Chapter 3059: Life Or Death, Together

“A progenitor’s armor…” It became abundantly clear the level of this armor even for those who have never seen it before. A fool could tell that this was left behind by a progenitor of the divine court.

Of course, this wasn’t too surprising because the court was on the same level as God Eye System.

As its current ruler, it was understandable for the war god to possess a progenitorial artifact.

“You’re finished!” The war god roared and took one step forward, crushing the space below in the process.

He dashed forward with lightning speed towards the prodigy. He didn’t need to do much because just his massive metallic frame alone could break through anything like dried branches.

“Rumble!” The space in front of him collapsed into void zones from the pressure.

“Trinity Seal!” The prodigy had no choice but to face him head-on.

The three blinding beams once again shot forward.

“Activate!” The war god commanded the visual phenomena to block in front of him.

“Boom!” The beams struck these images and buried everything in the vicinity, leaving behind terrible black holes.

Unfortunately, the powerful beams couldn’t break through this time.

The crowd expected this since both artifacts were on the same level. The prodigy needed to be far stronger than his foe for this to be successful.

“Die!” The war god punched straight at the prodigy’s head.

This punch crushed the myriad laws with a torrential force.

The startled prodigy roared and shrouded himself in flames before releasing dozens of treasures and armor plates. It didn’t take long before plenty of barriers appeared to stop the tyrannical punch.

“Rumble!” These treasures didn’t amount to anything and crumbled as a result.

Only the mirror in front of his chest was left. It exuded a divine flame in order to stop the punch.

“Boom!” The punch smashed into the bright flame, resulting in an explosion by the mirror.

It remained intact but the prodigy couldn’t withstand the shockwave. He got blown flying with blood splashing everywhere. Numerous bones were broken.

“Got you!” The war god didn’t give him any time to catch his breath and crossed through space for another meteoric punch.

The prodigy’s golden eye channeled a light into the mirror. This created a massive golden barrier.

“Boom!” It broke down instantly. However, the force of the punch weakened quite a bit as a result, albeit still devastating.

“I’m done for…” The prodigy knew that he wouldn’t be able to stop this punch from mangling his head.

“...” An Everlasting ancestor shook his head and sighed. The prodigy still couldn’t take on the war god.

“Clank!” A golden flash interrupted this moment of life and death. It was a pair of divine wings sweeping the prodigy away from the punch.

“Bam!” It still got struck by the punch and started bleeding. Nevertheless, this newcomer saved the prodigy and retreated ten thousand miles away.

This naturally took the crowd by a storm. They eventually calmed down and saw a girl floating in the air. Her wings saved the prodigy earlier.

“Spiritheart Emperor!” They shouted after recognizing her.

Metalkin War God naturally took note of this; his eyes turned as cold as the blades.

Everyone exchanged glances while holding their breath. This development fully captured their attention.

This was more shocking than the fight earlier because Spiritheart was the war god’s fiancee yet she chose to save the prodigy.

Her wings had blood all over, damaged by the previous punch. Nevertheless, she still stood there proudly.

“What an interesting development.” One spectator whispered.

The world came to a pause; the atmosphere became tenser.

Metalkin War God stared at Spiritheart with nothing but mercilessness. He would still kill her all the same despite their marriage arrangement.

A hint of red returned to the prodigy’s ashen face. Though his bones have crumbled, he stopped feeling pain.

“My life wasn’t wasted.” He coughed a mouthful of blood as he strugglingly stood up straight. He arched his broken chest, still looking as proud and spirited as ever.

“Those who stop my path will die.” The war god said mercilessly.

“I’m not afraid.” She answered with a strong demeanor befitting that of an emperor.

“Then die!” The war god took one step forward and sent out another destructive punch towards the duo.

The gods would shudder before this apocalyptic attack!

“No mercy at all.” The crowd in the distance gasped in response.

“Trinity Seal!” The broken prodigy roared. He was full of spirits despite the grievous injuries.

“Boom!” Three beams shot out again.

Meanwhile, the emperor used her wings to protect the prodigy like a cocoon. Feathers also rushed out like an ocean of swords towards the war god.

Alas, their combined effort proved to be futile. The feathers got crushed, the same as the three beams.

The prodigy got mangled once more; pieces of his flesh left the body. Spiritheart Emperor didn’t fare any better after being blown away. Her wings were broken now from the punch’s shockwave.

“Death.” The war god’s target was the emperor, not the prodigy this time. He was determined to kill her.

“You dare?!” The prodigy bellowed and gathered all of his remaining energy into his third eye.

“Buzz.” The golden eye suddenly turned red like blood.

“Heaven’s Will Rewrite!” He revealed the name of this technique. In the next second, all of his vitality and energy was drained by his own eye.

His black hair turned white right away; his youthfulness taken away from him.
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