Chapter 2494: Lakes Changing Color

The occupation of the army outside didn’t affect Nine-linked Mountains to the disappointment of those who wanted to watch a fun show. They had no choice but to wait for the day when the lakes change color.

As the day drew closer, there were clear changes to the lakes. The already green water turned even more green, almost like the color of jade.

“It’s almost there.” Someone murmured after noticing this.

This brought back excitement to the area. Some began to record the changes while others focused on different parts of Nine-linked to spot anything new.

“This might be a good chance, either for understanding the nine secrets or finding some amazing treasures.” An aristocratic ancestor was eager to try.

Some cultivators began looking around the nine lakes, busily running about.

No clear records existed pertaining to the changes of the nine lakes or the potential result and benefits. There was a lack of complete records about the previous winners as well.

Two characters were usually brought up on this topic - Emperor Zhang and True Emperor Jiu Ning.

The former was the one who revitalized the system, bringing it from the brink of collapse to the very apex, including the foundation of War Saint Dynasty.

Coincidentally enough, the lakes also changed color when he was at Nine-linked Mountains.

Because of this, future generations believed that he had found an amazing treasure here, allowing him to walk on the path towards invincibility.

This also stated that during this moment, he researched the grand dao of the celestials, resulting in the core principles found in his Lucidity Scripture.

As for True Emperor Jiu Ning who was the most powerful in recent generations, people talked about her nine secrets. They said that she also learned the mysteries of the nine secrets during the color change of the lake, becoming one of the few masters of the nine secrets.

There were rumors about other characters as well but they weren’t on the same level as these two, therefore these stories weren’t as popular.

This was the reason why the place was packed right now. Cultivators all around Nine Secrets came to learn. Perhaps they could figure out one of the words or another profound fundamental of the dao. Either way, they would benefit from these harvests for the rest of their lives.

Finally, the color of the lakes began to stabilize. Each had a different color, deep into the spectrum of thickness.

For example, the green lake couldn’t be any greener, resembling a piece of jade with a chilling feeling.

Another was a scarlet red almost like blood. It gave off the feeling of a bloody stench, quite a frightening sensation.

“It’s starting, get ready.” The cultivators began entering the lakes after the stabilization.

They chose different lakes. Some preferred to work alone since they didn’t want to share their findings while others preferred moving in groups to work together.

“Clank!” Suddenly, a sword hymn echoed in the world. All the other swords in existence hummed back.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” These swords seemed to be resonating and led by another divine presence.

“An artifact is coming out?” Cultivators were startled to see the reaction of their weapons.

“Clank!” The hymn of this sword rang again and everyone saw a ray of light rushing to the sky at Myriad Formation Kingdom.

Just this one strand of the sword was enough to sweep through the ages and kill three thousand worlds, more than enough to slay the gods and devils.

This sword energy filled Nine Secrets. An ancient bronze sword slowly rose into the air, seemingly stained with the blood of true immortals.

“What is that?” Not to mention the youths, even the ancestors shuddered after seeing this single strand of ray. Invincible True Gods felt insignificant before the glint of this sword.

“Immortal Slaying Ancient Formation…” An ancestor said with astonishment, noticing the sky bereft of clouds and winds.

“Eight Formation True Emperor has understood the formation.” Another sect master took a deep breath.

“Looks like he can defeat a three-palace emperor and even challenge a four-palace one then.” An ancestor from an ancient lineage murmured.

“Beating someone above his level isn’t the most frightening part. The formation itself is the key point.” An even older ancestor shook his head.

His eyes became serious: “This means that he could control the three Immortal Slaying Swords, allowing him to do what you said earlier. But if he could actually ready the formation and add in the dao of the world to create a great momentum, even a twelve-palace emperor might not be able to escape alive.”

“It’s that terrifying?” His peers were taken aback.

“Yes, that’s why this formation is even above the three great ones in Myriad Formation. Remember, Myriad Formation is a lineage versed in arrays, so their three great ones are incredible.” The ancestor continued: “Since Immortal Slaying Ancient Formation is so strong, no one but the founding emperor of this sect has been able to truly learned it.”


“Tianzhi did it.” Bingchi Hanyu was ecstatic to see this: “At grand completion, even a great immortal can’t get out of this formation.”

The other four great powers were shaken to see the sword ray as well, including the supreme ancestors.

“His power and the three swords aren’t enough to actually touch an Eternal.” One of them said: “The question is, how much power can he get out of this formation? At fifty percent, Eternals might need to start praying once trapped inside.”

In another location, Qin Jianyao had a serious expression as well while staring at the horizon. She eventually sighed: “I can handle the three swords but will lose once the formation comes out.”

“Incredible, that’s why he picked formations as his dao.” The saber saint said with a sigh: “I need to run before the formation takes form or I’ll be chopped into mincemeat.”

As for Tang Hexiang, his expression greatly changed into a pale color. The hand holding his spear started to shudder.

Right now, the two most promising candidates for the thrones were himself and Eight Formation True Emperor.

Previously, it looked as if the emperor had a great advantage. However, he had more supporters and perhaps the two sides were evenly matched.

This was no longer the case after the emperor’s newfound understanding of the formation. The guy would absolutely crush him now, so his aspiration for the throne seemed even more far off.

“Will the emperor come to Nine-linked Mountains since he is finished with his cultivation?” Everyone understood that the emperor was about to come out.

“I believe so.” A young genius said: “Yang Bofan is his direct disciple so he would never let the guy die in vain. At that point with the formation in full effect, no one will be able to escape death. The king won’t be able to prance around for long now.”

“Right, the king is done for.” Someone else sneered right away.

So many were still wishing for the king’s death.


Liu Chuqing herself was moved after seeing the spectacle in the sky since she has heard of this famous formation before.

“That’s good, someone will be bringing a gift to me and I can’t be rude by refusing it.” Li Qiye revealed a wide smile.
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