Chapter 3057: Sole Dao Mirror

The spectators themselves became nervous while watching the two combatants in the air.

Everyone knew that the prodigy was interested in Spiritheart Emperor, going as far as to court her. However, she was Metalkin War God’s fiancee.

This became a battle of love, something even fiercer than a normal battle. Their expression contained nothing but coldness and bloodlust.

For the war god, the sin of trying to steal his woman was unforgivable - one deserving of being cut to pieces, a desecrated death without a grave.

As for the prodigy, he needed to defeat this love rival. Moreover, the guy had killed too many disciples from God Eye. He needed to kill the war god so that these disciples could rest in peace.

A stark disparity became apparent right away. The prodigy was still too young, looking like a naive youth compared to the ferocious war god.

The latter was an emperor who had experienced numerous battles and bathed in too much blood. This past turned him into a merciless emperor with a brutal aura just by standing there.

Of course, the prodigy had also trained hard since he was from a prestigious and powerful system. The issue here was just a lack of time.

The war god was a saber used on the battlefield while the prodigy was the sword of a noble.

When this saber was unsheathed, people could smell the stench of blood right away. The noble’s sword still had a scary glint but it lacked a murderous intent.

Moreover, the powerful ancestors noticed something else with regard to their cultivation - the war god was clearly more powerful.

Some praised the prodigy for having peerless talents, going as far as to say that he was more talented than Luminous Master. Once again, he was simply too young and had only made his dao debut recently. Thus, he wasn’t a match for the war god in terms of raw strength.

“I will claw out your heart and eat it today.” Metalkin War God coldly threatened, exuding a metallic chill on top of bloodthirst.

Some of the spectators could actually imagine this grotesque scene after hearing him.

“One of us will die today.” The prodigy spoke with his chest proudly arched forward despite being the underdog. Retreating now would leave him with an unerasable heart devil.

“Die!” The war god roared and smashed his hammer with enough force to crush the stars.

“Boom!” He also thrust his shield straight for the prodigy’s chest. It crushed through the void and appeared in front of the prodigy in the next second.

This dual-pronged attack encompassed the power of a true emperor without holding back. Each technique was his best, intending on pushing the prodigy off the edge of life.

“Activate!” The prodigy roared and focused his golden eye. A world emerged with a golden ocean.

This ocean appeared between the two combatants and after a deafening blast, a tsunami initiated towards the war god. The might of this golden ocean was enough to crush the entire world.

“Boom!” The hammer and shield struck the ocean instead, causing it to sink downward with waves splashing in all directions.

The war god continued his assault and channeled the energy from his twelve palaces into his attacks. His great form resembled an enraged dragon with chaotic energy.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” He wouldn’t stop smashing forward with both the hammer and shield. There was no technique this time around, only raw destruction.

The golden ocean was mighty but it started yielding. Deep marine trenches formed everywhere.

“Boom!” It eventually lost its defensive rigidity so the mass of water poured down.

The prodigy staggered dozens of steps backward, crushing the spatial fabrics beneath his feet.

“Ugh…” He spat out several mouthfuls of blood and became pale, suffering serious injuries.

The spectators gasped after seeing this. The war god was tyrannical indeed, living up to his fame.

In fact, other twelve-palace emperors might have a hard time fighting against him because he was too versed in battle. His frenzy state made it hard to counter. The guy was born for battle.

The worst part was because of his cultivation level and bloodlust, he became a machine of war, prone to annihilate more than just his enemies. Even their systems faced danger.

“I can already taste your blood and heart.” The war god raised his hammer towards the prodigy.

Some knew that this wasn’t an empty threat. In fact, drinking blood on the battlefield has been his style.

Most emperors wouldn’t do something like this because they, more or less, cared about their reputation. They wouldn’t and couldn’t do it.

This wasn’t the case for Metalkin War God. This made others fearful of him, not wanting to become his enemies.

“Too early to start celebrating, wait until I’m dead.” The prodigy retorted.

Despite the clear disadvantage, the prodigy wasn’t afraid of any threat at all. He remained imperious and proud - the style of a true master. Plus, a half-step Everlasting like him was no weakling in the first place.

“His future potential is limitless if he can survive today.” An Everlasting nodded approvingly after seeing the prodigy. It was only a matter of time before this youth would surpass Metalkin War God.

“Buzz.” The prodigy summoned an ancient mirror with a long and narrow oval shape. It looked more like a vertical eye and was made from unknown materials.

The surface itself wasn’t that bright yet still gave off a profound presence as if another world was inside.

Thus, when he held this mirror, it was as if he was holding an entire world - quite an extraordinary feeling.

“Sole Dao Mirror!” The Everlasting observing the fight recognized the mirror right away.

“Sole Dao Mirror? Another powerful artifact from God Eye Progenitor.” The other ancestors recognized this name.

This particular artifact was very useful for those who were in possession of a golden eye.

“Hmph, it still won’t save you! I don’t care what treasure you take out or who you call for reinforcement, your fate is sealed.” The war god snorted while looking at the mirror in front of the prodigy’s chest.

“We’ll see who will come out victorious!” The prodigy roared.

His golden eye activated once more along with the world inside. This second opening resonated with the mirror in his chest. It started exuding a golden radiance as well.

This radiance became more and more resplendent. The mirror looked like a larger golden eye by this point and started moving around just like a real eye.
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