Chapter 2255: Silver Dragon Legion

Yang Radiance, Coiling Dragon, Vermillion Martial Court… many systems sent their representatives here, only consisting of big shots or even sect masters.

The cultivators from Longevity were taken by a storm from seeing these characters.

Keep in mind that this worshipping ceremony was a personal matter for Longevity, showing respect for their ancestors. It had nothing to do with outsiders.

Even if other people came to participate, it would have been on a small scale and for personal reasons - such as coming as a friend.

However, these top powers came wielding their banner. This was an official visit.

“Why are they here?” One disciple asked, completely unaware.

“I heard Everlasting Kingdom sent out invitations.” A clan elder with a good information network answered.

The crowd shuddered after hearing this. Longevity Valley has always been in charge of this event since it was the leader of the system. Only it was eligible to send out invitations but now, Everlasting Kingdom had overstepped their bounds.

Everyone realized that Everlasting was serious this time.

“Are changes coming?” Many sect masters and elders became worried.

For the great powers here, if they were to pick between Longevity and Everlasting under zero pressure of military intimidation, the majority would certainly pick Longevity.

Outside of it being the orthodox branch, its neutral stance allowed these powers to grow since it didn’t interfere with their sovereignty and choices.

If Everlasting were to take over, this current political climate would end because Everlasting prospered on the foundation of military might. It would sweep through the system in order to establish its position and status, eliminating all oppositions.

“Boom!” An explosion interrupted their worried rumination.

Another cavalry crossed through the sky like a silver thunderbolt, heading straight for Alchemy Hut.

This was a one-hundred-thousand strong legion. It soared through the sky like a silver dragon, seemingly capable of causing earthquakes.

“Silver Dragon Legion!” The crowd here took a deep breath.

“Miracle Young Noble is here.” Someone murmured.

Silver Dragon was Everlasting’s strongest and oldest legion, being around since the founding of the kingdom. Its might had swept through the system before.

Its new commander was Miracle Young Noble. Furthermore, several ancestors at the Ascender level were the main fighting force as well, more than enough to make others tremble.

“Silver Dragon is here to help Longevity Valley keep the peace!” This message spread across the area.

The participants here naturally knew that there was more going on. The ceremony was Longevity Valley’s responsibility but Everlasting brought their legion here on the night before. This implication needed no further explanation.

Everyone understood that it has finally begun, the power struggle.

“Alchemy King Valley is willing to assist Silver Dragon!” [1]

“Sacred Pill Kingdom is willing to assist Silver Dragon!”

“Roundstone Sect is willing to assist Silver Dragon!”


One power after another stated their stance before the incoming storm. Many powerful clans and sects were joining Everlasting as the ominous air grew denser.

Everyone knew that it was time to pick a side. Their decision today would determine the fate of their sect. Picking wrong could result in becoming ashes.

Fan Miaozhen was under great pressure during these declarations. She has been quite busy due to the pressure from Everlasting. This stressed her even more.

She inevitably thought about Li Qiye, wanting him to come back to take care of things yet the guy was nowhere to be found. She sent several letters to him but didn’t receive any response.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye was not anxious at all during his journey on the sightseeing tour. Leisure, relaxed, and even ignoring the messages from Miaozhen.

“Senior Brother, Senior Sister has asked for you to return right away after you’re done here.” Shaoyao gave the message.

“No rush, not everyone is here yet.” Li Qiye sat by the window, enjoying the sceneries of the lake.

In fact, they could make it there in half a day by flying. Using the boat was slowing them down quite a bit.

“But Silver Dragon is there, they might be in danger.” Yalan worriedly said, wanting to come back as soon as possible but there was nothing she could do when Li Qiye wanted to take his time.

“Don’t worry, Everlasting won’t flip the table before the start of the ceremony. Plus, this is good training for your First Sister. She’ll be the leader of the system in the future.”

The two girls exchanged glances, not knowing how to respond.

The worshipping ceremony took place in an altar at Alchemy Hut. This used to be the place where Alchemy Immortal taught his disciples and gave orders to the system. Thus, it was the perfect location. Performing the ceremony here meant that Longevity Valley was still in charge, at least symbolically.

The true start of the ceremony began with the lighting of the incense. This didn’t take place at the altar but rather in a grass hut. This grass hut was also known as the ancestral shrine because Alchemy Immortal used to stay here. Many forefathers and ancestors had their memorial tablets placed here as well.

Thus, lighting up a bundle of incense served as worshipping the ancestors on top of being the formal commencement.

Many experts were waiting outside of this hut, waiting to light incense for the ancestor. However, the first bundle must be lit up by Longevity Valley. No one else could do it beforehand.

This particular hut was indeed made out of grass, rumored to be created by Alchemy Immortal. It stuck around after so many years, surrounded by verdant trees now.

In front was a stone passage leading straight to the lake. There were plenty of boats there now with cultivators waiting near the steps.

They were ready to worship the ancestors and pray for their blessings.

“They’re here, Longevity Valley’s people!” An eagle-eyed cultivator saw Li Qiye’s boat coming from afar.

“Doctor Mu and Fairy Qin.” The girls’ beauty instantly attracted the spectators.

1. Alchemy King, not Pill King
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