Chapter 3055: God Eye Sovereign

The chill of blades and various auras of brutality permeated the area, causing the spectators to shudder.

“Buzz.” An old man appeared on the bow of the golden warship. Three-eyed Prodigy stood beside him.

He wore a signal flag that was fluttering to the wind. His third eye remained closed but some light was still leaking out. Just one strand of this light could dissect the world and bring back primordial chaos.

It was unreasonably resplendent, enough to blind everyone and brighter than a sun.

“God Eye Sovereign!” The ancestors among the crowd became startled.

“The sovereign is here too…” Those who knew of this old man couldn’t believe it.

He was the strongest existence in God Eye System, a mighty Supreme Everlasting. His third eye had reached a level capable of easily killing emperors.

It has been many eras since the world last heard any news about him. Who would have thought that he would personally preside over this war? This showed just how serious God Eye System was, ready to fight the court till death.

“Our system isn’t easily bullied and will not let you get away with the previous transgression.” He said with a calm yet dignified tone.

Even the strongest emperor would feel a prick to the heart after being glanced at by this old man. He clearly returned to obtain justice for the system on top of backing the prodigy up.

Many glanced over at the war god. He was a battle-hardened twelve-palace emperor. However, his chance of winning against a being of this level was slim.

Of course, some paid attention to Brightking Buddha as well. They were currently allies and maybe, even the five masters from cloud peak will help.

Alas, they should know that by participating in this battle, they would also bring their own system into this mess.

“Sovereign, let the young ones figure it out. Our old bones deserve rest.” A cold voice answered.

“Creak-” A golden chariot emerged from the dao portal with a glowing radiance, made from the best grade of gold. It seemed as if a sun god was arriving.

An old man stood on the chariot - a beautiful golden from top bottom. His body didn’t seem to be made from flesh, only metal.

He wore a solar crest with flames pouring down all over him. Anything that got close would instantly turn to ashes. Even the spectators could feel an unbearable heat despite being considerably far away.

“Solar Mad God!” Everyone had a deep impression of this old man.

Those who have met him once would never be able to forget. Those who have read about him would instantly recognize him at first glance.

“These two systems are not holding back.” An ancestor at the Everlasting level said with dread.

Solar Mad God was the ultimate metalkin, also a Supreme Everlasting. He was most likely the strongest surviving metalkin.

These two reclusive masters have shown up again to intimidate the nine heavens. Weaker cultivators were on their knees before the immense pressure.

This made it abundantly clear that war was completely inevitable. One system would cease to exist afterward.

“Dao Brother God Eye, long time no see.” Solar Mad God’s light illuminated the world as if he was the very source.

“Dao Brother Solar. I won’t deny the logic in letting the youths deal with their own business. However, your young disciple killed several hundred thousand members of my system. We need an answer for this.”

“Life and death are just part of the natural order.” Solar Mad God’s lips curled into an aggressive smile: “War is cruel and people are killed every day. They can only blame themselves for being weak.”

“So that’s how you view this.” The sovereign snorted: “Well, how about letting my useless junior here go into your system and kill a few hundred thousand members too? They can only blame themselves, right?”

Solar Mad God’s eyes lit up as if two flame dragons were rushing out after hearing this.

Meanwhile, the listeners held their breath. Three-eyed Prodigy wasn’t the strongest member of the young generation but if the sovereign were to transport him to the territory of the metalkins, he wouldn’t have any problem massacring the mortals there. No metalkins would be able to stop him from wreaking havoc.

The most terrible thing about an intersystem war wasn’t a fight between its powerful combatants. It’s when one side decided to attack and kill the other side’s mortals. This was extremely hard to stop.

Of course, people usually looked down on this wretched act.

However, Metalkin War God had done just that, massacring weak disciples from God Eye without any warning. This certainly wasn’t on the side of morality, not something a twelve-palace emperor should have done.

Thus, retaliation from God Eye System might result in many mortals and weaker sects being erased in just one night.

“Brother God Eye, your request is nothing but unreasonable.” Solar Mad God uttered.

“Same with your disciple’s massacre earlier.” The sovereign said: “If you don’t want an all-out war, we demand an acceptable answer!”

The two sides wouldn’t relent since they were ready for a bloody war.

“What answer do you want?” The mad god snorted.

“Nothing big, first, nullify your system’s marriage agreement with Garden of God, then we can discuss this further.” The sovereign revealed.

People raised their brows after hearing this. It looked like God Eye System still wanted to compete with the divine court for Spiritheart Emperor.

“Haha, looks like you won’t give up.” The mad god scowled.

“There’s nothing to negotiate here! Kill them all.” Metalkin War God’s bloodthirst suddenly erupted like a wild beast ready to devour the world. His eyes glowing with animosity made everyone shudder.

How could a twelve-palace emperor let someone else take his woman? He aggressively declared: “I will destroy your system and your entire race! Not one member will be left alive!”

The spectators could already see an ocean of blood from this declaration along with wails of lamentation after hearing him.

“We’ll see about that. War it is then!” The sovereign shouted back.

“Let us solve this on the battlefield!” The mad god let out a cold laughter.

“Boom!” He didn’t need to move at all but his solar true flame rushed towards the sovereign.

“Let’s go!” The sovereign retaliated by shooting two heavenly beams from his eyes.
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