Chapter 3086: Invincible

The first wave of offense from Sword Saint and the saber ancestor returned without any success, unable to injure Fire Ancestor.

They weren’t too surprised either by this since this wasn’t their first fight. They had a clear understanding of their foe’s power.

“Clank.” Sword Saint unsheathed his weapon. The blade looked ordinary without any frightening sword intent or blinding glint.

Alas, he seemed to be wielding all the sword dao in this world in his hand - whether it be the heavy sword, quick-draw, or myriad sword dao… As long as they existed, they were there.

This ordinary blade could perform the most profound sword dao and the strongest technique.

The Sword Saint and his sword were two but one. He represented the ultimate sword and the paragon dao. No one was on the same level as him when it came to the sword.

“Clank.” The saber ancestor also unsheathed his weapon. A bright glint descended and engulfed everything. His saber intent permeated into every inch of the land and its inhabitants.

Skysplitter Saber Ancestor - everyone knew that his blade could divide the firmament into two. In this blink of an eye, everyone got an illusion that a primordial chaos was about to ooze down from the crack.

These two were the opposite of each other. Sword Saint’s style looked ordinary and calm while the ancestor exuded a peerless saber intent. This destructive intent always followed his heart, aiming at the fatal heart of his enemies and instilling fear upon them.

The saber was made from the finest divine metals and had experienced countless trials. Its sharpness left no room for doubts.

Just by slightly vibrating the blade would result in the surrounding spatial areas being cut into two. A swing would sever time itself. Its user would only see darkness ahead since the future has been eliminated.

One sword, one saber - the ultimate combination of weaponry.

Holyfrost and the others felt a chill coursing down their spine. Remember, this was the three progenitors’ weakened state. Just imagine how invincible they used to be when they were alive.

“My turn.” Fire Ancestor also took action by spreading his fingers.

“Poof!” A phoenix flame gushed out of his palm.

“Screech!” The fiery bird flew straight for Sword Saint.

This wasn’t just a move in the shape of a phoenix. It actually carried the flame of one. Just one phoenix spark could instantly burn away any laws, even those from progenitors.

The bird flapped its wings and erased the karmic ties while flying towards Sword Saint at an insane speed.

Not to mention other experts, even someone like Sword Saint would turn to ashes after a direct hit. A slight hit would still result in immense damage.

“Clank!” Sword Saint gathered sword lights and turned them into a beam the size of a needle, aiming straight for the bird.

“Tsunami Slash!” The saber ancestor’s move was far more flashy. He unleashed a tsunami of saber energy after roaring.

Each individual cut carried the chaos affinity because they were tearing apart the physical fabrics of the world, reverting it back to the origin.

Killing an emperor wasn’t a problem with one slash in the slightest, destroying a system was no problem either. It could even sever the world into different sections.

Fire Ancestor’s eyes narrowed and twisted his wrist to form a fist.

“Raa!” A fiery dragon leaped into the sky and crushed the sky vault with its tail.

This tail sweep could deal with any trouble, flattening the karmic and reincarnation cycles along with all foes.

“Boom!” Sword Saint’s technique struck the phoenix while the saber slash slammed on the dragon’s tail.

The resulting power turned everything back into primordial chaos - akin to ending the current world.

“Boom!” One could see the saint and the saber ancestor being blown away in this chaotic expanse.

They were bloodied, clearly the underdogs after this first exchange. They still had some true blood in their body, allowing them to make it this far.

The group took a deep breath after seeing this. They knew that a fight between progenitors would normally end after three to five moves. These top beings always went all out with their top murderous moves, no need for bravado.

Fire Ancestor was powerful indeed. Three Immortals have produced many progenitors but he was among the top ten.

“Immortal Blast!” Fire Ancestor didn’t let those two rest and gathered starry lights into his eyes while they were still blown flying.

“Boom!” His true flame surged to the sky before suddenly disappearing. His form turned dark and this made the world turn dark as well.

All of the various flames in the world have been devoured by him, leaving nothing left for illumination.

In the next second, he shot out two fiery sparks, as tiny as can be.

However, the area seemingly boiled from the high temperature. The group felt as if their grand dao was drying from being roasted.

These sparks the size of two termites left behind tiny scars on the temporal line. This was an unfixable level of destruction. Time would always be missing these parts.

The other two became serious while facing these two shots.

Sword Saint roared and raised his sword, creating a dao resembling a heavenly waterfall to block out the nine heavens and ten earths along with the trinity of time.

He broke away from this world, no longer being a part of the temporal trinity or the karmic cycle. Please go to to read the latest chapters for free
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