Chapter 22 : Saint Cavern 2

Chapter 22 : Saint Cavern (2)

Nine Saint Virtuous Paragon was not only a forest chicken successfully cultivated, but he was also of the strongest Virtuous Paragons in his era. At one point, he had gloriously swept through the Nine Worlds; his illustrious and arrogant name spread to the four corners. However, in the end, he had still lost to Li Qi Ye, and he had no choice but to become the fate protector of Immortal Emperor Min Ren.

“Only Demon under the Heavens” was the slogan of the Virtuous Paragon, while “Mere Chicken above the Earth” was Li Qi Ye’s line to tease him.

Many generations of Sect Masters and geniuses of the Nine Saint Demon Gate tried to complete the second sentence, but they had always failed. No one would have guessed that it was such a silly line.

Li Qi Ye calling their patriarch an old chicken was very rude. However, if one really thinks about it, it was simply the truth.

“Let us see if your ancestor left behind anything good.”

Li Qi Ye happily smiled and went into the cave, not caring about the Elders.

The Elders regained their wits and they quickly followed.

Within the holy cave, there was only one compartment. Inside, dazzling lights brilliantly shined from all of the treasures. There were Life Treasures, Immortal Irons, and Heavenly Jewels in the central area. To the right were priceless cultivation manuals and ancient scrolls. The whole room, ornamented with powerful treasures, blinded the Elders.

“The old chicken head’s treasures are quite plentiful.”

Li Qi Ye’s eyes glanced through and murmured. Nine Saint Virtuous Paragon’s reputation was well deserved; his lifelong treasures were terrifying.

“What did you say?”

An Elder nearby heard him whispering, and asked.

Li Qi Ye shook his head and replied:

“Nothing, I was just talking to myself.”

This answer made all the Elders suspiciously stare at Li Qi Ye; even the Grand Elder thought the little boy was too mysterious.

“Violet Dragon Dual Sword!”

An Elder witnessed many Life Treasures floating in the air, he couldn’t help but clamor:

“Demon Extinguishing Pagoda, Nine Galaxy Spoon, Heavenly Wooden Vessel. These are all treasures that have been written in an ancient scroll from the sect.”

(TL note: The vessel here means a boat/ship. It is the same type of treasure as the boat in Spirit Vessel)

“This is the Qing Mu Ancient Tablet…”

One Elder was looking at the cultivation manuals and found a startling ancient technique.

At this moment, the Elders of the Nine Saint Demon Gate were dazzled; it seemed that their patriarch only left half of his treasures with the actual sect when he passed away.

“Immortal… Immortal Emperor Life Treasure!”

The First Elder’s eyes moved towards a jade table in the middle of the room. There lied an ancient sealed box, but its Immortal Emperor aura was still permeating to the outside.

Even though it only revealed a strand of the power, it could be compared to the might of the high heaven; it was as if one was pressured by all the nine skies. The Heaven’s Will aura flowed up and down, all around it; all worldly creatures must bow down to this remnant of an Immortal Emperor’s breath.

“Immortal Emperor Life Treasure!”

The rest of the Elders that finally saw the item were shaken with anticipation. This was an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure left behind by an authentic Immortal Emperor; created by Min Ren himself.

“Don’t forget, I have the right to pick the first item.”

As the Elders were drowning in their excitement, Li Qi Ye opened his mouth. These words were like a bucket of cold water thrown over the faces of everyone.

Burning red eyes were staring at Li Qi Ye; if he was to take this treasure, then wouldn’t their dreams be instantly shattered?

Despite the numerous death stares, Li Qi Ye still casually stood there. He wasn’t afraid of them changing their mind; even if all the Elders were present, he would still act the same.

In the end, the First Elder took a deep breath and exclaimed:

“Our Nine Saint Demon Gate will do what we say; if the Emperor has made an agreement with you, we would definitely not eat our words!”

After he was done, his mouth was bitter with regrets. It was an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure, but he couldn’t go back on his Sect Master’s decision.

“Seems like you guys are still quite honorable.”

