Chapter 3065: Orchid Sage

The top masters here that were aware of the situation had an ugly expression, thinking that they were so poor compared to Li Qiye and this youth. Many recalled his other title - Billionaire Li.

“Being poor really limited my imagination.” One ancestor put on a wry smile.

“Wait a minute, what the hell?! That’s Orchid Sage!” Someone in the audience finally paid attention to the appearance of the youth.

“Did you just say that’s Orchid Sage? Really?” Those next to him found this hard to believe.

“Yes…” The person didn’t think so either but after a careful look, he said: “He’s definitely Orchid Sage, I’m certain. He’s dressing very casually right now though.”

He saw Orchid Sage once but the progenitor was different versus now with this apron on. Nevertheless, he confirmed that this person was indeed Orchid Sage.

“Yes, that’s him.” Another ancestor sighed and said.

Many turned towards the five masters of cloud peak and instantly knew that this was the truth, judging by their expression.

A while ago, just the mass showing of respect was unbelievable enough. Now, a progenitor was personally cooking for Fiercest?

Orchid Sage was a brilliant genius of this generation, an apex existence. Why would he do something like this?

Just meeting the sage alone was an honor. To speak one or two words with him was a lifetime worth of glory.

No one would dare to brag about something like this. If one were to say that he ate a meal personally prepared by Orchid Sage, he would be laughed out of the door.

It would be much more reasonable to brag about cooking a meal for Orchid Sage. That would be ridiculous enough already, let alone the other way around.

Alas, this was reality. The sage really cooked for Li Qiye.

“Okay, that’s enough eating, time to get to business.” Li Qiye stretched and lazily stood up.

He looked at the people on the other side and waved his hand: “Grand gestures like this only lower my lifespan, rise.” [1]

“Thank you, Your Excellency.” Longevity King bowed again.

The rest of the experts also bowed before standing up.

Li Qiye’s eyes then fell on the prodigy and smiled: “This brat has both courage and loyalty. However, if no one saves him soon, even if he is lucky enough to stay alive, he’ll still lose his cultivation and eye.”

“Please save him, Young Noble.” Spiritheart Emperor immediately got on her knees and bowed after hearing this.

“There’s a highly skilled physician here already, no need for me to do it.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head.

He then turned towards Orchid Sage: “Don’t you have a good medicinal batch? I’ll leave the brat to you.”

Orchid Sage glanced at the unconscious youth and said: “Very well, I can’t be stingy since you have asked, Teacher.”

He took out a jade bottle and gave it to Spiritheart with this instruction: “One pill every fifteen days. He’s pretty much a dead man after using that technique. Wait until he comes back to life then bring him to Strong Grass, I will rebuild his dao foundation.”

“Thank you, Young Noble. Thank you, Sage.” Spiritheart became ecstatic and bowed.

The ancestors from God Eye felt jubilation too. This was a fortune found during perilous times for the prodigy.

So many became envious because Orchid Sage was going to personally treat him. Even the dead could be brought back to life.

“No need to thank me.” The sage smiled: “The two of you are a good match indeed, able to stay together during a moment of life and death. That’s as good as it gets in life. I hope to see a wedding soon, especially when Teacher will still be around to have a drink there.”

Spiritheart turned red despite being an emperor because everyone else heard it.

Meanwhile, the listeners couldn’t believe it. This marriage has just been decided due to the support of a progenitor. This was more effective than having the ancestors from both sects agree.

In fact, the ancestors from Garden of God were more than happy to accept this marriage.

Now, many people started glancing over at the war god. He had a cold expression, ready to lunge on someone.

They understood that it was over between him and Spiritheart Emperor.

First, he tried to kill her earlier. That effectively ended any ties between them, not to mention the burning of the marriage agreement scroll. She was no longer his fiancee from that point on.

Now, Orchid Sage played the role of a matchmaker and virtually guaranteed the marriage between Spiritheart and the prodigy. Their efforts so far have paid off.

“Well, that part is done. Time to end my own business.” Li Qiye chuckled then stared towards the seven: “Since today is the tenth day, let’s fight to the death.”

Orchid Sage turned towards Guan Yunshen and said: “Senior Uncle, it is not too late to give up. Don’t make this mistake.”

The progenitor tried to persuade him in order to give him one last opportunity.

All eyes were on the seven now. A while ago, they thought that if Li Qiye were to kill Yunshen, Orchid Sage would try to avenge him. Provoking a progenitor wouldn’t be wise at all.

Now, everyone could see that Li Qiye already had a relationship with Orchid Sage.

Guan Yunshen and his four friends exchanged glances. One of the four said: “First Brother, we support whatever your decision may be. We owe you a great debt that can’t be repaid with just our lives.”

Yunshen took a deep breath and rejected the sage’s suggestion: “My son died a horrible death. If I don’t try to avenge him, I will never have peace knowing that he’s watching me from above. I need to comfort his lost soul!”

“So be it, I respect your decision.” Orchid Sage shook his head.

He could sympathize with the guy since he lost his only son. He would never be able to rest without attempting.

“Strong Grass is your responsibility from now on.” Yunshen solemnly said.

“I’m leaving so that I won’t be in the way.” The sage smiled wryly and returned to his seat.

“Splash!” A wave swept by and destroyed the portal. The sage, the sandy beach, and the ocean were nowhere to be found.

The spectators felt as if that scene was part of a dream. However, Li Qiye was still there in the sky.

“Retreat so others won’t laugh at us for having the number advantage.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve towards his alliance.

Holyfrost and the others obeyed and gave the command. The various legions retreated to the side.

1. I believe I did a footnote about this belief before
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