Chapter 3068: Three Buddhas, One Entity

“Boom!” The war god’s twelve palaces rushed to the sky in a brilliant manner then turned into a supreme and unique firmament.

It blotted out and replaced the existing sky. Everyone felt the worldly energy and dao power gathering on his body.

His massive golden frame with this influx of power could create a myriad ages now. The light emanating from him could cross through the river of time.

His imperial aura swept through the world and suffocated the spectators, forcing them down on their knees.

“Amitabha.” A stark contrast to the war god was Brightking Buddha. His chant started piercing through the spatio-temporal fabrics.

“Amitabha.”The world resonated with an echo of the same chant - one that could be heard in both the past and the future on the river of time.

Suddenly, one Brightking Buddha stood in the past, one in the present, and another standing on the future shore.

As the chant echoed, the three forms started fusing into one. This new entity’s light reached all crevices of life and creations.

“Three Buddhas, One Entity.” Even an ancestor at the Everlasting level took a deep breath: “Brightking Buddha has understood a great profundity. This level of achievement would actually turn him into a real Buddha.”

When basking in this Buddhist light, people became moved and felt the greatness and compassion of Buddhism.

“Amitabha.” Many cultivators with a weak dao heart got on the ground and placed their palm together; tears streaming down their cheeks. They have been converted to Buddhism just like that.

This terrible conversion ability frightened the spectators. Just his light alone was enough to do so, almost like magic.

“Boom!” At the same time, the five masters from cloud peak also had circles of light emanating from behind their head.

These bright circles had divine peaks floating within them, looking quite mysterious. These peaks made it seem as if they were located in an endless domain. Being trapped in this domain would result in constantly being refined by its power.

“Come.” Li Qiye still smiled and stretched out one hand against the seven experts’ impressive auras.

They have shown enough to make the world tremble in darkness. So many couldn’t stand up straight against this pressure.

However, Li Qiye’s nonchalant attitude told everyone that he could still defeat these seven with a single hand.

The crowd was naturally impressed, thinking that he was the only person with such a domineering style.

“Die!” The first to make a move was still the bloodthirsty war god. He leaped up and it felt that the earth was pulled up along with him.

“Boom!” Just this leap alone emitted a pressure as if an entire world was coming towards his foe, easily smashing their face beyond recognition.

“Clank!” He summoned a spear flashing with dao light, made from dao runes accumulating together.

This was his imperial dao - the thing he used to become a True Emperor. One could hear the harmonization of the myriad dao during this thrust.

A million spears seemed to be thrusting towards Li Qiye’s weak spots in the blink of an eye. They were invisible and soundless yet totally omnipresent, representing his battle intent and will.

They pierced through space and tore apart multiple grand dao, showing up next to Li Qiye’s throat after a quick flash.

“Ugh…” Some of the spectators fell to the ground while vomiting blood, unable to speak with a hole on their throat.

His terrible spear intent still damaged the spectators even though it was only aimed at Li Qiye.

“Boom!” Brightking Buddha joined in by unleashing an all-destroying Buddhist palm.

One could see a Buddhist light pouring down like a waterfall, blinding all spectators momentarily as if they were being stabbed by multiple needles. Numerous Buddhas could be seen in this radiance. They all seemed to be attacking at the same time.

Not to mention one person, the entire world was under their suppression. Just taking one breath became difficult.

The two of them attacked in unison; one aiming for Li Qiye’s head, the other his throat. Their impeccable teamwork allowed for a sure-kill combination in such a short time.

Meanwhile, the five masters from cloud peak finally made their move. Though they were five different people, their moves seemed like it was performed perfectly and smoothly by a single person.

“Boom!” Five worlds came crashing down - metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. These five dao would refine anyone trapped inside into ashes.

“Poof!” The affected area indeed turned to ashes. Not to mention a regular cultivator, even someone with an indestructible physique would also fall victim.

“So strong!” Some Everlastings here knew that they wouldn’t be able to stop this fatal move.

Of course, Li Qiye didn’t bother batting an eye, still looking as relaxed as ever.

He took one casual step to the side and easily evaded the spear thrust from the war god before swinging his hand in a carefree manner.

“Whoosh!” The war god suddenly changed direction and involuntarily aimed his spear straight at Brightking Buddha.

At the exact same second, Brightking Buddha’s seal also abandoned Li Qiye and shot towards the war god instead.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye took one more step forward in order to enter the five dao and moved his fingers as if he was playing a zither.

“Zheng!” A musical noise resounded and the five dao of the five masters suddenly became chaotic and twisted together.

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