Chapter 3053: Great Battle

Ten days passed by quickly enough. Many have come to witness the fight.

In fact, people have arrived several days ago to get the best spot. Some occupied the highest peaks. A few powerful Everlastings even built observation mirrors in order to watch with their juniors from a safe distance…

Many experts didn’t mind running all the way to the meteor for this event. Some powerful systems even directly opened a portal so that they could send more disciples here.

After all, this was a battle of the imperial level, a very rare sight in each generation. No cultivator would want to miss it.

Because of this, the title of Fiercest spread all over Immortal Lineage. Everyone knew of him and his battle records by now.

Today, he was going to fight against seven masters all alone - Brightking Buddha, Metalkin War God, and the five masters from cloud peak.

Because of this, the great geniuses of Immortal Lineage who have heard about this impressive battle sighed and said: “Who but progenitors would dare to fight against seven masters like this? Fiercest is indeed the role model for our young generation, the number one cultivator below the two progenitors.”

“Monstrous and red-blooded indeed, daring to face the tigers and wolves head-on.” Even the older experts felt admiration.

Brightking Buddha had his wondrous Buddhist arts. Metalkin War God was invincible. The five masters of cloud peak were even stronger. Only the two progenitors would dare to take them on alone.

This was indicative of Fiercest’s fearlessness and audacity.

“He’s too rigid.” A big shot from the last generation shook his head: “Too much pride going against the seven. He might actually be stronger than them but the risk is too high. One wrong move and death is the result. No need for this.”

“True, Fiercest has been unstoppable since his dao debut. His potential is limitless and becoming a progenitor is a certain thing. However, he is just too hot-headed and overly confident, this will be his downfall. Why can’t he just back off a bit now and wait till his wings are fully grown before fighting?” An ancestor felt the same way, thinking that this choice was out of blind pride and arrogance.

“He’s suicidal, heh, probably doesn’t know how strong his foes are. Just Metalkin War God alone has more battle experience than he does. Fiercest’s battle record is insignificant in comparison.” Those who didn’t like Li Qiye started gloating and couldn’t wait to watch the guy die.

Metalkin War God also had a lot of fans. One became vocal: “He’s the one who gave himself the title Fiercest. He won’t be talking anymore, only his screams filled with regrets will be heard across the realms.”

Of course, Li Qiye still had his own supporters but most people were bullish regarding the seven’s chances. These discussions sprung everywhere.

At this moment, Li Qiye was nowhere to be found. On the other hand, Metalkin War God has been staying on top of the volcano with the sacred sword next to him.

People could sense his battle intent from far away. Anyone who entered his domain would be attacked by this aura, akin to being smashed in the head by a huge hammer.

The weak would have their head smashed open and brains flying everywhere. Even the strong would start seeing stars.

That’s why the spectators didn’t dare to come close. Only a few could withstand his ferocious battle intent.

“So strong.” Everyone got chills after seeing this. Metalkin War God was an uncaged beast, ready to devour people.

“True to his title.” Some felt admiration after this experience. Only those who actually saw his battle intent in person would appreciate how apt his title was.

On the contrary, Brightking Buddha who was also sitting there on top of a golden lotus looked like an ordinary monk. His golden aura was confined to a three-meter radius around him.

His eyes were closed; palms placed together. He seemed to be in a state of zen while chanting Buddhist scripture.

Nevertheless, people still felt an aura of inviolable holiness about him and instinctively felt admiration. He resembled a merciful monk with a deep love for all living beings. Such a benevolent person was worthy of respect.

In fact, Brightking Buddha wasn’t actually that old. Though he was renowned and his speeches and tales were widespread, he wasn’t a typical old and enlightened monk.

He was actually quite handsome but this was overshadowed due to his peerless attainment in the Buddhist dao. Everyone saw him as a great monk with unfathomable cultivation. This was completely understandable due to his aura and accomplishments so far.

“He’s really the most talented abbot in the history of Lankavatara Temple.” One spectator said after noticing that the Buddha could sit there casually and still suppress the firmaments.

The two have been waiting there for a while now. However, others didn’t see the five masters from cloud peak just yet and started wondering.

“This is the key.” A big shot said: “Keep in mind that Guan Yunshen is Orchid Sage’s senior uncle and had taught him before.”

“This Li guy is courting death for provoking Guan Yunshen, it’s the same as opposing Orchid Sage. The sage won’t let it go if he were to kill Guan Yunshen.” Another person murmured.

Many have thought of this point before since the relationship between Yunshen and the sage was well-documented. They thought the sage would definitely stand up for his senior.

“Haha, maybe Orchid Sage himself will come, that’ll be something.” Someone had a bold thought.

Many became excited right away at this possibility. After all, no one has seen Orchi Sage in action recently.

“Rumble!” Suddenly, battleships appeared on the horizon before Li Qiye. These ships were a sight to behold and made the area tremble.

The clouds in the sky instantly dispersed as a result. Space itself was feeling the pressure.

“The combined fleet of God Eye System…” Someone recognized this fleet and exclaimed.

“They’re not messing around, this is a full-force alliance of the sects there.” Another added.

God Eye was immensely powerful with plenty of sects. The appearance of this alliance meant that they were taking this matter seriously.

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