Chapter 3084: Fiery Figure

The group was slightly emotional. Just think about it, two immortal-level progenitors were obviously as mighty as can be.

They were clearly on the same team too yet still got injuries serious enough to kill them. Just who was their foe?

The group naturally thought about Phenom Progenitor and his broken body as well. What kind of force could take down that indestructible body?

Plus, Phenom was here so he might have been on the same team as these two progenitors. Three progenitors have actually lost?

The group took a deep breath and started contemplating. This news would cause quite a stir.

In Immortal Lineage, progenitors were considered unbeatable, especially the ones at the immortal level.

Cultivators viewed these beings as the greatest existences. Who would actually believe the news of their death?

This might cause total chaos. So many would think that the end of the world was coming.

The ones standing here were the top dogs in Immortal Lineage right now. That’s why the fear struck them much more.

An enemy capable of killing three immortal-level progenitors would wipe the floor with them.

“Some people deserve the shameful brand of being a sinner for eternity if something were to happen to Three Immortals.” The bull murmured.

Holyfrost shuddered, fully aware of who the bull was referring to by this point.

“Poof!” Their rumination was interrupted by an evil flame manifesting in the sky.

A figure was shrouded within, containing the dominating aura of a ruler. He stood there and all else were as insignificant as ants. People could clearly sense his aura even though it hasn’t fully erupted.

“It’s him.” Holyfrost muttered after seeing this figure.

It was the soul summoned on the expedition ship that got punched into the abyss by Li Qiye. She felt that it was actually stronger than before.

The two progenitors immediately opened their eyes at the same time, instilling fear into the spectators.

Their eyes were still pulsing brightly like the stars as if they were still alive. This made people think otherwise about their current status.

“Master, they came back to life!” Liu Yanbai watched as the two stood up.

“No, they haven’t. This is just an undying obsession moving them.” The bull sighed and shook its head.

The two floated up to meet the fiery figure while it was speaking.

“This grudge will never go away.” Hui Qingxuan also lamented their fate.

“Haha, why not take advantage of their distraction and run into that palace for the treasure?” The bull’s bell-like eyes started shifting deviously.

The juniors here didn’t dare to comment on this despicable act.

“What’s the rush? The treasure won’t go anywhere.” Li Qiye calmly watched the unfolding event above.

“I guess I’ll listen to you.” The bull shrugged in response.

Everyone began watching the trio with bated breath, ready for the most brilliant fight.

“You’ve still come.” Sword Saint suddenly spoke.

“Indeed.” The fiery figure responded with a voice full of magnetic charisma. One could easily imagine how great this person used to be.

“Turn back and see the shore. Stop committing more mistakes.” The saber ancestor spoke as well.

Watching three dead people speaking was creepy, to say the least. A coward would be scared out of their wits right now.

“Turn back and see the shore? Where is this so-called shore? A place of light and justice?” The fiery figure said.

“The shore is Three Immortals.” Sword Saint said.

“That’s why I’m returning. My goal is to obtain an end result for Three Immortals. That’s my shore.” The figure retorted.

“That’s why you willingly chose to succumb?” The ancestor’s eyes turned cold; the saber in his embrace let out an aggressive hymn.

“The root of all has no light or darkness, only a choice made with one’s heart.” The fiery figure said.

“You’re mistaken if you think you are helping Three Immortals.” Sword Saint replied sonorously.

“Then what’s your idea to prevent the calamity?” The figure asked.

“With this saber in my hand, until death.” The ancestor’s saber intent soared, ready to split open the world.

“And how will you fight after dying?” The figure remained composed.

“As long as I can rest with a clear conscience after reflecting on my entire life, what more can a man ask for?” The ancestor coldly uttered.

“Such a virtuous man. And yes, after your death, Three Immortals will turn to ashes.”

The group got a chill after hearing this comment from the high-level being. The incoming calamity was as serious as can be.

“Your choice for the sake of Three Immortals wasn’t necessarily correct.” Sword Saint said.

“Correct or otherwise, simply irrelevant. I merely did my best. So what if the world chastised me? I’m at peace with my actions, no need to justify them to everyone else.” The fiery figure answered.

“Afraid before even fighting! That’s not what we should have done.” The ancestor remained aggressive.

“You’re wrong, Fellow Daoist.” The fiery figure said: “I have tried my best to reach the summit, doing everything I can. What greeted me was utter defeat. You have no idea the power of the darkness circling above us and how many there are. We are mere ants in comparison.”

“And what stops ants from fighting back? With this saber in my hand, until death!” The ancestor proudly declared.

This domineering statement made everyone feel respect towards this ancestor.

The group didn’t have a complete understanding of this conversation but still managed to guess many things. This trio must have experienced something terrible.

“We are on different paths so fight we must.” Sword Saint said.

“You weren’t my match in the past, the same applies even now.” The fiery figure shook its head.

“So what? The item here doesn’t belong to you and you will not get it.” Sword Saint retorted.

“Just have to try my best and let heaven decide the outcome.” The figure said.

“To the death then.” The saber ancestor smiled and released his aura.

“Leave behind your last words so the descendants can pass them on, My Lord.” Sword Saint said.

“No, the world will continue to curse me in infamy later. No need to leave behind anything.” The fiery figure paused for a moment before deciding.

“I see. You used to be our role model, My Lord, it’s unfortunate.” Sword Saint put on a solemn expression and said with regrets.

“The end of the dao isn’t my pinnacle. It’s a shame that I won’t be able to see it and find a way to become a true immortal.” The figure said.

The duo didn’t say anything this time around.

Eventually, the fiery figure declared: “Those who stand in my way will die, even the dead!”

“So be it!” The duo’s eyes turned cold as they channeled their energy.

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