Chapter 3079: World Drowned In Fire

“What is it trying to do?” Many cultivators looked up at the ship, perplexed.

“Definitely nothing good, we need to leave now.” An experienced ancestor had an ominous feeling and immediately fled the meteor with his sect disciples.

However, others remained curious because the ship has been a mystery ever since it got here. They wanted to see its goal.

Much farther away, the bull watched the slow-moving ship and said: “Goddamn it, the crappy ship is here. Those undeads haven’t given up just yet. Don’t they know I will stomp them to little pieces?”

“They’re not the ones not giving up, it’s the power behind them. There’s something he wants here, hence the long journey.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“Who cares? I’m about to show them why I’m the most handsome and strongest bull in existence!” The bull didn’t give a damn.

“So what’s actually here?” Holyfrost asked. What item was worthy of pursuit from an existence deep in the expanse? It broke a historical paradigm.

“Haha, probably an immortal-level item that has to do with life prolongment.” The bull’s eyes lit up and said: “Little girl, I’ve told you before. I know that this item is incredible given my experience. Obtaining it is the same as obtaining immortality. If you get it, becoming a progenitor is no problem, hehe, I think you can probably become an immortal.”

“Really?” Holyfrost remained skeptical after hearing this exaggerated statement. Both of the things mentioned, immortality and true immortals, have never existed.

“Of course.” The bull swore: “Just think about it, Uncrossable Expanse is a place no one has figured out despite so many progenitors and masters entering. What are they there for? What can attract waves of them years after years? Ordinary treasures? No. impossible. Then the answer is obvious, something that has to do with everlasting life.”

It went on for a bit and made a lot of sense while being full of confidence.

The emperor became startled by this rather-logical conjecture. Nonetheless, it didn’t convince her completely.

“So? Ready to find some treasures?” The bull seemed quite happy with its spiel earlier.

“Don’t listen to its crap.” Li Qiye smiled and disagreed: “The things here are definitely heaven-defying but they have nothing to do with everlasting life.”

He then stared at the bull and continued: “If it’s that easy to become an immortal with just one item, then immortals are worthless. In fact, becoming a progenitor is impossible by relying on an item. One still needs to rely on their cultivation.”

“So you still admit that these things are amazing?” The bull didn’t give up on a treasure hunt.

Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t answer.

“Poof!” Suddenly, the expedition ship up above became shrouded in an evil flame.

“What is it doing now?” Many became confused by this development.

“It’s happening.” Li Qiye’s eyes narrowed as he smiled.

“Boom!” The evil flame started rushing out like a tsunami breaking the dam in an unstoppable manner. It drowned out the entire area, destroying everything in its path.

“Ahh!” Numerous cultivators turned to ashes.

They were just here to watch the fun and couldn’t react in time, dying before being able to put on defensive barriers.

“Buzz.” The stronger ones instantly summoned their best treasures to stop the incoming flames.

This seemed like a level-twelve storm with insane power. These experts’ treasures instantly turned red before being burnt to nothingness. They didn’t have the chance to escape before being washed away as well, turning into mere ashes.

Only the mighty ancestors barely managed to stop the flame and brought their disciples to safety, away from the meteor.

“We need to leave this place now!” They shouted.

Some who had left earlier looked back and saw the ocean of flame, becoming quite nervous.

“We’re really lucky.” These people heaved a sigh of relief since the entire meteor was on fire now.

“Boom!” Li Qiye’s group fell under attack by this tsunami of flame too.

“It’s coming!” The bull shamelessly hid behind Li Qiye with no intention of facing it: “Sir, save me!”

A junior like Holyfrost had no need to put on face when the bull acted so cowardly. She naturally hid behind Li Qiye as well.

“Boom!” The flame struck Li Qiye like a massive wave and got split into two while he stood there, completely untouched. He resembled a rock at the bottom of the ocean. The fierce waves couldn’t move him at all.

“Zzz…” The endless flame ravaged the meteor and burned everything.

Mountains, the ground, and everything else turned into lava. It didn’t take long before an ocean of flame appeared again.

People took a deep breath after seeing the might of the initial flame.

“So that’s how the previous ocean came into form.” One survivor murmured.

A while ago, this land also had a fiery ocean that was eventually taken by Brightking Buddha. A similar one appeared again now.

“Rumble!” The ground started shaking violently as if a massive invisible hand was shaking the meteor to stir the flame.

“Rumble!” Deafening noises resounded as the ocean began to spin. A maelstrom eventually formed and sucked in all of the flames.

The survivors who didn’t make it out yet were trapped by this new force and were dragged into the maelstrom. Their fate was obvious.

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