Chapter 2518: The Color Change Of The Lakes

Trepidation remained after the crowd stood up. They kept their head lowered, hands hanging by the waist. Everyone was afraid of provoking him.

He ignored them and said: “Since we’re done here, I can finish my own business.”

He took out a treasure box taken from the stone forest. Some of the crowd has seen it before during that process but no one knew what was inside.

“What is that?” A participant from that event asked.

Even Jianyao and the saber saint held their breath, wanting to know what was inside as well as his “own business”.

Jianyao found the whole thing perplexing. Remember, he casually handed the nine secrets over to Liu Chuqing.

Given the circumstances, Li Qiye didn’t come to kill Ma Mingchun and the legion, not for the nine secrets either.

All three weren’t worth a trip from him; doing them was only out of convenience. Perhaps this particular business of his was his actual goal in coming to this place, something worthwhile.

Something as precious as the nine secrets weren’t worth his time, but this matter or thing was? It must be something earth-shattering.

Though she has seen numerous treasures and had plenty of experiences, she still wanted to see what Li Qiye was here for.

When he opened the box, a reflection flashed like undulating waves as if it contained jade water.

“Alright, let’s begin.” He smiled and poured the water out.

“Splash.” Sure enough, everyone saw that it was extremely clear water once he flipped the box upside-down.

Everyone became surprised. In the beginning, they thought that it contained a peerless treasure, not just this clear liquid.

Strange enough, this liquid had something about it. It exuded an immortal mist so as it fell down to the lake, it looked like the flowing current of a paradisiacal spring.

Perhaps an immortal realm had a crack, allowing this water to ooze down to the mortal world.

This stream of water seemed especially tiny compared to the great lake, akin to a drop of water in an ocean.

Nothing really came of it in the beginning but after a long while, changes to the lake occurred.

“The water is becoming clear.” The first person to notice told everyone.

The crowd was still wondering what the water was; they looked over after hearing the guy.

Sure enough, the water in the lake was changing at a rapid rate. Prior to this, it had a golden color just like molten gold - dazzling and beautiful.

After the clear liquid started pouring down, the lake turned clear at the dropping point. This clear shade began to spread at an incredible pace. The water of the lake looked just like the liquid in the treasure box now.

Remember, this lake was massive and would require an incalculable amount of clear liquid to fill it up. Strange enough, just the tiny stream from the box was enough to fuse with the entire lake.

“No, not just this one, the other eight are becoming clear too.” Someone spotted this change first.

It seemed that the nine lakes were connected, so the clear liquid spread from the golden lake to the rest.

They initially had different colors and today, this difference was amplified even more. This was no longer the case.

“The world had a wrong understanding of this legend.” Jianyao immediately realized something and murmured.

She found that for millions of years now, the sages and geniuses have misunderstood this phenomenon.

People leaped to the sky and saw the receding colors replaced by clearness. The scene was magnificent and stunned them.

“What is going on?” This question popped up in various groups.

One ancestor emotionally said: “This is the first time I’ve seen the lake changing color like this.”

“No!” He suddenly had an epiphany: “The lake changing color doesn’t refer to their individual shade becoming amplified. This is the real change, this clear liquid! We have misunderstood it all along.”

The experts nearby were taken aback after hearing this conjecture. Everyone came today and thought that the lakes were changing color as planned since this has always been the case in the past. The ancestor’s speculation said otherwise.

A while later, the lakes have finally changed to the clear shade.

“So this, this is the real thing?” An old man took a deep breath.

The common belief of this phenomenon has been shattered today to the astonishment of the crowd.

“Yeah, I think this is it.” An aged member of a clan struggled to calm down.

People exchanged glances without speaking, still unable to digest this new change in belief.

Not only were they wrong, but the geniuses and sages from the past were mistaken as well. This included True Emperors and top prodigies.

“So ridiculous.” Many smiled wryly.

“Well, if this is the real color, what secrets are hidden behind it.” Another reacted.

People said that during the color-changing process, one could find the profundities of the grand dao, even the nine secrets.

But that pertained to the previous misconception of the lakes. If this was the real phenomenon, what was hidden behind it?
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