Chapter 3087: Divine Moon Progenitor

“Clank!” The saber ancestor situated his blade vertically in front of him.

Waves of light pulsed outward along with hymns. They stacked on top of each other and formed the thickest dimension of blades.

This dimension turned into a domain that duplicated itself a thousand times over. It didn’t take long before billions and billions of blades made up the greatest defense.

“Bulwark Blade!” He roared and stabilized the three thousand worlds, protecting all of the inhabitants with his blades.

This was the ultimate defensive technique of the saber ancestor, possessing the most profound and toughest saber dao - the culmination of his lifelong research and effort.

It should be enough to handle any attack while protecting the myriad worlds for ages to come.

“Pop!” Unfortunately, the two sparks still managed to burn out a path.

A termite would always find a way to eat through even the toughest wood. Thus, though Sword Saint was outside of this dimension, one of the sparks was still finding its way towards him by reconnecting the karmic cycle along its path.

The other one managed to pierce through the defense of the saber ancestor. Of course, it became extremely faint the moment it got close enough to its target.

Nonetheless, both have made their way and made contact with both Sword Saint and the saber ancestor.

“Poof!” The spark struck the saint’s chest and immediately burned a hole through it.

Dark flame emanated from this hole while issuing feeble buzzes. Anything it touched immediately turned to ashes almost like a burning paper.

Sword Saint immediately thrust his sword into the fiery wound. The blade became red and molten while smoke oozed out. Once he pulled it out, he had successfully sealed the damage.

Meanwhile, the other spark hit the saber ancestor’s left arm.

“Poof!” The same thing happened. His arm turned to ashes and the fire continued spreading to his shoulder.

“Clank!” He chopped off his left shoulder without batting an eye.

The spectators were horrified by this terrible scene. Those two sparks seemed insignificant but could have easily annihilated any system.

This was indicative of Fire Ancestor’s might. They had no chance of stopping a single spark from him.

Sword Saint and the saber ancestor impressively survived, albeit grievously injured.

“I can’t believe it.” Tai Xuanfeng gasped while imagining the outcome of these sparks being let loose on Immortal Lineage. Continents would melt without a single survivor.

“That’s a member of the Decemvirate for you…” Supreme said.

Holyfrost also knew this but watching it in person still frightened her. This gave her a better perspective about the strength of the Decemvirate and the dark existence that Fire Ancestor met.

“Poof!” Fire Ancestor lit himself up again to gather more potential sparks.

However, the bright radiance around him was less luminous than before. “Immortal Blast” clearly took more energy than it looked.

Those two little sparks together were made from thousands of different flame types. This made them the most ferocious with the highest heat.

“Boom!” His flame slowly rushed to the sky again and regained its power. He took one step forward, ready to put an end to his foes.

“Sword Saint and Skysplitter Ancestor can’t take him on.” One ancestor became aghast.

“Boom!” Suddenly, a bright radiance engulfed Fire Ancestor and locked the various affinities around him.

Fire Ancestor staggered backward after being stuck by this light, nearly toppling over in the air.

This ambush caught him by surprise but he quickly stabilized his stance, shifting his attention to stop the light instead.

“Don’t even think about it!” An old man appeared in the sky, the originator of the light. The radiance earlier came from the bright moon above his head.

“Who is he?!” One ancestor shouted.

“Is that… is that Divine Moon Progenitor?” Tai Xuanfeng wasn’t too sure.

“Yes, that’s him.” Holyfrost wasn’t surprised to see him here.

They have met him back on the expedition ship when he tried to stop them from advancing. He appeared again in order to save the other two.

“Another progenitor.” The others became amazed.

They could tell that he was also dead, hanging on due to an obsession just like the other progenitors. Five have shown up now in this place - such a magnificent showing.

“Rumble!” Fire Progenitor slowly pushed up the descending radiance with both hands.

“Boom!” He eventually repelled the entire thing, causing Divine Moon Progenitor to stagger several steps backward.

“Hmph!” Divine Moon snorted and erupted with radiance again, ready to make a move once more. He seemed even fiercer than the saber ancestor.

“I heard Divine Moon Progenitor followed Fire Ancestor on the expedition.” One spectating ancestor said.

The others nodded. These two started out as allies but something happened during the expedition and they have become enemies.

“Long time no see, old friend.” Fire Ancestor stopped attacking and said.

“I don’t have a friend like you.” Divine Moon coldly replied.

“I know that you still hate me but I still consider you a friend.” Fire Ancestor nodded.

“My friends never killed me.” Divine Moon retorted.

“What difference does it make if you are alive right now? You would still be like the other lords.” Fire Ancestor said. [1]

“So I should be thanking you?” Divine Moon sarcastically said.

“I know your personality so that’s why I fulfilled your wish. Of course, feel free to call me despicable or wretched. I will shoulder it all.” Fire Ancestor shook his head.

1. Not clear here who he is referring to Please go to to read the latest chapters for free
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