Chapter 3052: Warlike

“Clank!” A sword hymn and the lamentation of the myriad laws signaled the withdrawal of the sacred sword.

Swords belonging to the experts in the vicinity started hymning in harmonization. They almost lost control as these swords nearly flew out of their sheath.

“Buzz.” The sacred sword released a boundless beam containing individual heavenly swords. They rotated in the sky, completely surrounding the area.

Metalkin War God held the weapon in his hand and pointed forward for a test. A devastating beam shot out and created a terrible black hole.

He had control of all the sword dao now, becoming a ruler with the universe in his palm.

His gaze became sharp and unforgiving. The floating heavenly swords behind him made others want to prostrate.

The lord of swords, the king of the sword dao, the ruler of all; just one wave of his hand would send these swords after his enemy. Even the strongest would end up losing their head.

“So strong!” The spectators shuddered after feeling this new aura.

“Whoosh!” Meanwhile, the bowl successfully took in the last bit of lava. The fiery ocean was nowhere to be found, revealing the scorched ground beneath.

Thus, the sword energy, lava, and underlying flames have disappeared.

The light of the bowl intensified after taking in the lava, akin to a supervolcano on the verge of erupting and ending the world.

Everyone could feel the insane energy within as Brightking Buddha held it with both hands. It was as if a lava devil was screaming inside, wanting to break out from the bowl.

The world became silent as these two stood there with their empowered artifacts.

Fear pervaded the air. Just any carelessness in controlling either of these powers could result in immense devastation.

“They’re so heaven-defying, taking the sword and the entire ocean of fire. Who else can do something so grand?” Many experts gasped in response.

“They have understood the mysteries in this place.” An Everlasting added: “The sacred sword was here to suppress the evil flame. As long as the flame was around, so would this sword dao. Nothing could have moved it.”

Many agreed with this because Sword Saint was an immortal-level progenitor. Nothing could go against his wish.

“However, if one were to take away this flame, then the sword dao would recede as well. That’s why the two of them worked together. One took the flame while the other pulled the sword up. This period is the best time since the power of the sword was busy fighting against the flame. Pretty much hitting two birds with one stone.”

“Furthermore, they were lucky that the sword has been here for so long. It erased the strongest parts of the evil flame so Brightking Buddha had a far easier time taking it in.” The Everlasting continued: “Nonetheless, these two were very impressive. Others, including emperors, might not be able to do the same.”

“Yes, impressive indeed.” The crowd could sense that these two have achieved their peak state during this process.

“Looks like they might win the duel.” One expert murmured.

“Yes, Having that sword should make one invincible.” Many changed their opinion about the victor.

Prior to this, more people bet on Li Qiye to come out ahead. Now, some have changed their mind, even those who had absolute confidence in Li Qiye.

“No mercy will be shown!” Metalkin War God’s voice echoed across the realm, carrying a strange metallic ringing filled with murderous intent.

“Those who oppose the divine court will die regardless of who they are and where they’re from!” He continued.

“Buzz.” His massive metallic figure collapsed and turned into countless powders. They started scattering all over the meteor.

“Ahhh!” Pitiful screams came next.

Blood splashed everywhere as cultivators fell down, becoming victims to the powders. The corpses had countless holes as if they had been pierced by a rain of arrows.

Thousands bled out in their own pool of blood. None had a chance to fight back at all.

“What’s going on?!” The screams horrified any listener.

“They’re disciples from God Eye System, all dead now…” An ancestor took a deep breath.

“...” Many shuddered in response.

God Eye was quite strong in Immortal Lineage and had plenty of sects. They sent many disciples to the meteor as well.

However, all were killed in the blink of an eye. This was an effective and brutal technique.

“A battle between two systems is coming soon…” The crowd exchanged glances, aware of what’s coming next.

It was no secret by this point that Three-eyed Prodigy had stolen Metalkin War God’s fiancee, Spiritheart Emperor. This was retaliation.

The war god clearly couldn’t swallow this anger and wanted to let people know the consequences of taking his woman.

“Poor guys…” Another murmured.

Though Three-eyed Prodigy’s branch was currently in charge of God Eye, many of the victims had nothing to do with the prodigy. They weren’t even in the same sect.

“I will destroy God Eye and dig out Three-eyed Prodigy’s heart after ten days!” He declared to the horror of the crowd.

He was famous for his bloodthirst and love for battle but seeing it in person was an entirely different story.

Legs quivered with fear. They felt that he was a blood-thirsty beast, not a war god.

“True to his fame.” One frightened spectator quietly said.

Most knew that provoking him would often end with a massacre. He would kill his enemies and their clans and sects.

Thus, someone said that he left behind mountains of corpses and rivers of blood wherever he went.

“God Eye versus Metalkin Divine Court, it’s inevitable.” One ancestor concluded.

A war between systems rarely happened in Immortal Lineage. Why? Because a war of this scale would last for a long time, perhaps several thousand years with insane casualties and suffering.

Now, Metalkin War God had declared war on God Eye System!
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