Chapter 3073: Five Dao Duplication

Brightking Buddha remained sacred and bright. Only one thing became different - the existence of an ominous feeling.

“A devil-transformation process?” An expert quietly murmured.

A while ago, Brightking’s aura was still oppressive but now, he looked even more dangerous - akin to a vindictive Buddha.

“No, he’s just borrowing the power of the evil flame. It contains the power of a progenitor.” An Everlasting put on a serious expression: “Hmm, which progenitor is it? So powerful… Just one-tenth of this power is more than enough.”

This Everlasting actually had a good idea of whom the aura belonged to but didn’t dare to say it. This pertained to the reputation of an invincible progenitor so he needed to exercise prudence.

“Hmm, not bad.” Li Qiye smiled while looking at Brightking: “To be able to borrow and control this dark power shows that your Buddhist arts are quite profound, worthy of being the leader of this doctrine.”

“Amitabha.” Brightking didn’t become complacent and placed his palms together while closing his eyes: “I am a sinner and will go west to beg Lord Buddha for forgiveness.”

“Clank.” The war god finally released his sword intent and became gigantic again. Swords protruded on his metallic back, seemingly made from flesh and blood.

“Buzz.” The sacred sword in his hand began to change color.

“Turn my dao into the sword!” He roared and his metallic figure also changed into flesh.

All of this time, he has always used a metal form but now, it started changing with a red hue.

Strangely enough, the sword itself was affected by his transformation. It became a bone sword as well. He then inserted this sword into his body before anyone could react.

“Zzz…” Smoke billowed as a terrifying scene unfolded. It was as if the sword was a searing iron entering his body. The burning sound made everyone tremble in horror. They watched a molten sword forcefully placed in a living person.

“Click.” Eventually, the entire sword fused with him and took roots inside. It then absorbed his flesh, blood, energy, and dao power.

The sacred sword turned into a devil sword and bewildered the crowd. It wanted to drain the war god dry. However, he wasn’t withering, just turning into a sword.

His flesh started wrapping around the sacred sword. No, it was actually becoming a part of the sword.

“What in the hell is this?” Some became nauseous at this scene.

“Isn’t this a progenitorial sword? Why is it turning into a fiendish weapon now?” A big shot staggered backward.

“You’re mixing up the primary and secondary actors here.” An ancestor sighed: “The sacred sword isn’t the one doing the absorbing, it’s the other way around. The war god is changing his blood and flesh into a part of the sword. This allows him to use the sword to its potential.”

“It’s a long-lost art of the metalkins. I suppose the war god had learned it.” Another ancestor said with admiration.

“Clank.” After this sword hymn, the sacred sword and the war god were no longer present. Only a bone sword was left.

It exuded an unbeatable sword intent that pierces through the sky vault, more than enough to cut through everything.

Such a slash could slaughter all things and cut down all emperors. Nothing but dust would be left.

“So that’s the power of an ancestral sword.” Many took a deep breath after feeling its true power.

“Go!” The five masters from cloud peak saw that the other two had sufficiently prepared and shouted in unison.

The grand dao exploded as they gathered their arts, resulting in blinding radiance. Numerous galaxies and three thousand worlds were floating in their palms and containing countless grand dao.

“Boom!” The five masters accepted the power of the entire world.

Everyone felt their grand dao power being forcefully taken away and found it hard to breathe as if their neck was being gripped.

“Five Dao Duplication!” An ancestor shouted.

Five people appeared once the light dissipated, each presiding over a deliberate position. Each could defend numerous realms by themselves.

However, the crowd became astonished after getting a good look at the five. They weren’t the masters from cloud peak but rather, five Li Qiyes.

Yes, five exactly identical Li Qiye outside of their light. Each light represented one of the five elements - metal, wood, water, fire, and earth.

The crowd then turned their head and saw the real Li Qiye still standing there. It would be impossible to distinguish between these six without their light. The real one didn’t have a glow at all.

Their expression, bearing, and breath were all the same. Twins couldn’t be more similar.

“What is going on?” Many found this quite bizarre.

First, Brightking Buddha devoured the evil flame. Next, Metalkin War God turned himself into a bone sword. Now, five more Li Qiyes have shown up.

“That’s Five Dao Duplication.” An Everlasting said.

“Those are illusions?” One expert asked for elaboration.

“No, not illusions nor imitations.” The Everlasting said seriously: “They have duplicated Li Qiye’s grand dao. Therefore, they have his power and merit laws, his invincibility. It’s basically fighting against a foe that can turn into you with everything in your arsenals.”

The listeners nearby shuddered in fear.

“Well, there are five of them. If they are just as strong as the real Li Qiye, he stands no chance then.” One of them shouted.

“Now that’s interesting, duplicating someone else’s grand dao so well, a miracle indeed, what a merit law.” Li Qiye became amused after seeing five of him.

“Let’s see how perfect they are.” He then took one step forward.

“Go.” The golden Li Qiye smiled. His voice and nonchalant attitude were exactly the same as the real Li Qiye.

“Alright.” Li Qiye laughed then said: “ let’s see how much you have derived from my grand dao.”
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