?

This talkative nature of Lord Chu was only activated when in front of Chu Yu.

In front of others, he was a man of few words.

Lord Chu brought Chu Yu to the plot of land where they spotted the small tree.

The tree was brown in color. It’s branches hung with a few jade green leaves. I single red berry, the size of an infant’s fist, hung from the branch.

The berry released a strong aroma which could be smelt from several meters away.

Chu Yu could see that below the berry was the corpse of a huge serpent. The serpent was extremely thick, and all the its life was gone, but it still radiated with cold, suppressive aura.

Lord Chu said rather contentedly, "I left this guy here on purpose in order to scare away animals who have thoughts about eating the berry."

Chu Yu frowned, his gaze falling on the leaves of this small tree.

This tree reminded him of one of those mentioned in the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture.

This tree was known as Thorny Chinese Flowering Apple, it bore fruit once every century, and would bear five fruits at a time.

The crimson fruits were like red jade and had a large amount of spiritual energy, allowing people who ate it to have massive gains in power.

However, the most valuable part of the tree was not the fruit, but the leaves!

The Thorny Chinese Flowering Apple only grew a single leaf every 500 years!

Chu Yu did a rough count, counting at least 40 jade green leaves.

This meant that the Thorny Chinese Flowering Apple in front of him was more than 20000 years old!

Chu Yu felt a huge wave of emotion staring at this meter high tree,

The only way to test if this was the legendary Thorny Chinese Flowering Apple, the simplest method was to eat one of its leaves.

Chu Yu approached it, slightly hesitant.

Because if this was really the Thorny Chinese Flowering Apple, one of its leaves would have unparalleled value.

The leaf of the Thorny Chinese Flowering Apple could refine a pill which could advance a person’s focus and mental powers.

This pill was extremely expensive and precious, even in the ancient world.

It was too rare!

Even the pill recipe was a closely guarded secret.

Only pill masters at the Crane Saint’s level had access to such a comprehensive pill recipe.

Finally, Chu Yu still decided to try one of the leaves.

Else, there was no way of testing its genuinity.

If the Crane Saint or any of the ancient pill masters were here, they would not need to go through so much trouble, they would be able to tell based on their vast experience.

But Chu Yu could not.

He stretched out his hand, plucked a lead, put it in his mouth and chewed.

A bitter and rough feeling suddenly came over him.

It tasted extremely horrible!

However, at the same time, a strange wave of power caused Chu Yu’s mind to be many times clearer!

That feeling of enlightenment was too obvious, and too strong.

Chu Yu could feel everything around him more clearly.

This was the feeling of one’s mental powers being raised.

Chu Yu was shocked, he knew that the tree in front of him was definitely the Thorny Chinese Flowering Apple described in the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture!

"Xiao Yu, you should eat the berry, why are you eating the leaf?" Lord Chu looked at Chu Yu quizzically.

Chu Yu smiled and turned around, "Brother, I must say that you are really lucky! I won’t eat the berry, you can have it, I believe it would raise your cultivation level further."

The Thorny Chinese Flowering Apple berry was only effective when eaten raw.

"Ah? I left this specially for you!" Lord Chu’s expression was one of utter confusion.

Chu Yu’s strong sense of mental power was slowly fading. He knew that eating the Thorny Chinese Flowering Apple leaf raw was a complete waste, and it did not have much use.

However, at this moment, Chu Yu felt that there was someone watching him from the darkness!

Chu Yu froze on the spot. He suddenly remembered, Why were that Xiantian cultivator and that beautiful lady here? Why would they attack them instantly? Did they find something here?

Was there.... Someone else here?
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