Chapter 100: Refining a Poison Pill

Chapter 100: Refining a Poison Pill

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If he did not consume that Thorny Chinese Flowering Apple leaf, Chu Yu would have had no way of knowing the presence of this man.

The man was in deep cover, his body not radiating a single wave of energy fluctuations. He probably had a suppressive magical equipment on him.

Chu Yu calmed down instantly, doing some quick calculations in his heart.

The opponent probably still did not know that he had been made. If that was so, they still stood a chance.

That man was pretty patient, he didn’t even put the berry in his sights. Clearly, he was after something more!

Furthermore, that lady and the Xiantian Realm cultivator guarding the border had attempted to kill on sight...

Chu Yu slowly pieced together the full picture.

This place... was probably the site of a legendary historical monument.

These men must have locked down the entire area, then sent people to hide out here.

This man had lay completely still even whilst the people at the border were being killed. He also did not make a move on the berry which could help in his advancement.

Chu Yu thought of another question, why was the Thorny Chinese Flowering Apple growing here?

This tree was extremely rare. According to the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture, there were less than a hundred of these back in the day.

They were virtually all grown on properties of the biggest sects!

This one could not have been one of those which had been grown since the ancient days.

However, who would have planted it here?

After thinking of all these, Chu yu began to calm down even more.

He guessed that the man hiding out was probably of an even higher cultivation level!

He might have been fully aware of Chu Yu’s battle with the Xiantian cultivator.

But he didn’t react, clearly showing his unwillingness to be seen.


Chu Yu let out a long sigh as he plucked more of these leaves and kept them in his storage ring.

Then he plucked the red berry.

Chu Yu’s senses, even though they were not as heightened, allowed him to feel the little emotional fluctuations of the man hiding in the darkness when he plucked the berry.

It seemed... that he was angry!

At this point, Chu Yu could almost confirm that his opponent did not want to be revealed!

If that man was a true expert, shouldn’t killing me be a piece of cake?

Chu Yu frowned, deep in thought.

At this point, Lord Chu advised, "If you finish this berry, you can gain much power!"

Chu Yu shook his head and looked at Lord Chu, "Open your mouth."

"Ah?" Lord Chu was slightly stunned.

Chu Yu then threw the berry straight into his mouth.

Lord Chu consciously bit into the berry, the strong aroma making him salivate.

Since the berry had been thrown into his mouth, he had no other choice but to eat it.

"Why are you doing this?" Lord Chu asked, clearly confused, as he sucked on the berry.

"Is it nice?" Chu Yu smiled.

"Mm, yummy!" Lord Chu nodded vigorously, "A pity you didn’t get to try it, it’s really yummy!"

Chu Yu could tell that the emotional fluctuations of the man hiding in the dark were getting stronger and stronger.

If he didn’t eat the leaf of the Thorny Chinese Flowering Apple, he would not have known about that man’s presence... unless he used his vertical eye to survey his surroundings.

That man was at least in the advanced stages of the Xiantian Realm!

This was Chu Yu’s assessment of that man.

"Oh right, what are you planning to do with the leaves?" Lord Chu felt a little embarrassed having eaten the berry.

The energy in his body crested, and it seemed that he was about to break through once again.

"Have you forgotten? I’ve always liked to collect various leaves since young." Chu Yu smiled naturally, "This leaf is quite pretty, and I like it, so I’m collecting it."

Lord Chu scratched his head, unable to react.

However, he knew that Chu Yu had always been a little cryptic. Even when he did not understand it, he knew just to play along.

"That was something you did when you were so much younger, I didn’t know that you still played with leaves." Lord Chu scratched his head.

Chu Yu thought to himself, Good! Anyone who thinks that Lord Chu is dumb is an idiot themselves!

"Nope, I’ve collected thousands of leaves in the past few years!" Chu Yu said solemnly.

"I... I think I am breaking through!" Lord Chu exclaimed suddenly.

As he spoke, he sat on his heels and began to cultivate.

"..." Chu Yu was speechless. He regretted not giving Lord Chu the fruit only when they returned.

The effectiveness of the Thorny Chinese Flowering Apple leaf had all but disappeared and he was no longer able to sense the emotions of the hidden individual.

After which, Chu Yu opened his vertical eye unassumingly.

He knew the person’s location, but he did not look straight at him. He had suffered once because of that before.

Chu Yu used his vertical eye to survey the surroundings. Previously, he was just sensing it, but now he could see it clearly!

The man hiding was an aged man wearing a green robe.

Chu Yu scanned by quickly. He could see that the man was in his sixties or seventies. He sat atop an ancient tree, almost blending into it as one.

With a single glance, he could see that the man’s expression betrayed his unhappiness.

It was probably because the berry had been eaten by Lord Chu.

Chu Yu acted as if nothing was amiss as he continued to protect Lord Chu.

However, his vertical eye was still scanning this anomalous area!

