Chapter 3058: Trinity Seal

“Boom!” The mirror has fully activated so its progenitorial aura soared to the sky, causing the prodigy’s sleeves to wildly flutter.

Behind him was a chaotic expanse just like the start of a world. The primal gods were being born.

The expanse started shaking and rumbling with explosions. Gradually, a figure started to emerge.

“Boom!” This was the physical manifestation of a progenitorial aura. It surpassed the myriad realms and loomed above all creations. The grand dao of the world lamented at its coming.

“God Eye Progenitor!” Many immediately recognized the great figure.

This avatar form was still faint and only had a general outline but its aura seemed so real. The weak couldn’t get up any longer, forced to stay on the ground.

“Pop.” An indistinct sound popped. It wasn’t particularly loud or special but it felt like the world itself was moving.

In this split second, a being seemed to be opening its eyes to look at this primordial world.

“Boom!” The next sound was the complete opposite - as loud as can be.

The figure of the progenitor opened its third eye. Everything else seemed dimmed in comparison regardless of how bright they used to be.

Three separate radiances were shot out and forced the world into a halt. One came from the prodigy’s golden eye, another from the mirror, and the final one from the progenitor’s figure.

“Boom!” Everyone felt the meteor being pierced by the three beams at the same time. All affinities were forced into submission, completely frozen as a result.

“Trinity Seal!” The prodigy roared and leaped to the sky along with the three vision beams.

His hair pointed up straight while his vitality and energy turned into a raging storm.

“Damn!” Many blurted out. These three beams were capable of piercing through an entire system.

“Boom!” The beams struck the war god’s shield and instantly crushed it into smithereens. Keep in mind that this shield was a mighty imperial artifact.

“Break!” The war god suddenly threw his hammer forward.

His gigantic form changed into a sharp golden drill. It began spinning and building momentum for a powerful thrust.

“Rumble!” It could pierce through heaven and earth since it was as sharp as possible.

The hammer thrown earlier finally disintegrated before the might of the three beams. The latter continued forward to hit the golden drill.

“Rumble!” The drill rotated at an insane rate but it couldn’t move forward at all. In fact, the three beams were pushing it back.

“Die!” The prodigy roared and the three beams exploded at the same time, releasing the most domineering light. Strangely enough, it was as if the world was falling into darkness relative to its brightness.

Fiery sparks splashed everywhere with pure destruction. This area seemed doomed by this point.

The large drill got blown flying towards the horizon before smashing into the ground.

Once everyone calmed down, the three lights were no longer there and a regular hue returned to the sky.

The prodigy was panting for breath this time. This move clearly expended a large amount of his energy.

“Did the war god lose?” Everyone gasped in disbelief by this shocking scene.

Who would have thought that the war god would lose the previous exchange so badly?

“He’s still only an emperor. It’s too hard to touch a progenitor without special means and treasures. That’s why progenitors are untouchable.” One person whispered.

“So strong, he’ll definitely become a Fardao if he lives long enough.” An ancestor commented.

No one refuted this statement due to the prodigy’s talents. He only needed time to reach that realm.

“Boom!” As people were wondering whether the war god was alive or not, the ground suddenly sank down due to a mighty stomp.

The war god appeared above again before anyone could react. He was bloodied all over, especially in his chest area due to a gaping wound. That move earlier nearly penetrated him.

The spectators thought that if they were in his shoes, they would have been rendered to ashes now.

However, he was terrifying and tough indeed to survive that blow. He looked to be full of vigor still - a testament to his strength.

The prodigy raised his brows after seeing this. The guy surviving was within expectation, just not his resilience.

“Buzz.” The hole on the war god’s chest swiftly closed. His metallic form became shiny again with no visible wounds.

“So strong, it’s not that easy to kill a metalkin.” A spectator was horrified at this recovery rate.

Most knew how hard it was to kill a metalkin. They could come back together even after being blown to multiple pieces.

Their physical constitution far exceeded the average. This was one of the reasons why they became a leading race in Immortal Lineage.

“A bit capable. Unfortunately, you’re facing me today, there’s no escape for you.” The war god aggressively said.

He spoke with such conviction as if this was predetermined. People could see the prodigy being crucified to the ground already.

“Armors!” He shouted and numerous armor plates appeared and latched onto him.

“Clank!” He finished adorning this set of armors that had the power of a progenitor. This made him look even more unbeatable than before. The progenitorial aura manifested into divine flames.

“Boom!” Visual phenomena also took form - prostrating gods, rotating celestials, the accumulation of the myriad dao, the praying from three thousand worlds…

These images added power to the armor, making it seem like the toughest and heaviest armor in existence.

Progenitorial law and primordial energy engulfed the war god. He looked like an entity that had just come out of the chaos, capable of creating worlds with a single wave.
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