Chapter 3051: Myriad Buddha Bowl

The boundless Buddhist radiance traveled across the fiery ocean and a golden form appeared - Brightking Buddha.

He wore a yellow kasaya - a mighty treasure worn by the generational abbots of Lankavatara Temple.

The kasaya had thirteen other treasures engraved on it. Each was resplendent and had a rich Buddhist affinity. Their light could blind others.

The Buddhist avatar had his hair tied up in the conventional style. He sat on top of a golden lotus with eighty-eight petals, looking quite majestic. His light could scare away any darkness.

This illumination turned the world into a Buddhist Kingdom. People couldn’t help wanting to prostrate.

Many experts in the fiery ocean placed their palms together and bowed towards him.

“Amitabha.” Some started chanting too. These chants echoed for a while across the horizon.

The place became sacred, making others want to join this holy doctrine. It made people think of a popular adage - the Buddhist ocean might be boundless but turn back and the shore awaits you.

Brightking Buddha, the leader of the Buddhist doctrine, had plenty of worshippers in Immortal Lineage. Many prostrated wherever he went.

“Buzz.” Buddhist particles scattered downward like fairies descending to the mortal realm.

Everyone bathed in this light and felt as if they were becoming part of the Buddhist dao. They could sense this great affinity as they swam in this ocean of power. They naturally wanted to join this doctrine during this process.

This dao infiltrated the fiery ocean. One could hear tiny ripples after the particles touched the lava. These ripples were extremely beautiful and magnificent.

As this went on, the lava was slowly being soaked with the Buddhist dao.

“Buzz.” Finally, the lava itself emitted bright Buddhist rays everywhere. The rays interconnected and formed a Buddhist land to the astonishment of the crowd.

Visual phenomena emerged - stupas, chanting monks, Buddhas teaching the scriptures…

People got an illusion that this place was the abode of a holy being as they listened to the scriptures.

“What is he doing?” This question came up.

“He’s refining the fiery ocean.” An ancestor explained: “They have spent enough time researching this place, understanding its mysteries and laying out the appropriate dao laws. This is their opportunity.”

“Amitabha.” Brightking Buddha’s chant echoed in everyone’s heart. This power frightened the ancestors present.

He then took out an alms bowl and respectfully raised it with both hands.

“Boom!” The bowl exuded a greater radiance with images of Buddhas. These figures rotated around and turned the fiery ocean into a holy kingdom. The figures also started chanting while floating in the air.

“Myriad Buddha Bowl! The defining treasure of Lankavatara Temple!” A king immediately recognized this bowl.

“You’re right.” Another big shot saw it clearly and said: “He actually brought this thing here?”

“Boom!” The metallic figure started growing extremely thick arms.

“Rumble!” The hands started creating pulsing spatial holes with wondrous images within - divine beasts, flashing gods, black sky, azure oceans… Each of his hands seemed to be shouldering an entire world.

“God Descension!” He roared and the hands became blindingly bright.

Gigantic gods started coming out of the spatial holes; their head reached heaven and their feet stomped on the ground.

They looked ethereal and pulsing in and out of existence. Nevertheless, their sacred aura was powerful and oppressive.

They landed on different places of the fiery ocean, surrounding the whole thing with their aura.

“God Descension is a secret technique of Metalkin Divine Court, so powerful.” An Eternal murmured.

“What are they doing?” A confused spectator said.

Many didn’t understand the method of these two so they watched with bated breath.

The two exchanged glances before nodding seriously.

“Begin!” They shouted in unison with enough force to break the world.

“Boom!” The fiery ocean shook once more with continuous detonations.

The gods all over the place tried to lift up the whole thing.

“Rumble!” People felt as if the ocean and the ground were being lifted up.

“Is this really happening?” One shocked spectator asked.

“Yes…” An ancestor confirmed.

“Activate!” The duo crazily shouted once more.

“Boom!” A portal opened within the Buddhist bowl with the help of numerous Buddhas. A heavy creaking noise could be heard as if a great gate was being opened.

Buddhist affinity inside the gate turned into a maelstrom. The fiery ocean also exuded the same affinity.

Waves of lava started rushing towards the bowl to the astonishment of the crowd.

The gate of Buddhism began devouring all of the lava. Each wave was tall enough to strike the stars in the sky. However, this bowl seemed bottomless and could handle the massive influx.

People’s jaw dropped to the ground after seeing this.

“Up!” Metalkin War God roared and all of his hands grabbed the hilt of the sacred sword. He stabilized his feet and got ready to pull; everyone felt the earth sank a little as a result.

“Creak-” He pulled with all of his might and the sword was being lifted from the volcano, inch by inch.

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