Finally, at a location about three to four miles from the aged man, there was a slight anomaly by the river bank.

There was a huge pile of rocks. They were all ashen white, and came in various sizes.

The largest was over a foot high!

There was a thick, saturated ball of energy under the largest rock.

Magical formation!

Chu Yu could tell in an instant.

It was quite similar to the magical formations found at Celestial Fox Immortal Cave and the Ruins of the Pile of Three Stars.

Indeed that was the case.

Chu Yu thought to himself.

The Xiantian cultivator that he killed and the lady that Lord Chu killed were probably from the Qing Hai Wu Clan.

The guy hiding in the trees was most likely... from the Wu Clan as well.

An intermediate stage Xiantian cultivator and an extremely strong marksman in the advanced stages of the Invigorated Meridian Realm as guards, and another intermediate stage Xiantian or higher hiding in the darkness.

Then, what was the level of those who entered the ancient monument?

Chu Yu suddenly felt like he had stirred up a hornet’s nest.

He retrieved his messaging equipment and sent a message to his big brother Zhao Mantian.

He then took up a place beside Lord Chu.

He received the reply from Zhao Mantian in an instant, wait for me.

It was over 1500 miles from Qing Qiu to the Northern Territories.

However, for someone as powerful as Zhao Mantian, this was no big deal.

The most pressing issue now was, they could not run into any trouble before Zhao Mantian got here.

Chu Yu did not want to place all of his hopes on a single person. He contemplated for a moment before retrieving the pill furnace from the Chu Clan. Then he lit up a few wood pieces and threw them into the fire container in the furnace.

He then retrieved some medicine and began to refine pills.

He subconsciously scanned the hidden man in the trees with his vertical eye, and found that that man had channeled all of his energy to observe him.

Chu Yu was slightly depressed, he had stepped right into this.

However, upon thinking about the large amount of Thorny Chinese Flowering Apple leaves that he got, Chu Yu felt a lot more assured.

He can just continue watching, at most he will just find out his ability to refine pills.

When he began to refine pills, no one would believe that the Crane Saint’s legacy was with him.

It would be disgrace if a disciple of the Crane Saint was of such standard.

However, he could not care so much now. Escaping from his current predicament was the most pressing thing.

Chu Yu was refining a poison pill.

The prescription in the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture was quite comprehensive.

One could see that the Crane Saint probably wasn’t the most angelic as the scripture contained many recipes for poison pills.

There were also recipes for all sorts of weird pills.

For example, explosive pill!

In Chu Yu’s opinion, this pill could kill!

It could release a strong aroma of medicine and could also radiate immense waves of energy fluctuations.

However, this was something equivalent to a grenade.

Once it was thrown out, i would explode.

Its power far surpassed that of a grenade.

If one could gather the necessary materials and successfully refine a pill, one of them could seriously injure a True Lord Realm individual if he did not defend properly.

As for a Supreme Realm individual, even with defences but no other magical equipment, he would be burnt to ashes.

Other than the explosive pill, there were many pill recipes which had no relation to cultivation.

After seeing all the pill recipes, Chu Yu could not help but admit that the Crane Saint was a genuine talent.

Not only was he a pill saint, he was a genius!

Within the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture were theories and ideas from over a dozen fields!

However, the materials needed were completely foreign to Chu Yu, some of which he had never even heard of before!

However, he did find the ingredients for a poison pill inside the Chu Clan warehouse.

The nameless poison pill only had one sentence for evaluation, "The poison cannot be resisted by anyone below the True Lord Realm!

This was sufficient!

The greatness of the saint’s technique lay in the fact that the refiner could control the poisonous cloud.

This meant that Chu Yu could use the poison to seal the entire area.

If people tried to barge in from the outside, they would most certainly die.

The expert in the trees felt rather depressed, he even wanted to attack Chu Yu.

Because Chu Yu was refining pills!

Even though he had not seen Chu Yu’s battle with the Xiantian cultivator and the lady marksman, he had heard everything.

Thus, he knew that this man was Chu Yu.

It was said that he was related to Song Hong, and could possibly have gotten the Crane Saint’s teachings.

He was actually refining pills?

The expert on the tree was not just a Xiantian cultivator, he was a King’s Realm cultivator!

The reason why he was here was simply to protect those exploring the ruins.

Based on their understanding, this entire area belonged to the Northern Chu Clan.

Just a small family clan.

Even though there were news about them flying around for a period of time previously, they’ve been pretty quiet recently.

Such small clans were of no worry.

However, what surprised him was that Chu Yu was different from how the rumours described him!

He definitely wasn’t trash!

Which piece of trash could kill an intermediate stage Xiantian cultivator?

And the Spirit Stunning Bow was with him...

This little b*stard seemed to have many secrets!

When this was over, he would capture Chu Yu, find out all his secrets, then kill him and exterminate the entire Chu Clan.

He looked at the defenceless Chu Yu refining pills and laughed coldly inside.
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