Chapter 3050: Sacred Sword

Ten days have not passed but many have secretly debated the outcome. Some even started betting. The odds seemed even for both sides.

“Fiercest is unfathomable and rising so fast, he’ll win for sure since he’s unbeatable.” Those betting on Li Qiye had a simple reason.

“Two hands can’t take on four fists. Brightking Buddha, Metalkin War God, and the five ancestors of cloud peak, that’s seven. Who can take on the seven of them right now?” The other side had a simple reason as well.

“Haha, they have the number advantage but did you forget that Li Qiye killed the last combatants with a single move? Semi-sword God is Metalkin War God’s senior brother.” A supporter of Li Qiye snorted.

“Listen, I’m not refuting his unfathomable fierceness.” An ancestor remained neutral and analyzed: “This next group is not shabby at all. Brightking Buddha is an abbot, the leader of Buddhism. He naturally has unstoppable treasures, same with Metalkin War God who is the leader of the court…”

He paused for a bit before moving on: “The other five are even more impressive. Their Five Dao As One is nothing short of wondrous, impossible to break. I don’t think Fiercest can come up with a way to stop it.”

“I have heard of this before from my ancestor, he said that even progenitors admire this art.” A junior added.

“Hmm, it looks like the outcome is still unclear.” Many felt that the two sides were evenly matched.

Nevertheless, more and more people bet on Li Qiye due to current events. He had an unstoppable momentum recently. Some thought that only Luminous Master and Orchid Sage could match him in this generation.

Others believed that he was only below these two. That’s still an extremely high evaluation.

Of course, the other camp had many supporters too. The seven came from powerful systems and had friends everywhere. These friends came to support them and even started a slogan - Brightking Buddha’s the best, Metalkin War God’s the greatest…

“Boom!” The conversations about the battle were interrupted by an explosion causing the fiery ocean to quake. Many dropped their task and looked up.

“What’s going on?” Some became afraid since this meteor was still very dangerous.

“Boom!” The fiery ocean quaked again.

“It’s coming from deeper inside, look, it’s that peak over there!” An expert shouted and pointed ahead.

Deep in the fiery ocean existed a towering mountain looking just like a volcano spewing out endless lava. This seemed to be the source of the fiery ocean.

A divine sword pierced the mouth of the volcano. Its actual form wasn’t that large but its presence and aura were immense.

Once one got close enough, they would see laws rotating around the sword. This was a type of eternal suppression.

It represented a supreme will that would always be there regardless of how much time has passed. Its indomitable dao could never be moved by anything.

Its sword energy ravaged the area. Anyone who dares to get close would be grievously injured by these tyrannical rays with haste.

“Buzz.” Strings of light came from the mouth of the volcano at this time. They were sharp and blinding, seemingly cutting the world apart.

“Sword Saint’s peak is opening?” Someone shouted after seeing the bright radiance. Many started heading in that direction.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” Different golden rays rushed to the sky and formed a great tornado with metallic powders, akin to a swarm of locusts. This torrent of metallic laws darkened the sky as a result.

“Metalkin War God!” Everyone knew that only the war god could do something like this.

The metallic pieces fell onto the volcano and latched onto the sword. The energies emanating from the sword suddenly materialized into physical form.

It was as if the metallic pieces were magnetic, latching onto both the sword and its energy.

Thus, the sword energies became more tangible due to the metals stuck on them. The entire area became filled with light pins.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” Some of the metallic pieces on the sword came together to form a massive figure. This figure then slowly fused with the sword.

“What, what is he doing?” Many became startled to see this colossal entity.

This race was quite amazing. Their body was made from pieces of metals assembled together. They could also disassemble at will.

Someone like the war god could take this to the next level, even turning into metallic powders.

“He wants Sword Saint’s personal sword.” An ancestor knew what was going on right away after seeing the war god latching onto Sword Saint’s weapon.

“It’s really his personal sword?” One expert asked.

“Indeed, Sword Saint might be the one who sealed it here too.” The ancestor put on a serious expression: “Look at the dao around it, that’s the progenitor’s invincible sword dao. No one else can imprint it here for eternity beside him.”

“Hmm…” People’s eyes lit up after hearing this.

Everyone knew that though Sword Saint originated from Myriad Lineage and was only a myriad-level progenitor, he eventually made it to the immortal level. Furthermore, his sword dao became unstoppable.

Thus, the presence of his sword made hearts beat faster.

“Wait, so Sword Saint climbed this meteor back in Uncrossable Expanse?” A big shot thought of something and became startled.

“I believe so.” An Everlasting said with a solemn expression.

What the hell happened back then for this progenitor to leave his sword here as a sealing tool?

“One will become invincible with this sword.” A king salivated while watching Metalkin War God’s attempt.

This was an ancestral weapon capable of sweeping through the nine heavens and ten earths.

“Haha, it’s not that easy to get it. So many masters have tried to reach that volcano only to be hurt by the sword energy. Metalkin War God and Brightking Buddha got here early and have been researching all this time.” An ancestor said with disdain.

“Looks like they have figured this out and are ready to take the sword.” A spectator said as Metalkin’s figure grew increasingly larger. The sword rays also grew as if he wanted to fuse with this sword.

The crowd was in awe and clicked their tongue, thinking that the metalkin race was quite strange and magical.

“Amitabha.” A Buddhist chant echoed in the area and another radiance engulfed the place.

“Brightking Buddha is joining in right now! They’re doing it!” Many exclaimed.
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