Chapter 3060: Heaven’s Will Rewrite

The world mourned in silence before this art. Even an immortal wouldn’t be able to reverse this tide.

“Heaven’s Will Rewrite?!” The strongest Everlastings here shouted in horror.

“Buzz.” The third eye let out a bloody radiance.

In the next second, a crimson wheel appeared in front of Metalkin War God while exuding a terrible presence.

The war god’s expression soured and focused on defense instead of attacking Spiritheart Emperor.

“Boom!” He recalled his twelve palaces into his body. They instantly lit up and made him resplendent, acting as world-wide walls to protect his true fate.

They exuded runes as vast as an entire domain to further increase this defensive line. One could say that his true fate was under the protection of the strongest possible defense.

However, the movement of the bloody wheel seemed to be incorporeal and quickly crossed through the progenitorial armor.

The toughness of the armors seemed useless as the bloody wheel launched its offense.

“Boom!” It slammed onto the walls created by the twelve palaces and crushed them with haste.

“Rumble!” The metallic frame of the war god got blown miles and miles away. His blood painted the azure sky red.

One could see him falling down on the horizon and slammed into the ground. The spectators became speechless. None expected the prodigy to reverse the losing situation.

This seemingly invincible technique left a deep impression on everyone. Even someone like the war god got blown flying right away.

After using this move, not only was the prodigy’s hair white but even his golden eye lost its color, seemingly crippled.

He spat out blood and started falling down. The emperor was fast enough to rush over and hold him.

“Run, hurry.” He murmured before everything turned dark, losing his consciousness.

Spiritheart hurriedly took out a spirit pill and placed it in his mouth in order to save his life. She was aware of the consequences after using this technique.

“Heaven’s Will Rewrite.” A group of Everlasting ancestors took a deep breath.

“The strongest move of God Eye Progenitor, capable of bypassing all defenses to attack the true fate.” One of them said.

“So heaven-defying. I can’t believe that he learned this technique despite his age, God Eye Sovereign is probably the only other user in that system.”

The spectators were in awe after witnessing this technique for the first time. It rendered a progenitorial armor useless.

For millions of years, only a selected few could actually learn this technique. The prodigy was one of them.

Alas, it was extremely dangerous to use. The prodigy wasn’t strong enough to withstand the backlash. His third eye was most likely crippled if he were lucky enough to survive.

He didn’t wish to use it at all due to the grave consequences. His golden eye was his entire cultivation, the pinnacle of his lifelong efforts. He would no longer be Three-eyed Prodigy without it.

However, he didn’t mind any price in order to save her, using it to buy time for her to escape.

Some spectators were moved by his heroic act, not just the power of the technique. How many could actually put their lives on the line for others? Moreover, he was a prodigy with boundless potential.

He rested in her embrace as his life force flowed away. Something seemed to be draining him dry so he continuously aged. It wouldn’t take long before he turned into a dried corpse.

Spiritheart immediately poured her vitality and energy into him for the sake of life prolongment. The assistance of the emperor stopped the withering process. Of course, truly saving him wasn’t so easy.

“Boom!” Suddenly, a metallic figure rushed into the sky again.

“Metalkin War God is still alive!” A spectator shouted.

People didn’t expect him to survive the move earlier.

“Clank!” He removed the progenitorial helmet and revealed a bloody hole on his forehead with blood dripping down. Though his skull was made from metal, the move still nearly penetrated the entire thing.

He placed some healing paste on the wound and put the helmet back on: “Unfortunately, your cultivation is too weak to destroy my true fate.”

Spiritheart became startled and decided to carry the prodigy and run.

“Whoosh!” Unfortunately, the war god stopped their path and threatened: “I’ll send you to the Yellow River to be a dead couple there.”

“Boom!” He unleashed another brutal punch without showing any mercy to his fiancee.

She knew that she had no chance of escaping or stopping the attack.

Everyone gasped in response, thinking that the emperor alone couldn’t stop him.

“So merciless.” One spectator murmured.

“Buzz.” However, a pleasant buzz heralded a bright radiance sweeping away the hazes of the world and bringing hope to the battlefield.

“Boom!” The punch was stopped by a barrier of light.

A woman appeared in the sky - the creator of this crystallized barrier. It was thick enough to separate one world from another, saving Spiritheart Emperor and Three-eyed Prodigy.

“Holyfrost Emperor!” People blurted out.

“A battle between top emperors now.” The first reaction from the audience was the potential for a top fight. Rumor has it that she had twelve palaces as well.

“Holyfrost, you are courting death. Be smart and leave.” The war god’s eyes turned cold and aggressive, not afraid of a same-level emperor in the slightest.

“Fellow Daoist Metalkin, since you are a student of the academy, I advise you to leave and never show up again. Don’t continue with this mistake.” Holyfrost calmly replied.

“Such a bold tone! I, Metalkin War God, have swept through the world and killed all those standing in my way. The academy is no exception! If it dares to stand in my path, I’ll destroy it all the same!” His eyes flashed with murderous intent.

The crowd was shaken. No one has dared to provoke the academy like this for millions of years now.

“Fellow Daoist, you can’t take these words back.” Holyfrost put on an austere expression.
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