Chapter 2260: Slaughter

Some sighed at this scene. Hu Qingniu was too arrogant and proud to an unbearable level. Nevertheless, he was indeed capable on top of being straightforward and unyielding.

Li Qiye turned towards Huang Quanwei. The guy had just experienced death so he was scared out of his mind and started rolling backward to flee.

He didn’t get far before Li Qiye stopped him, causing him to stumble backward.

“What do you want?!” He felt his scalp tingling and his legs trembling.

“You tell me. Once someone wishes to oppose me, I would like to put an end to them.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said.

“Don’t, don’t be crazy now, I, I am a disciple of Everlasting, highly regarded by His Majesty!” Quanwei continued to walk backward with trepidation.

Li Qiye casually retorted: “Compared to your National Tutor? If I’m not mistaken, your tutor is already viewed highly by your emperor.”

This almost made Quanwei’s soul leave his body.

The spectators did what they do best, quietly observing. No one dared to interfere, realizing that Everlasting and Longevity Valley were about to fight to the death. It was understandable that the First Disciple of Longevity would want to kill Poison King Huang Quanwei.

“Our, our Silver Dragon Legion is here right now, same with His Majesty and many other ancestors. If, if you dare to do anything foolish, you won’t be leaving here alive!” He screamed.

What he said just now revealed too much information to the crowd. Their emperor was coming in person with many other ancestors? This confirmed that Everlasting was going all out in this usurping effort.

“So what? They can’t save you.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Go!” Quanwei didn’t accept death without a fight and took out a pouch.

“Rawr!” The moment he opened the pouch, a cry of a flood-dragon came about. One as black as ink jumped out. Beneath its jaw was a flesh pocket containing venom.

The vegetation and plants nearby instantly withered from the toxicity.

“Venomous Pythondragon!” An elder was shocked to see it: “Watch it, it’s extremely poisonous!”

The crowd was scared of this name and instantly retreated.

This was a monster raised by Quanwei. Not only was its body completely poisonous, but it was also quite powerful as well. This made up for Quanwei’s weak cultivation, allowing him to compete against stronger foes.

The half-dragon creature spewed out a poisonous smoke. One could hear a melting noise right away. Even the ground was being melted, same with any other metal.

The smoke surrounded Li Qiye completely. Quanwei sighed with relief, certain that Li Qiye had fallen prey just like many others before him.

Alas, a figure came out of the smoke - Li Qiye - completely unaffected. This was nothing compared to the sea of tribulations.

“Ra!” The creature attacked with its mountainous claw, intending of turning him into meat paste.

“Down!” Horrifying rays exuded from the depth of his eyes.

“Boom!” The creature instantly got on the ground like a cute little snake, not daring to move in the slightest.

Many became confused, including Quanwei. Why did his ferocious pet become so obedient towards Li Qiye?

Only the Pill King knew why. This was the power of a supreme. Once a cultivator reached a certain level, each of their word and action could frighten beasts.

It wasn’t that the half-dragon was weak, Li Qiye was simply too terrifying.

Quanwei turned to run again but his legs were no longer touching the ground. Li Qiye had lifted him up by the neck.

“Brother Xianyi, help, help me.” The panicked youth asked for help.

Xianyi was someone who wasn’t qualified to even speak with him in the past but now, they were on the same level. Now, Quanwei had to ask the guy for help.

“Stop!” Xianyi shouted. Everything changed for this guy ever since he joined his Senior Brother’s new backing.

When he entered the royal clan of Everlasting, many Kings acted polite and even respectful towards him.

If he were to meet these Kings in the past, his legs would certainly tremble. Such treatment made his confidence bloat. In his mind, his backing was invincible. All experts and sects in Myriad Lineage must give him face. This was enough for him to do whatever he wanted.

Of course he was scared right now, but his backing gave him enough confidence. Who wouldn’t give him face? He didn’t believe Longevity Valley would break the mold.

“Got something to say?” Li Qiye looked over with his hand still clutching Quanwei’s neck.

“I’m ordering you to let Brother Huang go right now!” Xianyi put on a stern expression, thinking that he was being quite imposing and cool.

“And if I refuse?” Li Qiye became amused.

“Refuse?” Xianyi’s eyes became fiercer as he uttered coldly: “I’m afraid you will find that even Longevity Valley can’t protect you if you don’t give me face!”

Xianyi’s vanity was at an all-time high, starting from a nobody and becoming someone with a chance of being superior to Longevity Valley.

“Oh, you sound quite capable?” Li Qiye looked at him and said: “Why do I see otherwise? Only a nobody with a weak cultivation, inferior to a regular disciple at Longevity Valley.”

This struck the guy where it hurts since it was indeed the truth. He wasn’t a genius; the only reason why he could act like this was by relying on someone else’s prestige.

Being blatantly reminded like this in front of everyone was akin to showing them his ugliest side, leaving him quite embarrassed.

The crowd was secretly enjoying this as well due to Xianyi’s pompous act recently. In fact, he even looked down at some of his old friends in the crowd. There were no fans of him here.

Xianyi trembled with rage before shouting: “Even if I’m weak, there are people who you will never be able to mess with, not just you, even all of Longevity System!”

“Really now?” Li Qiye smirked: “That’s quite hard to find and only makes it even more interesting. I want to provoke them even more.”

“It’s best that you don’t, or…” Xianyi said.

“Pop!” He was interrupted by Quanwei’s death. The guy got turned into a mist of blood again, dying before he could react.

Xianyi’s mouth remained open. Even the emperor of Everlasting got off the imperial carriage to greet him but now, Li Qiye didn’t give a damn. This caught him completely off guard.

“If there are indeed people who I can’t afford to mess with in this world, consider this a provocation.” Li Qiye wiped his palms off before walking towards Xianyi with a smile.
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