Chapter 3054: War Between Systems

“Rumble!” One ship came after another. It didn’t take long before the fleet blotted out the sky in an endless manner. They seemingly sent enough to overflow this meteor.

“So many…” Many were shaken at this sight.

“So this is the strength of a mighty system…” Those from smaller sects became envious.

People put on a serious expression as a result. A system could have tens of thousands of sects. One sect might have full authority but to mobilize a combined fleet was a difficult matter.

Internal conflicts and politics usually delayed any means of mass mobilization. This wasn’t the case for God Eye - a testament to their solidarity and the firm grasp Three-eyed Prodigy’s branch had with regards to influence.

“It’s beginning.” Many realized that another type of shocking battle was about to take place.

Metalkin War God killed all the disciples from God Eye on the meteor several days ago. This system clearly wouldn’t just sit idly by after this transgression.

Moreover, the war god even threatened to destroy God Eye. Things have escalated to the level of war.

The metalkins were a powerful race but so was the three-eyed race. These races made up the majority of their systems, hence the great solidarity displayed.

“God Eye System is no slouch, they won’t let provocation go unpunished.” One spectator commented after seeing the strength of the fleet.

At this point in time, Three-eyed Prodigy wasn’t as prestigious as Metalkin War God. This gave people the false illusion that his system was weaker than the divine court as well. This might not be the case at all.

“Suicidal fools!” Metalkin War God’s eyes turned fierce and his body started glowing.

“Buzz.” He dispersed into countless powders again. They took the form of several hundred golden tornadoes.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The tornadoes rushed forward and crushed everything in their path, looking like hundreds of roaring dragons.

Numerous ships were pushed up to the sky, caught in the tornadoes’ rotation.

“Crack!” They crumbled to pieces as a result.

“Ahh!” Blood gushes out from the ships while corpses rained down to the ground.

Several hundred ships have been destroyed in no time at all.

“Damn! Zero mercy!” The spectators shuddered and turned pale.

Metalkin War God seemed unstoppable with his first move, showing off his ruthless ferocity.

“Rumble!” The tornadoes continued moving towards the rest of the fleet.

“Boom!” Suddenly, a scorching pulse came out of nowhere and pierced through a dozen tornadoes.

The aura of a progenitor engulfed the sky as if one was here in person.

“Boom!” The powders retreated back to the volcano and the war god appeared again. He staggered backward, needing to stabilize himself after being struck by the terrifying pulse.

The powerful god couldn’t withstand the full brunt of this massive pulse.

One could see a great warship appearing on the horizon. Its hulls were cast from progenitor-level metals. It had an insignia of a golden eye exuding an invincible light, akin to the eye of a progenitor.

“Golden Vessel, the warship of God Eye Progenitor!” A spectator shouted in astonishment.

This was an ultimate treasure made by a progenitor for the sake of expedition. It swept through the realms during that era - a symbol of God Eye Progenitor.

People finally understood why Metalkin War God was pushed back despite being so powerful. This warship was unfathomable with means left behind by a progenitor.

“Golden Vessel, so what!? Metalkin Divine Court is afraid of no one!” The war god’s expression became serious as he raised his hand up.

“Rumble!” A dao portal as large as the sky vault formed above him.

“Boom!” A great army could be seen on the other side.

Countless chariots pulled by horned beasts rushed out of the opened portal. They were made from precious metals; the riders had an impressive aura and intense bloodthirst.

Some chariots were old with battle marks and scars. Some still had arrows pinned on them. They have clearly been through numerous battlefields.

Millions came out and formed a mighty army, also filling up the sky.

“The divine court’s army.” The spectators became frightened once more.

The two camps occupied the area completely. One side had chariots and the other, warships.

Tens of million soldiers have gathered in this place. Their battle spirit overwhelmed the land.

People felt as if the air was getting thinner, making it harder to breathe.

“It’s really happening, I think millions will die today.” The spectators from the distance had a solemn expression.

Many have never seen such a magnificent sight before - a battle between two systems consisting of millions and millions of soldiers.

“A war over one woman.” One spectator quietly mumbled.

Systems never carelessly waged war against another due to the sheer scale. Alas, one was happening today.
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