Li Qi Ye was as calm as a tranquil well, and he slowly spoke:

“I actually do appreciate your Emperor, Lun Ri.”
(TL: The word appreciate here has the connotation of an older/more powerful person praising a junior in Chinese)

These arrogant words made the Elders speechless. Their Emperor was a peerless hero; his whole life was filled with numerous achievements; not only in the Grand Middle Territory, but the whole Mortal Emperor World as well.

However, today, there was a thirteen year old running his mouth, and he dared to say that he “appreciated” Demon Emperor Lun Ri. If outsiders were to hear this, they would laugh until their teeth fell off. However, this wasn’t the first time the Elders heard Li Qi Ye say something outrageous, so what could they do outside of staying silent?

“Clap, clap, clap.”

Li Qi Ye clapped his hands three times and a mysterious ancient box immediately flew into his hand. He glared at the Elders and placed the box inside his shirt, then said:

“It is only an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure; there is no need to be so alarmed.”

The elders of the Nine Saint Demon Gate were shocked, due to two reasons. The first was because Li Qi Ye only clapped his hands three times, then the ancient box immediately flew in this hands, this event was too strange. It also happened way too quickly, they couldn’t do anything but to watch and be curious about what was inside the box. Second, in the mouth of Li Qi Ye, an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure became something unimportant. This was an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure, everyone knew what this represented, but in the words of Li Qi Ye, it was like the clouds in the sky, causing others to be shocked.

As the Elders were still adjusting to the event, Li Qi Ye had already left the cave. The Elders immediately accounted for all the treasures and began preparing them to be stored in the Nine Saint Demon Gate.

It took three days for them to accomplish the task. Yu He, once again, had to carry Li Qi Ye on his back. However, this time, he was no longer ashamed or angry; he knew the importance of Li Qi Ye to the sect.

In the Sky Chamber, all the Elders were present; only Demon Emperor Lun Ri was not there in person. When Li Qi Ye sat in his chair, Lun Ri’s voice appeared in the chamber.

“I am still in the midst of my isolated meditation; it is unfortunate that I cannot meet you.”

Although powerful and influential, Demon Emperor Lun Ri, was very courteous towards this thirteen year old boy.

“We still have a lot of time, there is no need to rush.”

Li Qi Ye calmly answered.

Demon Emperor Lun Ri was silent for a moment, and then he requested:

“Young master Li, would you be willing to stay at the Nine Saint Demon Gate? Whatever the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect can offer you, we can also do the same!”

The Elders were not surprised by the Emperor words; it was as if they had already discussed this situation.

This proposition made Li Qi Ye contemplate for a little while. The Nine Saint Demon Gate definitely had a big advantage over the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect; many times over, even. Any cultivators, especially younger ones, would pick the Nine Saint Demon Gate without a doubt.

“Thank you for your kind intention. However, I feel a fateful connection to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect; if I currently am the Prime Disciple, then I will forever be a disciple of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.”

Li Qi Ye had too many emotional attachments to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect; even if he did not like all the Sect Masters, especially Min Ren’s first disciple. This was why, after Immortal Emperor Min Ren passed away, he never returned to the sect.

The key component for his decision was that he wanted to rebuild the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. If he did not choose the Heaven Protector Palace, then it was even more unlikely that he would choose the Nine Saint Demon Gate.
(TL: Heaven Protector Palace was in chapter 1; it is the city of the Black Dragon King.)

“Hmmph, it is only the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect; how can it compare to the Nine Saint Demon Gate?!”

An Elder was unhappy with the response, and he coldly exclaimed.

Many people wanted to join the Nine Saint Demon Gate since it was the most powerful sect in the Old Ox country. However, today, with the Demon Emperor’s personal invitation, it was rejected by Li Qi Ye. He was not giving them any face.

Li Qi Ye smirkingly responded:

“A true peerless master will not care whether a sect is strong or weak; true apex does not care whether one came from a peasant house or the royal palace!”

This answer made the Elder bite his tongue because it was such a natural response with simple words; yet, it exuded confidence and strength.

Everyone stared at this thirteen year old boy who just spoke a line that contained the wisdom and willpower needed for one to reach the apex.
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