Chapter 3071: Pause

The legion formed an impenetrable wall to protect the war god against Li Qiye.

“Clank!” They aimed their spear at him, ready to fight to the very last man.

“Ants, but still courageously commendable.” Li Qiye chuckled and said.

“Back off!” The sitting war god shouted.

The legion hesitated for a moment before retreating in a swift and orderly manner.

The spectators were naturally impressed with the war god’s commanding and training style. Many big shots were envious of his legion’s discipline and loyalty.

He continued to sit in the open, not worrying about a sudden attack from Li Qiye. He knew that Li Qiye didn’t need to resort to an ambush or sneak attack to kill him. Plus, the legion wouldn’t have done anything in the first place.

Li Qiye looked quite carefree while floating in the sky as if everything was within expectation.

Buddhist chants suddenly echoed and a blinding radiance returned and surrounded the mist of blood of Brightking Buddha.

This mist of blood hasn’t dispersed after some time. The Buddhas appeared in the radiance. One could even see the form of Lankavatara Buddha - a merciful and benevolent being.

The red mist eventually condensed into blood and flesh - the body of Brightking Buddha.

“He’s coming back to life.” A spectator said.

“Quite heaven-defying, to come back after that much damage. The dao of Buddhism has so much potential.” Another praised. One must be quite strong in order to accomplish this feat.

“It’s not coming back to life.” An Everlasting shook his head: “Brightking Buddha didn’t die completely, so it’s more of a reconstruction. A truly dead person coming back to life is impossible. Not even a progenitor can do so.”

The chants of Buddhism eventually finished creating Brightking Buddha again.

He was still flashing like before but everyone could see his light flickering. Just a breeze could extinguish it.

His pale complexion wasn’t from fear but also from a lack of energy, just like the war god.

Many stared at Li Qiye, wondering if he would make his move. These two were extremely weak right now. Li Qiye could easily turn them to ashes without facing any resistance. However, Li Qiye just stood there and allowed them to heal.

The young ones didn’t quite understand, unlike the older experts. They knew that Li Qiye was strong enough to kill them directly, no need to take advantage of the situation.

“That’s the third progenitor.” An ancestor said sentimentally.

“A generation with three, quite incredible indeed.” His peer said. This wasn’t unprecedented in history, just rare enough to be special.

“Boom!” Five figures appeared again, causing the world to shake.

“The five masters.” Everyone looked and saw the bloodied five looking like a complete mess after the utter defeat.

However, their wounds weren’t as serious as the other two. Nonetheless, they immediately started to heal in order to fight Li Qiye again at their peak state.

The battle had come to a halt but the oppressive atmosphere remained. Everyone knew that the next exchange would be the deciding factor.

It became abundantly clear that the seven couldn’t take on Li Qiye. However, none wanted to run or beg for forgiveness. They were going to fight to the very end.

On the other hand, Li Qiye wouldn’t spare any of them either.

“This is a gentlemen’s fight.” One big shot sighed and commented: “It’s a decent way to die.”

Who would ever give their foes a chance to breathe on the battlefield? Taking advantage of their wounds would be the best opportunity but Li Qiye chose against it.

As for the other side, they continued to heal without worries, aware that Li Qiye would never attack.

This seemed to be a gentlemen’s agreement amidst a fatal fight - something quite interesting to the spectators.

After a while, the seven started glowing brighter.

“Amitabha.” The first to stand up was Brightking Buddha. He placed his palms together and said: “Benefactor, I feel inferior compared to your style.”

“It’s no big deal.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “It’s only a matter of you dying sooner or a little later, still all dead men.”

People exchanged glances after hearing this. Only Fiercest was qualified to make this domineering comment.

“So what, we all have to die eventually.” The war god also got up and fiercely shouted.

His bloodthirst and will to fight didn’t falter after the previous setback and knowing that this might be his last battle.

There was no turning back the moment they antagonized Li Qiye. Plus, death wasn’t that scary either, nor was dying to someone stronger.

“Very courageous. You shall have your wish.” Li Qiye said.

“Allow us to make our move first?” Guan Yunshen said.

They sounded like friends right now instead of mortal enemies. Yunshen naturally despised Li Qiye but still maintained a certain level of courtesy out of respect for his strength.

“Feel free to do so, this is your last chance anyway.” Li Qiye didn’t mind at all and generously agreed.

A while ago, the seven would become angry after hearing something like this. But now, they looked quite calm and composed.

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