Chapter 3056: Bloody Figh

“Boom!” God Eye Sovereign and Solar Mad God broke the sky vault after their first exchange. They soared up above and destroyed everything above.

The sovereign opened his third eye and unleashed a devastating explosion.

A gigantic eye seemed to be opening. Everything else became as small as specks of dust, completely under the great eye’s vision.

“Boom!” This golden eye derived the myriad dao. A true dragon soared and roared; a phoenix crossed the sky with wings as sharp as blades; a black tortoise resided and defended an entire area…

He became the lord of mythical beasts wielding enough power to tear all apart.

The solar god wasn’t afraid in the slightest. He let out a battle cry and his radiance intensified along with his solar flame. The stars instantly turned into lava from the temperature.

“Screech!” A three-legged golden crow emerged from the lava. It spread its wings and released terrible flames downward. The sharpness of its wings could cut the fabrics of reality and time.

“Rumble!” Their battle made it seem as if a thousand suns were exploding at the same time. No one could look straight up in the air.

A battle between two Supreme Everlastings was ferocious and apocalyptic. Fortunately, they were fighting up in space, far away from anyone else.

“Slay them all!” Meanwhile, the disciples of the two systems began.

Millions of weapons were unsheathed; countless treasures flew into the air.

Flames and ice ravaged miles and miles. Deafening roars of beasts assaulted the ears.

“Rumble!” The chariots of Metalkin Divine Court rushed forward like a tsunami of steel. The wheels crushed space itself.

The squadrons of God Eye didn’t relent at all. Their ships unleashed barrages of heavenly beams.

“Ah! Ah…” Cries of agony rang unceasingly.

Waves of millions of cultivators and soldiers smashed into each other, resulting in casualties upward of thousands each second.

Blood and corpses rained down from the dark sky due to the sheer number of combatants.

Of course, treasures of various colors also illuminated the place along with a loud cacophony of war. This killing went on for a while.

The area turned into a scene of hell with blood staining the ground. Corpses started piling up.

The spectators rightfully became horrified. Those who haven’t witnessed a battle of this scale turned pale from listening to the screams.

They realized the horror of an inter-system war. So many mortals and powerful cultivators were going to die. This made them think to never become warmongers or their system would face the same problem.

“Die!” Metalkin War God’s massive metallic figure leaped to the sky towards the golden vessel with a hammer in one hand and a shield in the other.

“Rumble!” He unleashed attacks like an unending storm causing the vessel to tremble.

Though it had progenitor-level defensive measures, they wouldn’t last for that long against the constant barrages.

“Whoosh!” The vessel erupted and shot another beam straight at him.

This progenitorial beam was unstoppable and could pierce through the ages. Not even an army could stop it.

“Activate!” He opened his twelve palaces and illuminated the surroundings. His imperial aura ravaged the nine firmaments as if he was the ruler of all.

Layers emerged on his shield with the images of ancient beasts to stop the incoming beam.

This made him as immovable as a mountain. Alas, he still had a hard time stopping the beam shooting straight at this shield.

“Rumble!” The sky seemingly spun under the impact.

The newly-formed layers started breaking down and his massive frame was being pushed back.

A progenitor was simply too much, not to mention that God Eye Progenitor was at the immortal level. His vessel remained unfathomable.

The mightest True Emperor would still have a hard time stopping a progenitorial artifact by their own power.

“Clank!” A sonorous metallic clank sounded and a pair of wings appeared to stop the pulsing beam.

Everyone saw a heavenly stallion taking form in front of the war god. It seemed to be cast from gold.

Its wings in particular looked extravagant and gorgeous - a true work of art from an ultimate maestro. They managed to stop the pulse and emitted its own progenitorial aura.

Everyone could suddenly see the sight of a great progenitor riding this stallion on the battlefield, galloping across the realms.

“Metalkin Celestial Stallion, the mount of their progenitor!” An ancestor shouted after seeing the stallion.

“It looks incredible!” People started coveting this treasure. Having it would be more than they could ever ask for.

It became a contest between the stallion and the vessel.

Metalkin War God abandoned attacking the vessel and focused his efforts on the fleet instead, smashing his hammer and swinging his shield.

A ten-thousand miles radius became nothingness after one smash of the hammer. The shield swept through with an unstoppable shockwave.

“Boom!” Thousands of ships broke down to pieces after this devastating onslaught.

“Ahh!” Corpses and pieces of scrap metals fell down.

This twelve-palace emperor was unstoppable and continued to massacre the members of God Eye System.

“So strong and merciless!” The frightened spectators could only use these words.

“Metalkin War God, your opponent is me!” A thousand spears made out of light rained down on the war god. Each could pierce through the earth and refine the myriad laws.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The war god roared and raised his shield in order to stop the attack.

Someone has finally stopped his rampage. It was none other than Three-eyed Prodigy.

His third eye was open by this point, looking profound and bright as if there was a golden world within.

“You!” The war god’s eyes flashed with brutality.

“And?” The prodigy stood there, his hair and robe fluttered to the wind.

The two combatants posed in the air, opposite of each other. The atmosphere became unbearable.
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