Chapter 3061: Answering The Summoning Call

“I am destined to become a progenitor and no one will stand in my way! The academy is no exception!” The war god didn’t change his mind at all and uttered coldly.

“Rumble!” Snow-white pillars of light suddenly descended from above.

Waves of light emanated from the pillars, akin to the opening of multiple worlds.

“Rumble!” Troops descended from the individual pillars.

“Boom!” The full army was assembled and their sacred light illuminated the entire battlefield.

The soldiers all wore armors as bright as snow, engulfed in a sacred light like a legion from the heavens. Their majestic presence invaded the area, ready to deliver judgment to evil and darkness. The white sky looked like a kingdom of the light with coursing lightning bolts.

“Where, where did this legion come from?” The crowd was dazzled by this spectacle. Most have never seen this army before.

“The Legion of Light from the academy.” An ancestor said.

A gray-haired high elder took a look then breathed in deeply: “I just don’t know what’s going on. This legion hasn’t shown up for a long time until now. Why are they here?”

“The academy has a legion? Don’t they just have students?” The young cultivators found this hard to believe.

“Idiot, you think that system is just a school? It is a massive system possessing highly-coveted sacred land with plenty of mines, alchemy gardens, and resources. It has always been a target. People would have robbed them long ago if they weren’t strong enough.” An ancestor shook his head.

The young ones agreed with this comment. Just that Sacred Mountain alone had plenty of beasts and fruits. Everyone wanted the resources there.

Thus, it had to be strong enough to defend itself from greedy invaders.

“This legion has a long history. It just doesn’t show up that often because the academy is always neutral in intersystem conflicts.” An ancestor explained.

“Boom!” An eagle-lion hybrid emerged with the academy’s Sacred Director riding on top.

“I heard someone wanted to destroy our academy? Time for us to stomp on the heathens today then!” The director roared before taking out an old horn of unknown material.

“Dao Brother, this is a misunderstanding, just a big misunderstanding!” Solar Mad God who was fighting against God Eye Sovereign saw the horn and immediately left his battlefield.

“Don’t let him blow it!” The ancestors from the divine court became aghast and shouted at the war god.

Alas, it was too late.

“Oooooooooooo-” The horn echoed across the meteor, reaching every corner of Immortal Lineage.

“Boom!” More pillars of light descended from above and started exuding halos.

Another legion was transported here - one full of beasts and riders. A bestial aura instantly engulfed the area.

“Myriad Beast Monarch and my legion answer your summon!” A man riding a skeletal beast appeared with a great legion behind him.

“Rumble!” Numerous ships came out from another pillar. On top of the leading one was an old man wearing a violet robe: “The legion of Celestial is here to offer our service.”

Next came a group of giants from a different pillar; each was the size of a mountain. Their king roared: “I, King of Outland, will not allow anyone to oppose the academy!” [1]

“Buzz.” A sword god crossed through the myriad realms with one hundred thousand swordsmen behind him. He declared: “I, One-dao Sword God, shall protect the academy!”

In just a short time, numerous legions appeared in the sky. Each was powerful; some were on the same level as the main legion of a system.

“Where did all of them come from?” The spectators were astounded.

“The academy’s reinforcement, this is another reason why it’s so strong.” An ancestor took a deep breath.

“It has produced so many excellent students over the years. This is a unique advantage.” An Everlasting quietly said.

“But why are they so willing to help the academy?” A junior didn’t quite understand.

“Because they owe the academy a great debt.” His ancestor elaborated: “For example, that Myriad Beast Monarch used to be a wolf demon. No sect or system would take him in, only the academy. He eventually became the most excellent student of that generation and cultivated a peerless merit law…”

“As for King of Outland, once an abandoned orphan was taken in by the academy, now, an invincible king of the giants. As for One-dao Sword God, he came from a family of lumberjacks but had the chance to enter the academy and eventually became a sword god…”

“These are just a few of the excellent students produced by this system across many eras. Too many to count.” The ancestor paused for a bit before moving on: “Most of these students have nothing but gratitude and will do their best when they are needed by the academy.”

For millions of years, the academy had accepted countless students. All of them were eligible to enjoy the resources there. Most importantly, the students weren’t forced to vow loyalty and devotion to the academy.

This type of treatment might be nothing in the eyes of top geniuses because they would enjoy preferential treatment anywhere they go.

However, for those from humble beginnings? They naturally felt deeply grateful.

Most of the spectators didn’t know this side of the academy. They only thought that it was an educational institution. Today completely changed their impression of it.

“They poked at a beehive this time around.” Many ancestors turned pale at the coalition forces.

“Rumble!” The legions began circling and surrounding the divine court’s army.

“The calamity is coming, this will be a mobilization test.” Sacred Director personally presided over the various legions, ready to flank the enemy from all sides.

“It’s just a misunderstanding, Fellow Daoists, our Metalkin Divine Court meant no disrespect to Academy of Light, none at all!” The court’s ancestors were scared out of their mind.

The battle stopped and the metalkin legion instantly retreated and reformed their formation.

“Boom!” Several palaces started approaching from the horizon. Ancient figures resided within.

“Count Immortal Demon System in if this is a punitive expedition against Metalkin Divine Court.” A pleasant and attractive voice came from a beauty in one of the floating palaces.

“Longevity King.” Those who recognized her became startled.

“What is Immortal Demon doing here? These old men from Longevity Hall are coming out too.” Ancestor-level characters didn’t understand.

They exchanged glances because this force from Longevity Hall was also very reclusive with many ancestors that have lived for a long time.

Why would they all come out now?

1. The characters for Outland here means beyond the Great Wall, so anything outside. It’s hard to incorporate this meaning into a title, but Outland seems close enough
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