Chapter 3063: Fiercest’s Arrival

Virtually everyone present didn’t expect this development.

For the members of the divine court, they simply wanted to destroy God Eye System since Three-eyed Prodigy dared to steal the war god’s woman. The problem was, they didn’t provoke the other systems at all.

“What a grand development, one woman causing a great war.” One expert said.

Everyone could see that this was out of pure rage and jealousy. Though the prodigy was definitely courting Spiritheart, nothing was decided yet. However, the emperor couldn’t handle this and wanted to kill the prodigy and destroy his system.

Of course, God Eye was no slouch and mobilized their legion. This ended with the start of this battle.

Now, coalition forces came out of nowhere and surrounded the divine court’s legion. The latter became the prime target for everyone all of a sudden.

“The world is so crazy, the war god said one bad thing and the academy immediately sent multiple legions here. That’s a bit whimsical, no? Powerful too, of course.” An expert smiled wryly.

“The war god was indeed too haughty but I agree, the academy seemed too emotional too with its mobilization.”

In fact, most thought that this development was happening too quickly. A war of this scale hasn’t happened in a long time.

“It’s not that simple, it can’t be this simple.” An Everlasting ancestor said with a profound gaze.

He paused for a bit before continuing: “The legion of the academy hasn’t appeared for many years so you think it is here over one comment? Moreover, the teleportation happened in the blink of an eye too. They have clearly been waiting. Just a romantic quarrel isn’t enough for so many powers to come here.”

“Right.” A different ancestor thought about the empress and said: “Didn’t Violet Dragon Empress say something about the duo being chosen by someone? There’s something else going on.”

Meanwhile, the army of the divine court felt anxious. They had no problem fighting against God Eye alone. In fact, they nearly had the upper hand. This was no longer the case against multiple legions.

Strong they might be, it was still impossible to face so many foes at once.

“Gentlemen, if we have offended you in some ways, we are willing to talk it through.” Solar Mad God said with a solemn expression.

He had no choice but to play it soft regardless of his pride. The chance of winning was zero.

However, this attempt at giving up fell upon deaf ears. They had no reinforcement coming either.

Garden of God could and should have been on their side. Unfortunately, they were enemies now.

“The stiffest tree is most easily cracked.” One ancestor sighed and whispered: “The war god is too cruel, going as far as attempting to kill his own fiancee. This attitude makes everyone an enemy.”

“He deserves it.” A powerful female ancestor snorted: “That’s what he gets for hitting his wife.”

The divine court might have had a chance with the help of the garden. Alas, the war god thought that he was above all else and never needed help because of his background. This placed him in the current predicament.

“Amitabha.” Right now, Brightking Buddha who has been sitting the entire time stood up and said: “It’s better to make a friend than to make an enemy. Gentlemen, let’s talk this out.”

All eyes were on him now since he was indeed influential enough to play the role of a mediator. His words represented Lankavatara Temple and the Buddhist doctrine.

However, the other side had no reaction. The empress became the outspoken one once more

She shook her head and said: “Brightking Buddha, this is beyond your station and you have your own problems right now, worry about yourself.”

“Then how about giving us old bones some face?” Guan Yunshen finally appeared with his friends.

The crowd took a deep breath after seeing the five masters of cloud peak.

They were very influential, especially Guan Yunshen since his martial nephew was Orchid Sage. Most people would give him some face and accept an attempt at mediation.

“Old friend, leave now.” The young generation didn’t dare to respond but Sacred Director shook his head: “That’s the smart option, leave as soon as possible or you won’t live past today.”

The crowd found it quite strange. This coalition wouldn’t back off regardless of whoever was trying to solve this issue. The matter became more and more bizarre.

“Hahaha.” Guan Yunshen laughed and said: “I’ve experienced enough to not be afraid of death.”

Sacred Director stopped after seeing the swift refusal.

The one ancestor among the spectators was right. The academy and the other forces came with a plan. This wasn’t a whimsical mobilization; it wasn’t over one woman or the war god’s arrogant comment either.

The atmosphere became awfully tense, especially for the members of Metalkin Divine Court.

“Wait, isn’t today the tenth day, the date of the battle? How the hell did this happen instead?” A person checked out the time and said.

“You’re right.” The others realized it.

They were here to see Fiercest fight against the seven masters. Now it became the world versus Metalkin Divine Court.

“Where is Fiercest?” They looked around and couldn’t find him.

“Don’t tell me he ran off?” Someone murmured.

“No way, Fiercest wouldn’t do something like that.” An expert disagreed.

Alas, he was nowhere to be found as if he had forgotten about the date.

“So lively here right now.” A calm voice interrupted them as the sky lit up.

They saw a dao portal emerging above. On the other side were an ocean, blue sky, white sand, and shade from coconut trees.

A man was wearing a forgettable robe sitting beneath a coconut tree and enjoying the sea breeze. He sipped his wine up, looking very relaxed.

This was only an image from the dao portal yet this world seemed so real. The breezes alleviated the tense atmosphere with their comforting coolness.

“There’s Fiercest.” Someone shouted after seeing this man.

“He’s finally here.” Others clamored after seeing Fiercest.

“Your Excellency.” Longevity King got down on one knee to show the highest level of respect.

“Your Excellency.” Violet Dragon Empress followed suit and performed the same ceremony.

Holyfrost Emperor represented the academy and did the same.

“Your Excellency-” The army of the academy, the reclusive elders of Longevity Hall, the members of True Dragon Court, and other powers… All showed their respect towards him.

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