Chapter 3064: Good Soup

The kneeling of the legions made people think as if a king had just arrived.

The neutral spectators were awestruck - these systems and masters were all top entities.

Holyfrost Emperor had twelve palaces; Violet Dragon Empress was unfathomable to say the least. These top geniuses still chose to kneel and show their respect.

“Is, is this necessary?” An expert muttered.

The ancestors present shuddered at this sight. One of them quietly said: “Just who the hell is this Fiercest? How did he get these people to kneel?”

They had a better insight into this issue versus the younger experts. They knew that these systems couldn’t be controlled by ordinary lords. But now, even the invincible elders of Longevity Hall chose to submit.

They couldn’t imagine nor fathom the situation at hand. In fact, no one in the world could enjoy this treatment, not even the two current progenitors.

After all, Academy of Light and the other systems were above the grasp of the two progenitors. But now, they have shown their allegiance towards Fiercest.

“Not even Luminous Master and Orchid Sage can have this privilege and authority.” An Everlasting ancestor murmured.

“Master, why is everyone bowing down to the young noble?” The bull was floating on the horizon since who knows when. His disciple, Liu Yanbai, asked.

Her eyes were wide open while watching this magnificent scene. This was the paragon moment of one’s life.

“That’s how it should be, he’s the only one who can stop the calamity. Bowing down is nothing if it can save all living beings.” The bull said.

Li Qiye continued to relax in his chair while enjoying the breeze and watching the blue waves, completely ignoring the prostrating armies.

“Li Qiye!” The war god shouted with a fierce glare, realizing that this alliance was happening because of Li Qiye.

“Ten days have passed, it’s time for us to fight!” His battle spirit surged. He understood that the best way for his system to get out of this mess was to fight Li Qiye and buy time. Perhaps his legion would find an opportunity to leave.

Li Qiye didn’t answer and took another sip, seemingly enchanted by the sea.

“Amitabha, the day has come for our duel. Everything else will need to wait.” Brightking Buddha’s aura billowed as he spoke. He was helping the divine court, hoping that the other legions would respect their duel first.

However, Li Qiye didn’t say anything as if he didn’t hear the two of them.

“He’s too arrogant, acting like there isn’t a duel agreement or something.” One expert was unhappy to see Li Qiye relaxing.

“I’m sure you’ll be a hundred times more arrogant when those armies, Holyfrost Emperor, and Violet Dragon Empress are kneeling before you.” A senior gave him a nasty glare.

This expert realized that this was indeed the case. He would be drowned with pride and ego, thinking that he was the greatest in the world.

“Li Qiye, come meet your maker, I will take your head and offer it to my son.” Guan Yunshen’s roar echoed.

This didn’t earn a response from Li Qiye either. The guy seemed to be waiting for something.

“The pot’s finally done! Here, the best fish soup ever.” Someone suddenly celebrated in the background.

People finally realized that there was another person on this beach, completely occupied with making a fish soup.

No one noticed him as if he wasn’t there in the first place until he spoke.

This was a very unique dao rhythm - the guy was clearly there but virtually undetectable.

They saw a youth wearing an apron, looking very casual as if he was a personal chef for Li Qiye.

He brought two bowls of soup during their daze, one for Li Qiye and one for him.

The stars suddenly gathered above the two bowls and turned into two bright maelstroms. They exuded starry lights down into the bowls.

The bowls became radiant as if it wasn’t containing fish soup but the water of the galaxy.

The two of them scooped a spoonful and suddenly, lightning bolts rushed out with draconic roars. The image of peerless true dragons faintly showed up in the steam.

The smell finally spread through the dao portal. Just one sniff made them light up with auspicious energy. This energy then gathered beneath their feet and looked like a blossoming dao flower.

They felt as if they were ascending; their body became as light as a feather. The dao began lifting them up.

Astonishment naturally struck them. Just one whiff of this fish soup alone gave them this illusion. Would finishing the entire bowl turn them into an immortal?

“What kind of soup is this…?” Even the top Everlastings have never tried a meal of this level before.

“So, how’s the taste?” Li Qiye and the youth have finished eating their bowl. The latter was very happy with his work and waited for an evaluation.

“It’s good.” Li Qiye praised: “Jade-dragon Carp combined with nine-section dao water boiled in a pot made from star-thunder steel, a great combination, but the most impressive part is the heat and timing, truly a work of art.”

Li Qiye paused and looked at the youth: “However, the carp is still too young so the broth is not as good as can be.”

“Insightful indeed, you realize it so quickly, Teacher.” The youth stomped on the ground and sighed: “I’ve been keeping an eye on these carps. This one is 30,000-year-old, there’s another that’s 100,000-year-old but that’s unfortunately too high, so I picked the first.”

“Yes, the 100,000-year-old one wouldn’t be good. Its meat would be too thin and the broth wouldn’t be as good. This is already as good as can be, deserving of earning a favor from me.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Perfect, I’ve been waiting for this response from you!” The youth laughed and revealed.

“Yes, one favor for this meal. Can’t exactly refuse in this position.” Li Qiye shook his head.

Meanwhile, the spectators listened to them talk about this soup in a daze.

Ordinary cultivators didn’t realize it but the powerful ancestors were completely aghast.

“Jade-dragon Carp is an auspicious beast of longevity. It can become a divine deity for a sect, enough to give descendants plenty of fortune. They… they made soup out of one?” One Everlasting became frozen.

“I paid a sky-high price for three drops of nine-section dao water when I was younger, they used it for an entire pot…” Another top master put on a bitter smile.

“My ancestor used star-thunder steel to create a divine sword. It is still our defining treasure.” One sect master murmured: “They used it to make a pot…”

Such incredible materials and resources were priceless, beyond the reach of virtually everyone. Alas, they have been combined together for the sake of one fish soup today.

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