Chapter 3067: Last Words

“Very well, I will send you to see your son again so he won’t be lonely down there.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Hmph.” Guan Yunshen scowled. However, this was exactly what he wanted so that he could die without regrets.

“And you?” Li Qiye shifted his gaze towards Brightking Buddha and Metalkin War God.

A while ago, many believed that the seven had a good chance of winning. After all, this alliance was nothing short of a miracle.

However, this all changed when Li Qiye showed up with Orchid Sage. The previous exchange earlier also gave everyone a hint of Li Qiye’s power.

There was only one word in their mind right now regarding Li Qiye - unbeatable! He was a mystery - completely unfathomable.

“Amitabha. I’ve always been the one to cross people over, never the other way around.” Brightking Buddha placed his palms together and said sonorously.

“That’ll change today. I’ll cross you over to the western realm so that you can be a sacred Buddha at the Buddhist Kingdom.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Then that will be the will of karma, Amitabha, to have you send me over. I shall just obey the karmic flow.” Brightking Buddha had a calm expression.

“You do sound like an enlightened monk.” Li Qiye said in response: “It seems that I have underestimated you before. Your position as the abbot of Lankavatara and the leader of Buddhism isn’t just for show.”

“Amitabha, I don’t deserve such praise.” A Buddhist radiance shrouded the monk as he entered a state of zen, becoming quite brilliant and enlightened.

Many ancestors were impressed by his current state, showing that his achievements were due to his wisdom and strength.

“And your last words?” Li Qiye looked at him and asked.

“I seek peace of the six senses and don’t have any worry. Or, if we have to pick one, it would be my sect. What’s going on right now is a personal feud between you and me, Benefactor, don’t involve others.”

“Very well, I will satisfy your last wish and will only kill you, not your Buddhist doctrine. You can go without worrying.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Amitabha, merciful Buddha.” The monk placed his palms together, looking as bright as a mirror in this zen state.

“What a shame.” A powerful ancestor could see that the monk had just reached a new level of enlightenment for his Buddhist dao. Unfortunately, there was no escaping death today.

"If a man in the morning finds the right dao, he may die in the evening without regret.” A few ancestors recalled this phrase and became sentimental. [1]

“Your turn.” Li Qiye smiled at the war god.

Nobody expected this development. The seven were incredible masters that have swept through the realm before. Now, Li Qiye spoke to them as if they were dead men even before the start of the fight. It made them sympathize with these poor combatants.

“No need for this nonsense before the fight!” The war god was still brimming with battle spirit, completely different from Brightking Buddha and Guan Yunshen.

He still had a mindset fixated on victory, or at least a fight to the death. Li Qiye’s power didn’t shake his confidence in the slightest.

It was abundantly clear that the war god had no chance of winning in a one-on-one fight against Fiercest. However, he still showed no fear towards this greater foe. His battle mentality was perfect.

Of course, some viewed this as blindness. Nevertheless, very few possessed this level of fearlessness.

“A bit special.” Li Qiye said: “You’re worthy of the title war god despite being blinded by arrogance and pride because of your determined mindset. Unfortunately, only death awaits you. The court finds success because of you but it will also be gone after today because of you. You have buried your system.”

“We swear to fight alongside you, My Lord, until the ground is overfilled with our blood!” The members of his legion shouted, still ready to give up their lives.

Some ancestors of the divine court didn’t wish to see this development but they couldn’t stop it.

The war god had unquestionable authority and prestige. Their legion was ready to fight to the very last man. The ancestors couldn’t get anyone to leave in order to leave some seeds for Metalkin Divine Court.

Many big shots became envious. They truly wanted to have full control over the strongest force of their system. Alas, a regular system had too many issues and competition. No one truly had total control.

“Let’s get started then.” Li Qiye turned around and said: “Go together, use everything you have, the deadliest and mightiest techniques before it is too late. You won’t have a chance to resist once I make my move.”

He then floated freely in the sky without putting on any defensive barrier.

The seven experts exchanged glances right away and came to an understanding. They started coming closer to Li Qiye; each step was purposeful and resonated with the dao. There was an air of prudence to them.

The spectators became excited while watching this. This was going to be a historical battle, a visual feast to behold. No one wanted to miss a single second.

Moreover, the geniuses and powerful ancestors would definitely benefit from watching this, able to learn a bit more about the dao.

Violet Dragon Empress and Holyfrost Emperor held their breath, especially the latter. Holyfrost knew that Li Qiye would win for sure. The only question was how many moves it would take him to kill these seven.

The anticipation was building up inside her. Of course, she wasn’t waiting for the death of the seven, only waiting to see the supreme techniques from Li Qiye. She wanted to learn a few things after watching him in action.

For example, she learned many things from the shocking Heaven Suppression Fist prior. Because of this, her eyes were wide open, waiting for something of a similar level to that punch.

Meanwhile, the seven assumed a triangular position around Li Qiye.

Brightking Buddha and Metalkin War God took up one corner while the other five took up two.

These five have been friends for thousands and thousands of years so their teamwork on the battlefield was impeccable. Their individual power became several times stronger when fighting together.

1. A quote from the Analects
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