Chapter 3085: Fire Ancestor

“Let’s go.” The fiery figure said.

The atmosphere suddenly became somber, seemingly becoming frozen. The breezes stopped along with the flow of time.

Just them becoming serious was enough to change the orders of nature.

The group wisely backed off far enough in order to avoid being dragged into this fight.

These dead men used to be the strongest existences. These corpses naturally couldn’t be able to exert their peak battle capabilities, not even half. Nonetheless, the result should still be frightening.

The emperors and Everlastings in the group couldn’t withstand the shockwaves.

“Poof!” Evil flame erupted around the figure, melting away the stars above.

People felt space twisting with ripples and something akin to water vapor.

This power didn’t belong to this world and was insanely strong. Each strand of flame could easily annihilate anything.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” Pieces of armor emerged and assembled around the figure, eventually forming a full suit.

Tall and tough; perfect width of the shoulder and length of the legs. This body was immaculate and built just right.

Each inch of his body was brimming with power, flawlessly divided from top to bottom. It gave off the impression that no other physical form could match it. It naturally had the greatest power in this world to match.

This armor should have been golden in the past, seemingly cast from phoenix gold. Alas, because of the evil flame, it had turned into a darker shade.

The two shoulder plates looked like the wings of a phoenix. When they spread, they could push up the heaven and support all living beings.

This armored existence exuded a progenitorial aura to show his supremacy.

Everyone took a deep breath. This physical form was hundreds of times stronger than the dark figure earlier. A true supreme now stood before them.

“He got stronger.” The bull’s expression slightly changed since it saw the soul state versus this current form.

“Looks like he recovered some dark power and its dao foundation after escaping.” Li Qiye said.

He was at his weakest during the soul call process and couldn’t handle Li Qiye’s punch. He then used the time after to recover some strength and foundation.

“This armor!” Supreme thought about a legendary figure, an amazing progenitor.

“He’s a progenitor.” Holyfrost sighed and said.

“Yes, that’s Fire Ancestor.” Hui Qingxuan gave a decisive answer.

Both Holyfrost and Supreme didn’t dare to make a hasty conclusion despite all the pieces of evidence. After all, it pertained to a peerless progenitor’s lifelong reputation.

The truth was that they knew exactly who it was, perhaps a while ago.

Qingxuan’s answer didn’t surprise them at all. Albeit, they were still a little shaken.

Fire Ancestor was a member of the Decemvirate who suddenly started a call for an expedition. So many emperors and Everlastings answered his summon, several progenitors as well.

Who would have thought that the leader of that great army would be part of the darkness now? Just who did he meet to eventually make this choice?

They started wondering. If they were to meet the same being one day, would they be able to maintain their course?

This made them tremble because they weren’t sure at all. Who among them could compare to Fire Ancestor in terms of power, talents, and experience? Yet he still faltered all the same.

The trio still maintained the stalemate, seemingly torturing the surrounding with their presence.

They were capable of deriving and calculating numerous techniques and possibilities in the blink of an eye, not something the spectators could do.

“Excuse me then.” Sword Saint said in an elegant and direct manner.

“The pleasure is mine.” Fire Ancestor seemed to be confident in victory.

Sword Saint was the first to start. His sword was still in its scabbard yet a sword dao emerged, becoming the only thing significant in the world.

An invisible sword dao instantly thrust straight at Fire Ancestor in an assassination style - silent and undetectable. All defenses were paper-thin before this dao.

Fire Ancestor became lofty in retaliation. He still didn’t move yet people felt as if he had left this world for the distant future.

What he did was shifting his essence into the future. He was still standing in the same spot, only in the future instead of the present.

“Whoosh!” The sword dao flew past, leaving behind a long scar.

Its power subsided and Fire Ancestor returned to the present.

Sword Saint’s dao was indeed mighty but to travel from the present to the future was no easy task. It crossed through numerous years and time spheres only to fail.

The truth was that crossing the temporal barrier was impressive enough. Only someone like Sword Saint would be able to do it with one thrust.

“Clank!” Skysplitter Saber Ancestor made his move the moment Fire Ancestor returned to the same timeline.

It was the same style again. He didn’t need to unsheathe his saber to unleash a slash.

This slash aimed to cut off the temporal fabrics around Fire Ancestor in order to cut off his future and retreat path.

A second slash came next, this time with the physical scabbard. It compressed the area around Fire Ancestor, resulting in a spatial attack.

Fire Ancestor suddenly became ethereal, almost as if he was melting away.

“Pop!” The scabbard penetrated what seems to be an after-image, akin to smashing the current of a river. It would splash for a bit before continuing on as normal.

In the next second, Fire Ancestor returned, not moving an inch from start to finish.

Ordinary experts wouldn’t be too impressed by this but the current spectators were powerful enough to be shaken.

All three have only performed a few moves but they have all surpassed the temporal fabrics. This was impossible for everyone else.

A top True Emperor might be able to do it after expending immense effort. On the other hand, these three could do so effortlessly like lifting a hand or a leg. Please go to to read the latest chapters for free
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