Chapter 2745: Ancient Diagrams

The activation of the crown allowed Jiahui to launch an offensive wave on the corpse. Unfortunately, the group was still at a disadvantage.

Their formation was chaotic now. Re-establishing the formation lines and assuming various responsibilities weren't that easy. Their struggle only served to buy time; defeat seemed inevitable.

Their cultivation was far inferior compared to the four-armed corpse; they relied on the formation and their teamwork to barely hold on.

With the formation in disarray, they have lost half of their advantages so it was impressive that they were still in the fight. This was due to the teamwork gained from the previous training.

“Fools, retreat to the progenitor’s statue. Come up with a plan then try again.”

The struggling seven started retreating while repelling the corpse. They finally made it to the closest statue.

The supreme runes on top of their head started buzzing and resonating with the statue. The statue sent out a supreme light with an untouchable might.

The corpse didn’t dare to get close and could only stare at the seven. If they dared to take half a step away from the statue, it would start the ferocious offense again.

“Try your best now, your lives are in your hands.” Li Qiye told the group as they were trying to come up with a new strategy.

“Let’s go.” He then told Weizheng.

Weizheng didn’t dare to disobey and started pushing the wheelchair away. They didn’t get far before he looked back at the group.

“Ancestor, I think this might be dangerous.” Weizheng couldn’t help but worry since this was the group’s first time away from home and acting without supervision.

After all, Li Qiye might have thrown them into dangerous locations before but he was still there. This was no longer the case now. Unfortunately, Li Qiye didn’t answer him and assumed his hibernating state.

The seven were afraid after Li Qiye left. His presence gave them courage and confidence in the past. After all, their ancestor could handle the sky falling down. Now, they were all alone.

“What… what should we do?” The relatively young Wang Xuehong felt his scalp tingling.

“It’s time for us to take care of ourselves.” Jiahui said: “The young noble can’t watch over us forever.”

She had the most unyielding dao heart out of the group.

“Junior Sister is right. Let’s take this slow, we’ll figure it out eventually.” Li Jiankun took a deep breath and motivated the group.


Li Qiye believed that they wouldn’t be able to mature into real masters under his protection. He ordered Weizheng to push him into the closest city.

This particular one wasn’t the largest but was one of the oldest. In other words, it was made by Everlasting Forefather.

Since there were plenty of cities in these mountains, the new ones were built by future generations, not just the forefather.

They stopped after reaching the gate. There was a gigantic statue of the forefather outside; its head was shrouded.

Li Qiye sighed after seeing this. This was a very good depiction of the old man. Though he was no longer alive, he left behind many legacies.

Weizheng continued into the city to look at the wall. Each city had a wall facing outward and a dao platform. The dao platform was the teleportation area for those who have failed the training.

The walls seemed to be useless because of the locations. They had ancient diagrams carved on them. For millions of years now, people believed that they were mere decorations.

These walls were cut from a massive piece of rock, extremely sturdy and heavy. The diagrams carved on the surface included images and archaic symbols - virtually impossible to comprehend.

Few in history have been able to understand them, and Li Qiye was one of them. He had inherited pretty much everything from Everlasting Xiao. No one else understood the old man more than him due to the time they spent together.

Weizheng pushed him before these diagrams. He still didn’t open his eyes to look at them.

Weizheng glanced over at the dao platform nearby, thinking that Li Qiye was here to wait for the group to come out after failing.

Alas, this wasn’t the case. Li Qiye was observing the diagrams using his heart and mind, not his eyes.

He could only spare a tiny portion of his divine intent to figure out these mysteries. The rest of his divine intents continued to suppress and destroy the supreme existence inside his dao heart.

These diagrams were confusing and random. However, the forefather had his reasons for leaving them behind for future generations.

Of course, only those at a certain power level could make use of them. Even the exceptional geniuses who managed to understand them would lack the power to do anything.

Weizheng quietly waited to the side, unaware of Li Qiye’s intent.

During the waiting process, buzzes came nonstop on the dao platform. Numerous disciples were teleported there. Some were grievously injured; others spat out blood.

They have failed the training and had their barriers broken. Thus, they were teleported to the closest city.

Weizheng became quite worried, afraid that Jiahui’s group would be the next to show up. What if one of them were to die too?

Sure enough, Wang Xuehong eventually got teleported out and rolled on the ground.

“Where are the others? Are they okay?” Weizheng became worried after seeing the bloody wounds on the youth.

“They’re still fighting…” Xuehong spat out a mouthful of blood but before he could finish, a buzzing noise sounded.

Xiu Ling and Xiu Qi were pushed out of the portal as well, wounded. Next came Li Jiankun and Zhao Zhiting, also injured.

Finally, Guo Jiahui and Ruoxi were forced out. Jiahui was especially injured with gruesome wounds; her bones broken in several places. She still didn’t let out a single groan.

They clearly got defeated by the corpse once more. After seeing Li Qiye sitting there, they looked quite embarrassed and were waiting to be scolded.

Fortunately, Li Qiye was still sleeping.

The seven used more ointments and healed quickly. This ointment from Li Qiye was insanely effective.

“Let’s go again.” Jiahui said and the group left for the battlefield.

A while later, all seven returned here with injuries - another failed attempt.

This didn’t hinder their spirit. Their morale was actually boosted because the time it took for them to be sent back increased after each attempt. It meant that they were gradually improving their strategy.

Weizheng heaved a sigh of relief after seeing the obvious improvements. Their effort and pain weren’t for naught.
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