Chapter 2506: Sneak-attack

The sudden thrust ended successfully in a tiny fraction of a second to the astonishment of the crowd. No one could regain their wits.

This was a fair duel between Li Qiye and the saber saint. Though the saint’s last technique ended with something resembling subterfuge, it wasn’t a sneak-attack but rather a crafty move.

One couldn’t say the same about Tang Hexiang. He, as a spectator, got involved in the fight and took advantage of Li Qiye’s weakness. Such action couldn’t be construed as anything other than being despicable.

Of course, cultivators have always performed ambushes and sneak-attacks before in the past, just not in circumstances like this one.

Tang Hexiang was a genius of Nine Secrets and arguably the representative of War Saint Dynasty. Furthermore, he was the commander of the Imperial Guards. Each of his actions and words was influential and reflective of his moral conduct and reputation.

It was one thing to ambush a mortal enemy. However, Li Qiye was still the king of War Saint busy in a duel. Taking advantage of this moment was utterly contemptible, inappropriate to his status and position. This move would always be criticized, a permanent stain.

“What the hell are you doing?!” The saber saint was greatly affected. The duel has been ruined by Hexiang.

“Saber Saint, I’m simply lending you a hand to avoid further complications.” Hexiang smirked.

Li Qiye was too big of a threat so he didn’t want the guy to have a chance to breathe.

“You’re nothing! I don’t need someone like you to get involved in my fight!” The saber saint’s saber intent intensified while his voice became aggressive.

A genius like the saber saint hated people interfering with his fights the most!

Tang Hexiang naturally didn’t take this in stride. He always believed that the two of them were on the same level, but the saber saint clearly didn’t think so! He took this as a great insult.

“Your Majesty!” Liu Chuqing nearly fainted from shock. She composed herself and rushed forward.

“Junior Sister…” The saber saint didn’t know what to say. It was one thing if he were to defeat Li Qiye himself but the ambush had stained the duel, leaving him in a difficult spot.

“Your Majesty…” She grabbed him as tears poured out.

“Pop.” A bizarre event occurred. Li Qiye was still in her embrace but another him came out from his body, almost like a shedding process.

After the second one came out, the first one disappeared with a spatial fluctuation.

The crowd was stunned again and again, realizing that it wasn’t a shedding process but he has always been there - just in another dimension. Both the saber saint and Tang Hexiang failed to hurt him.

“Silly girl, don’t cry. No one in this world can kill me and those feeble laws can’t hurt me.” He hugged her back and wiped away the tears.

She leaned deep into his chest and tightened her grip, afraid of losing him.

The saber saint heaved a sigh of relief since Li Qiye being alive was good for him. If Li Qiye were to die, he would lose the joy of victory on top of feeling guilty towards his Junior Sister.

“The Path of the Ghost is a bit interesting once you become an Eternal, but the current you is still too young.” Li Qiye chuckled and said.

The saber saint smiled wryly and sighed: “I humbly accept my defeat.”

He had no intention of going again, aware that Li Qiye didn’t go all out and was only playing around. Otherwise, after three moves, he would be lying on the ground already. He knew the great disparity between the two of them, virtually impossible for him to ever catch up.

He found the rumors of the king being useless and idiotic to be hilarious. The world actually considered a being who viewed them as mere insects to be useless?

At the same time, he became excited for his Junior Sister. It looked like she has chosen the right person.

“This so-called genius from War Saint is but a despicable fool, not worth worrying about.” Li Qiye glanced towards Tang Hexiang and chuckled.

All eyes turned towards Hexiang. Though the crowd didn’t say anything, their expression revealed plenty.

No one was perfect, but the sneak-attack earlier betrayed his status and position.

Hexiang grimaced, overwhelmed with embarrassment from the spotlight. If he were successful earlier, then it would be just fine since the victor takes it all; his goal would be achieved. Who cares what others say by that point?

But now, this became a terrible mistake for him.

“Come out and fight, I will have your dog head today!” The saint pointed his saber at Hexiang.

He was truly furious since he had a fair duel with Li Qiye. The outcome didn’t matter since losing was part of life. Even the greatest warrior would eventually lose.

However, Hexiang suddenly interrupted their fight. Others might even think that he and Hexiang were conspiring together. This would be a stain on his reputation in the future. Thus, the only way to quell his anger was to quell Hexiang.

“Saber Saint, we have the same enemy, that’s why I helped you out of goodwill...” Hexiang forced a smile and said.

“Shut up!” The saint interrupted Hexiang and didn’t hold back: “We do not have the same enemy since you’re not qualified to be on the same side as me, come out to accept your death!”

“Clang.” His saber hymned again with impressive murderous intent.

The saber saint didn’t give Hexiang any face at all, causing Hexiang to have an ugly grimace. They were both young and he was the commander of the Imperial guards; they were equals in his mind.

Meanwhile, Qin Jianyao shook her head. Though she didn’t want to kick a man while he’s down, Hexiang was too despicable and asked for this. If it was a different matter, she would try to mediate but not something like this.

The spectators became excited again. The saber saint was being aggressive but as a ninth-level True God, he was qualified to act in this manner.

Someone like Tang Hexiang still had a way to go before catching up.

“Saber Saint, you’re being serious right now?” Hexiang uttered coldly.

The saint snorted: “You think I’m afraid of you? Go ahead and call for backups, my Waterfront Pavilion has never been afraid of trouble.”

Hexiang gripped his spear tightly again, thinking about killing. His goal wasn’t the saint but rather Li Qiye. He still had hidden aces up his sleeve but the saint was making this difficult. Of course, he couldn’t back out right now since he had reached the limit of his patience due to the saint’s overbearing manner.
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