Chapter 3076: Decisive Punch

“Amitabha. I will experience it with my body.” Brightking Buddha placed his palms together.

“So will we.” The five masters from cloud peak exchanged glances before Guan Yunshen spoke on their behalf.

They had slim-to-none confidence after saying this. They had years of domination and had sparred against progenitors too. However, Li Qiye was definitely the strongest foe they have ever seen. Even the previous progenitors couldn’t compare with him.

As for the war god, he had nothing to say. He exuded the sharpest and fiercest sword intent possible - indicating his will to fight to the end.

“Let’s get started.” He eventually lost his patience, only wanting to fight regardless of the outcome.

“Time to end this.” Li Qiye raised his hand and slowly made a fist.

“Buzz.” He started glowing upon the formation of the fist.

This glow was rather gentle, similar to the first glimmer of dawn warming up the land.

People held their breath and clenched their fists at this sight. The lack of murderous intent and fierce aura didn’t matter.

They could sense a new era, no, a new epoch slowly opening from Li Qiye. This was no longer limited to looking at a single man.

They were standing at a crossroad between the current epoch and the next - a tough decision awaited them.

“Boom!” The entire world seemed to be within his grasp right now.

Everyone else felt so insignificant and feeble. They couldn’t even resist or try to get out at all.

“Boom!” He clenched a bit tighter, resulting in a little vibration.

His fist became filled with power to the brink. One could hear the space around him collapsing like broken glass.

One more explosion sounded. This power increased and increased to an unbelievable level.

This force broke everyone’s comprehension. They could hear the cracking of the myriad dao. These dao couldn’t handle the pressure and collapsed altogether.

“Boom!” The crowd uncontrollably vomited blood, feeling their body breaking down.

The only thing Li Qiye did so far was clenching his fist and gathering power. He hasn’t attacked anyone yet but the crowd couldn’t handle this soaring affinity.

More and more people vomited blood, thinking that they were about to disintegrate.

“Boom!” This was his third time infusing power into his fist. The rise this time buried the yin and yang along with the reincarnation and karmic cycles.

Even the black holes around couldn’t exist in this oppressive environment, instantly swept away by the terrible force.

“Rumble!” The seven also channeled their energy and utilized their strongest defensive measures.

Unfortunately, this was a futile effort. The shockwaves from the rising power rushed towards them in a torrential manner.

“Bam! Bam! Bam!” Their barriers immediately collapsed so they got sent flying a million miles away while vomiting blood.

A sharp pain struck all the spectators; their breath taken away. They felt as if their chest had been penetrated.

Once again, Li Qiye still hasn’t released his fist but the seven couldn’t withstand it.

“Here, I’ll send you off.” Li Qiye smiled and took one step forward to gather momentum before unleashing the punch.

It was neither fast nor slow - just a playful punch with enough devastation to annihilate everything.

“Activate!” The five masters unleashed ten palm strikes to seal the myriad realms, as serious as can be.

“Boom!” Their strongest attacks still couldn’t stop it. One could hear the crisp noises of bone breaking.

“Ah-” Even their scream was abrupt since they didn’t have much time before being turned to mist with no chance of reconstruction.

“Amitabha.” Brightking Buddha placed his palms together and formed a seal. He looked quite peaceful before saying: “Lord Buddha, here I come.”

“Boom!” His seal slammed onto the fist. This was his strongest attack and should be unstoppable.

Alas, it was akin to throwing an egg at a boulder. The former naturally broke upon contact.

“Pop!” He also was reduced to blood with no chance of rebirth. Nevertheless, his death seemed more peaceful compared to the five masters.

“Myriad Swords As One! Die!” The war god roared and raised his bone sword, releasing a ferocious sky-cutting energy.

“Die!” His legion also roared and followed right after him. They turned into a golden sword that fused with the bone sword - increasing the power of the latter.

The golden sword aimed to kill all living beings, Li Qiye first.

“Boom!” Its sharpness and mercilessness slashed the punch, only to be completely nullified.

“Crack!” The bone sword immediately shattered into little pieces.

“Pop!” The war god and his great legion became bloody mists first then nothingness.

The punch left nothing to exist; they didn’t even have the chance to scream.

Li Qiye pulled back his fist and recalled its power after showing the world his might.

The top existences trembled in fear after his awesome and unbeatable display. [1]

The spectators could still smell the stench of blood even though there was nothing left in the sky.

Brightking Buddha, the five masters of cloud peak, Metalkin War God and his legion - all have scattered to the wind - victims to a single punch.

These Supreme Everlastings and a twelve-palace emperor were as insignificant as ants.

1. There’s a line here about the bloody mists dissipating after a while. However, this conflicts with the prior lines about nothing is left, not even the bloody mists. Omitting this line for consistency
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