Chapter 3070: One Move

Dragon raising its head. This move alone could defeat all others in a unique manner.

The dragon traveled like a fist breaking through everything.

“Boom!” First to go down was the boundless Buddhist kingdom of Brightking.

The kasaya of Brightking suddenly echoed with bright radiance, turning Brightking into a great avatar. Alas, this still wasn’t enough to stop the dragon punch.

“Boom!” The momentum of the punch broke through everything, breaking the kasaya then the golden avatar. Brightking let out a miserable scream before turning into a mist of blood.

The dragon turned its head and aimed towards the war god next.

“Boom!” The thick and tall golden walls crumbled instantly after a direct impact. Pieces scattered everywhere.

The aura of a progenitor descended to stop the punch. Its light could pierce through all eyes beneath the nine firmaments.

“Boom!” Unfortunately, more pieces scattered because the punch pierced through the armor plates without any issue. Blood splashed onto the azure sky.

The punch pierced through the war god’s chest like a dragon. Time and space collapsed right away, looking like little pieces of glass.

The dragon moved on through the spatio-temporal barriers, aiming for the five masters.

The five roared and took action in unison - instantly sealing the heaven and earth. They utilized their best palm strikes in order to stop the punch.

One fist versus ten palms. “Crack!” The five masters still failed.

Their hands disintegrated and they were thrown back like ragdolls while spraying out blood.

The latter had the number advantage but this still wasn’t enough.

Finally, people saw the war god’s massive frame slammed onto the ground. The five masters continued flying for miles before breaking the terrains.

The world came to a terrible silence; no one dared to breathe. This punch could be considered nothing short of unbeatable.

Li Qiye finally finished his initial technique and pulled back his hand with dao runes surrounding it. The screams of a true dragon still echoed across the distance.

People realized that this simple move from him wasn’t the opening of a series. It became a supreme grand dao belonging to the draconic affinity.

It contained ultimate profundity and extreme power exceeding everyone’s imagination. Who else in this world could turn this elementary opening into a draconic dao?

Thus, shock and admiration permeated the scene. His hand looked like a fully-matured true dragon, one strong enough to be a dragon king.

The crowd started thinking about how to tell this story to others. This wasn’t easy since the listeners would think that they were crazy enough to embellish the situation so much.

Of course, this naturally wasn’t the case since they saw it with their own eyes.

The punch has successfully subdued the spectators, sweeping off their feet through fear and astonishment.

“Dragon raising its head.” Holyfrost Emperor was shaken like the rest.

This move took her like a storm just like the Heaven Suppression Fist. The simplest opening move has turned into a complex grand dao.

It contained a mystical draconic dao that even a twelve-palace emperor like her couldn’t figure out in a short time.

“...” Violet Dragon Empress also became speechless.

True Dragon Court was proud of their draconic lineage. Some believed that they had the bloodline of the true dragons and that no one else in the world had a better grip on the draconic dao than them.

This was far from the case today. She, the leader of True Dragon Court, couldn’t have derived one-tenth of what Li Qiye just did - the same with the rest of her system. Even their progenitor might not have been able to derive a true dragon dao from such a simple move.

Meanwhile, her legion that wanted to fight Li Qiye prior couldn’t stand still without shuddering. They would have all turned to ashes without her interference back then.

Celestial Dragon Venerable was actually celebrating and admiring the empress for having a far better insight and wisdom than them.

“Hmm, I can feel something. The dao should be simple.” Li Qiye smiled and took a deep, comforting breath.

He was enjoying himself, not from the glory won after defeating his combatants or adding to his long list of battle records.

He was enjoying the feeling of understanding the dao, similar to a master carving a perfect sculpture. They would naturally be very pleased with themselves while viewing their work of art.

All in all, even the strongest member of the audience had a respectful expression while staring at Li Qiye. Just from one glance from him now could force people down on their knees.

“Boom!” Debris went flying as the bloodied war god leaped out of the pit created by him earlier.

His entire chest was caved in by the punch earlier. His legs trembled; his face pale.

This was due to the physical damage, not out of fear. That punch earlier nearly crushed his true fate.

He expended a great amount of true blood in order to stay alive, hence his weakened state. He sat on the ground and poured out a handful of pills before swallowing them for recovery.

The spectators were still frightened of the punch even though the war god managed to stay alive after seeing the broken progenitorial armor. He would have certainly died without it.

“Whoosh!” His legion came over and surrounded him. They were afraid of Li Qiye coming again and killing their recovering lord.

Of course, Li Qiye had no interest in doing so and continued floating in the sky.
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