Chapter 3062: New Alliance

The arrival of Immortal Demon System surprised everyone. After all, this was a relatively low key system compared to the more powerful ones.

Longevity Hall was even more reclusive to the point of being nearly forgotten. Of course, this had nothing to do with its power.

There were plenty of rumors about this particular place, especially its particular elders. A master once said that this sect has truly inherited the legacy of Everlasting Forefather. Because of this, these elders were the oldest ancestors in Immortal Lineage.

Some even believed that a few elders there have successfully performed a reincarnation cycle.

Therefore, they were naturally mighty. No system would dare to treat them lightly.

However, the most impressive person there was still Everlasting Jiang, a person who has defeated a myriad-level progenitor before.

Just imagine the shock back then when Truefire Progenitor lost to him. This made the True Gods in the world unbelievably excited and gave them a clear view of the potential ahead.

He hasn’t been seen in public for a long time but most believed he was still staying in Longevity Hall.

Thus, these palaces in the sky right now along with the gray-haired ancestors made everyone take a deep breath. Though their images were faint, their auras were still suffocating all the same.

Longevity Hall lacked numbers compared to the great armies and legions here but these ancestors weren’t to be underestimated. Any of them could take on a million soldiers alone.

“Since when did Immortal Demon System get brought into this mess?” This question popped up.

The Longevity King floated in the air, looking as beautiful and regal as possible - truly a mesmerizing woman.

“Are they not afraid of retribution from Metalkin Divine Court?” Another whispered.

This was surprising because there was no known feud between the two systems. It was understandable for the coalition forces from the academy to be here because of the war god’s disrespectful comment. This wasn’t the case for Immortal Demon System.

The war god had an ugly grimace. As a twelve-palace emperor, his reputation preceded him and was more than enough to intimidate others. And, his divine court was one of the strongest systems currently, the same for his race.

Now, they suddenly turned into a shooting target, almost like rats being chased down on the streets. This made him choke up with resentment.

Worst of all, this Immortal Demon System was normally nothing in his eyes. Now, these weaklings wanted a piece of him too?

“Longevity King, I will pay back this humiliation double in the future and render your system to ashes.” The war god’s murderous intent made others shudder. He was still as fierce as a beast despite being in a tough position.

“Metalkin Divine Court won’t exist past today.” The king slowly responded.

“Who’s going to destroy us, you?” The war god laughed as his murderous aura engulfed the area like a tsunami.

The king didn’t respond and continued staying in her palace.

“I think Longevity Hall is overestimating themselves in this case.” One spectator said.

“Haha, you don’t know anything about Longevity Hall then. It depends on whether Jiang Ba is here or not. If he is, then this is over.” An ancestor laughed: “Just him alone is enough to tear the world asunder and break down all the legions from the court. Ten Solar Mad Gods aren’t enough to warm him up.”

“Boom!” Another legion surged forward, filling the area with a beastly presence.

Massive dragons appeared on the battlefield. Behind the dragons were soldiers riding various mounts.

“Divine Beast Legion!” Surprises kept on happening today.

“Wait a minute… even the high ancestors from True Dragon Court are here.” An ancestor took a deep breath while looking at the massive dragons.

“I’m completely lost, so True Dragon Court is bringing their legion here too?” A junior became perplexed.

“What do you want, Violet Dragon Empress?” The war god shouted.

“You have messed with the wrong people. Three-eyed Prodigy and Spiritheart Emperor have earned that person’s grace and are untouchable. Be smart or your system will be annihilated.” The empress looked at him and said.

She was more straightforward compared to Holyfrost Emperor, clearly stating her intention.

“Hahahaha, do you think our Metalkin Divine Court is that easily bullied?!” The war god started laughing from being too furious. Blinding beams shot out of his eyes like saber slashes.

His legion has consolidated with a new formation, ready to face the coalition from Academy of Light. This was before mentioning the troops from Immortal Demon and True Dragon Court.

The strongest ancestor of the court, Solar Mad God, had a serious expression. He didn’t know why so many systems chose to attack them despite having so much experience in life. This was only a feud between their court and God Eye.

“Violet Dragon Empress, Holyfrost Emperor, Metalkin War God, Brightking Buddha. The four strongest students of the academy are here right now, so exciting.” One spectator noticed.

“Gentlemen, I’m sure that this is a misunderstanding. This is between us and God Eye, we have not done anything to your system and have no plan in doing so.” Solar Mad God said.

“Rumble!” A yellow vessel loudly came over while carrying messengers from heaven. They looked like angels of sorts. [1]

“Garden of God is here too, maybe to help the metalkins?” One spectator murmured.

Unfortunately, this person was wrong. An old woman on the vessel waved at Spiritheart Emperor and said: “Girl, come back, I’m here to demand justice for you.”

Spiritheart carried the prodigy and boarded this vessel.

“Henceforth, the marriage alliance between Garden of God and Metalkin Divine Court is nullified. Only animosity is left!” The old woman tossed a scroll into the air before burning it to ashes with true flame.

Solar Mad God’s expression soured after seeing this.

“God Elder, why the need for this? We can discuss it first.” He hurriedly said.

“Sending a daughter away is the same as splashing water. However, hitting our member is an unforgivable crime.” The old woman refused to negotiate. [2]

“The maternal side is here now. See, never hit your wife or the consequences will be no joke, especially if she’s from a powerful clan.” Many cultivators discussed this among themselves.

Solar Mad God naturally didn’t like this development. The marriage agreement was over now.

The spectators exchanged glances after seeing this. This alliance was actually very beneficial for these two behemoths but now, would-be families have turned into enemies.

“It’s not that surprising.” An ancestor sighed and said: “Spiritheart Emperor is the current successor of Garden of God, who would want to see their daughter being bullied by her husband? Plus, it’s not like the garden is weak, they don’t need to rely on the divine court to survive. This is what should happen when the emperor tried to kill her.”

Spiritheart may be weaker than Metalkin War God but Garden of God was not necessarily weaker than the divine court.

1. I’m not sure I like the usage of the translation angel here, but that’s the literal translation and how it is used, this specific character is meant for angels. Celestial is probably a better word since angel in western culture is deeply rooted with Christianity.

2. This is an Asian belief that when a girl is married off, she’s no longer a part of the maternal family. She will be on her husband’s side from now on, so akin to splashing water on the ground, it’s hard to gather the water back. This isn’t too literal, usually used as a joke more than anything in modern novels. Historical novels might take this more seriously

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